Difference Between Andis Master and Fade Master: Andis Fade Master and Andis Master Reviews

Difference Between Andis Master and Fade Master
Andis is one of the most renowned and trusted brands. It is known for its top-quality hair products around the world. In America, Andis is one of the top-notch produces of hair trimmers and clippers. The company has an array of phenomenal products, which became hugely popular, owing to their long-lasting quality.


In this Andis master reviews vs Andis Fade Master, we will cover two of their most prevalent products, Andis master and Fade master hair clippers. We have chosen these two products as they are two of their most popular designs. In all honesty, both of these designs are more or less the same in terms of features, and it is tough to label one better than the other. This is the reason we decided to do the Andis master vs Fade master review comparison. We hope that with both these Andis fade master and Andis master reviews, it will be easier for you to make an informed decision.


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Table of Contents

  1. Intro to Andis Master Reviews
  2. Intro to Fade Master
  3. Comparison Table – Andis master vs Fade master
  4. Difference Between Andis master and Fade master
  5. Key Similarities
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Conclusion


Intro to Andis Master

Andis Master Check price on Amazon


Before we take you through the differences, we intend to provide you both individual Andis master reviews and Andis fade master reviews.


So, before we detail you on Andis Fade master vs Andis master, we will try to take you through everything vital for you to know about Andis Master.


Amongst Andis Fade master vs Andis master, the latter is indeed one of the most versatile pair of clippers we have seen. It is a sort of tool that you would always want to have handy, both during your travels and at home. Having this tool will help you achieve a quick touch-up anytime you have a quick meeting or a date. So, if you have finally decided on cutting and styling your hair all by yourself, this Andis Master can be a good pick. This entry-level clipper is undoubtedly an excellent pick for all kinds of users.


Now, taking this Andis master vs Andis Fade master comparison forward, we need you to understand what it is about the Andis Master that makes it stand out? Well, to be truly honest with you, it is its ease of usage, buttery smooth cutting ability, and robust build quality. While studying the Andis Fade master vs Andis master review, we realized that the Andis Master’s frame is designed from lightweight and unbreakable aluminum. This implies that if you invest in this bad boy, it can take care of you for years to follow.


Further, in this Andis master or Fade master comparison analysis, we also like to speak about the Master’s shiny chrome finish. But that does not mean that we will talk about only the positives of Andis Master in this Fade master vs master review.


See, the only faulty aspect that we found with the Andis Master is that it does not come with a ribbed rubberized surface. The whole of its surface is smooth, and that’s a vital pointer we would like to mention in this Andis master reviews. Why? It is because its smooth body at times makes the clipper slippery. In all honesty, when we were doing the Andis Fade master vs Andis master comparison study, we actually took the time to study & use both of these products. So, we have never had any issues with the grip in actual use, but it is indeed a glitch we would recommend Andis to fix in their following upgrades.


Taking this Andis master vs Andis Fade master comparison forward, we would like to discuss the Master’s ergonomics. So, its body has just the apt amount of heft to it. This works well to better the balance. Further, a special mention in this Andis Fade master vs Andis master goes to the latter’s quiet operation. When we read through the different Andis master reviews on the internet and did our research, we found that it is one of the quietest close-cutting hair clippers out there, which makes it a great pick for pet grooming well.


The next aspect that we would like to mention about Andis Master in this Andis master vs Andis Fade master is about the trimmer’s usefulness. It is an incredibly capable fading clipper. If you do not wish to spend your precious time trying to make the barber understand what fade style you need, you can instead educate yourself and get familiar with the Andis Master.


See, let us state the obvious, you will not become a pro in a day. However, you can get there when you give it some time. After a few trials and errors, you are bound to get better at it. Another essential point about Andis Master that needs to be discussed in this Andis master or Fade master comparison analysis is that its blade length is adjustable. So, you can pick from size 000-1 or 1/50 to 3/32 inches, or 0.5mm-2.4mm, merely by shifting the lever at the clipper head’s back. This is true as far down as most trimmers go.


Further, we also want to put across in our Andis fade master vs master review that the latter is capable of a myriad of fade styles and taper cuts. Its semi-thick blades can buzz the hair very short, but they do not bald your skin if that is what you expect from this model. Another point worth mentioning in the Andis Fade master vs master review is that the latter also doubles as a fantastic beard trimmer. With this clipper, you can get a neat and uniform cut, sans any rough edges.


You can use it to groom your stubble, and it will do a brilliant job at it. The next point of importance about Andis Master that needs a mention in our Andis master or Fade master review is that it can pretty much handle all kinds of beard styles, types, and lengths. It is possible because of its easy-breezy adjustable blade length settings. You can achieve everything from a medium-length thick, and full beard to a mean 5 o’clock shadow look with this clipper. Hence, a fact worth mentioning in this Fade master vs master review is that Andis Master can handle it all like a pro.


This trimmer gets the torque with its premium-grade 14000 strokes per minute magnetic motor. The clipper has a powerful motor, which generates incredible results without much vibration. Also, it is a corded device and comes with a six-feet long cord that offers enough flexibility to move around while you trim.


Taking this Andis Fade master vs master review forward, we would like to state that in the case of Andis Master, you cannot zero-gap and realign the cutting and the stationary blades for a clean-cut shave. A great thing about Andis Master that cannot be omitted in this Fade master vs Andis master review is that females can use the trimmer for their lady bits. However, it is not designed to work in the nether region. However, you can use it on the rest of your body, such as your legs, arms, and underarms, and achieve a silky smooth and velvety finish, all thanks to this sharp and versatile clipper.


We want to close the Andis Master review in our Andis Fade master vs master comparison by stating that it is effortless to clean. All you have to do is put the clipper under running tap water following every use and lube up the blade periodically using the small tube of oil, which comes with the clipper. The box also comes with a blade guard, which assures maximum safety, and lowers skin irritation.


So, if you seek a clean and close shave, you will have to shave sans the guards. If you are careful, you do not have to worry about burns, razor bumps, and nicks.


Pros & Cons


  • Robust design
  • Durable body
  • Blade length is adjustable 000-1 (or 0.5-2.4mm or 1/50 to 3/32 inches) by moving a lever.
  • Easy to lubricate and clean
  • It comes with a small blade oil bottle.
  • Using a voltage converter, this trimmer can be used worldwide
  • Edging, fading, clean shaving, trimming, and pet grooming can be performed with this clipper.
  • Super quiet


  • It does feel bulky when using for the first time.
  • It gets hot if used for long

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Intro to Fade Master

Fade Master Check price on Amazon

In this part of the Andis master vs Fade master review, we will do the Andis Fade master review for you. Well, we would like to start our Andis master vs Fade master review by stating that Fade Master is indeed a piece of art. Hence, it truly deserves an honorable space in every barber’s arsenal. Having this clipper in your kit will take your shaving and fading experience to a whole new level by implementing several ultra-thin blades, which can trim your hair from size 00000-000 (0.2-0.5mm or 1/125 to 1/50 inches.


So, a vital point to mention in this Andis Fade master vs master review is that the former gets the closest to the scalp that a clipper can go, and its 0.2 mm minimum length only makes it perfect for the bald fade or skin fade haircuts, which requires balding the sides. This is why this clipper works exceptionally well as a manscaping weapon, providing you with the closest possible shave with only a few light strokes.


Taking the Andis Fade master vs master review forward, Andis Fade Master is the perfect pick for skin fading, military haircuts, edging, or achieving a precise and clean finishing touch for every kind of taper cut and fades.


Another highlight that deserves an honorary mention in our Fade master vs master review is that the former has a non-rubberized, smooth aluminum casing. Hence, with this clipper, you can get a perfect balance. However, this clipper lacks the grip of the standard rubberized handle. Nonetheless, you will not have to struggle to hold this clipper firmly with dry hands. Its blades are composed of carbon-coated stainless steel. Hence, a prominent mention in this Andis Fade master review is that rusting should be the least of your worries with the clipper’s blades.


Further, taking this Andis Fade master review forward, we would like to point out that the model is designed to operate on standard U.S household frequency and voltage. If you wish to use it overseas, you will have to carry a voltage adaptor along.


Another point to mention about Fade Master in this Fade master vs master review is that its robust 14000 RPM magnetic motor and the blade alignment can help you cut super close to the scalp. You are to pay close attention while using this tool, or you may end up slicing a chunk of your skin.


In this Andis Fade master review, we want to point out that the tool does not come with any blade guards. So, you can separately buy the Andis purple magnetic blade guard for Fade Master. It fits well and reduces the risk of nicking razor burns, especially for people with super-sensitive skin.


An important point that we wish to cover in the Andis Fade master review is that you do not need additional comb attachments when you buy this product as you can conveniently fine-tune the length by pivoting the lever present at the clipper head’s back. Further, wash it with plain water and lubricate the blades every once a week with the included blade oil to ensure that the moving parts work pretty smoothly for years.


Further, in this Fade master vs master comparison, we would like to mention that if you are shopping for Andis Fade Master for professional use, you should invest in a blade disinfectant spray. This is vital to ensure proper hygiene.


For thorough cleaning, you should dip the blades in the alcohol-based blade wash solution. Further, while washing, you should switch the clipper on. This helps the solution to make a way in the clipper head. This also works great to eliminate all the grime, dirt, and germs from the blades’ surface.


Next, you can remove the blades, wipe them clean with a clean cloth or leave them to air dry. It would help if you did this at least two times a month to ensure that the machine is in its best condition for a long time.


The next thing that we would like to mention in this Fade master vs master review is that the former is the tool that can loyally serve you for a minimum of two to three years with just some basic care and maintenance. To sum this review, we would like to state that Andis Fade Master is indeed one of the best clippers for bald fades you can find in the market.


However, as we would like to give you an objective view in this Fade master vs master review, we would like to point out that this clipper is not the most flawless, but regardless, it is great for bulk cutting. However, if you are a professional hairstylist and need a tool that can provide you with precise line-ups and excellent finishing touch, you will love this device. Let’s conclude this section about Andis Fade Master in this Andis Fade master vs master review by stating that home users who do not wish to shell out a lot of money to achieve that hi-top, sassy skin fade or an edgy buzz cut can opt for this clipper. But we also want to put forth in this Andis Fade master vs master comparison that the former is not the best for beginners as the blades are super sharp and tend to cut badly if you do not hold a steady hand.


Pros & Cons


  • Its ultra-thin blades can be easily zero-gapped and give a close shave.
  • Ultimate mid-range professional-grade clipper
  • Perfect for low fade haircuts and skin fading haircuts.
  • It can give you a super close shave.
  • Requires minimal upkeep
  • The shortest trimming length is 0.2, and the highest is 0.5 mm.
  • Great weight distribution.


  • Can nick easily
  • Super sharp, so not ideal for rookies.
  • Gets hot after several minutes of continuous use

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Comparison Table – Andis Master Vs Andis Fade Master

Feature Andis Master Andis Fade Master
Image Andis Master Fade Master
Motor Magnetic Magnetic
Cutting Strokes 14000 14000
Color Silver Silver
Weight 20 oz 17 oz
Ideal for Tapering and cutting Tapering, fading, and cutting
Includes Blade Guard Two combs
Duty rating Heavy-duty Heavy-duty
Blade Adjustable Adjustable
Accessories No Yes
Length 6 inches 6 inches
Voltage 120 V 120 V
Blade size 000 to 1 00000 to 000
Blade oil Yes Yes
Price Check price on Amazon Check price on Amazon


Difference Between Andis Master and Fade Master

Now that we have individually spoken about both Andis Master and Andis Fade Master, we have to take this Andis master vs Andis Fade master comparison forward and state the differences between the two. Isn’t that why you were here? To know the difference between Andis master and Fade master, and find out which of the Andis master vs Fade master should be your go-to choice.


We wish to start the Andis Fade master vs master by stating that both of these models are by the Andis brand, and Andis, as we know, is one of the industry’s trusted names. It is known to offer valuable and quality grooming products. Both Andis master and Andis Fade Master are excellent hair clippers. Now, let us address some of the Andis Fade master vs master differences.


Blade size

The first Andis Fade master vs master point of difference is in the blade size. Both of them come with durable and robust blades. However, when we looked more carefully at the size, we realized a difference.


Amongst the master vs Fade master, the former has a single lever. It adjusts the blade from 000 to 1. On the other hand, the latter has a blade, which can be adjusted from 00000 to 000. In the Fade master vs Andis master comparison, this comes across as a significant difference as the blade’s size directly impacts how close the shave can get. So, in this Andis master vs Fade master point of difference, you can make a choice depending on how close you expect your shave to be.


Blade Depth

The second point of difference in our Fade master vs Andis master comparison review is in blade depth. The former tend to cut a little too deep. So, if you apply only a little more pressure when cutting, you may marginally mess up the cut. Further, it shaves super close and tends to nick or poke the scalp easily. On the other hand, the master model has blades, which are relatively easier to handle. In this Master vs Fade master difference, we would like to conclude that the former is ideal for beginners, but the latter is suitable for expert hands. Hence, deciding between Andis master vs Fade master according to blade depth is more or less dependent on your skill level.


Best Use

In all honesty, when we did the Andis master vs Fade master review, we noted one thing – Both of them are excellent clippers in their own sweet ways. However, if we study through the Andis master vs Fade master comparison, certain areas of this hair clipper seem ahead or somewhat different from the other. So, amongst Andis master vs Fade master, the former is a better pick when you have to perform tapering and cutting. On the other hand, the latter is a better pick for tapering, fading, and cutting.


Hence, in this Andis Fade master vs master, what’s better than the other, more or less, depends on the need and expectations from the clipper. You can decide how you want to use it, and then take your pick from Fade master vs Andis master.



In this master vs Fade master review, the next point of difference lies in the accessories you get with the package. So, there is a definite difference in Andis master vs Fade master in terms of accessories. So, if you want to decide a winner in Andis master vs Fade master on this basis, there is a clear winner. The former does not come with shears, comb, and hair guards.


However, the latter does come with essential tools, such as clippers, blade guard, and blade oil. See, this Andis master vs Fade master point of difference is quite important because accessories define usability. When there are more accessories, you can naturally do more with your clipper. Hence, in this Andis master vs Fade master difference point, we truly have a winner for you.



Our last point of difference in this Andis master vs Fade master is the clipper size. This is an essential factor of consideration when picking between Andis Fade master vs master because the size will directly influence the performance while you cut the hair. The Andis master comes with a dimension of 2 x 1.8 x 6 inches. On the other hand, the fade master model comes with a dimension of 2.5 x 7.8 x 10 inches. Indeed, this difference is not huge, but the clipper’s size does impact the comfort you experience when using the clipper.


Key Similarities Between Andis Master and Fade Master

Feature Andis Master Fade Master
Image Andis Master Fade Master
Strong Casing Robust aluminum casing Robust aluminum casing
Ultra-Durable Motors Yes Yes
Strokes Per Minute 14,000 strokes per minute 14,000 strokes per minute
Controls Similar controls Similar controls
Warranty 12-month warranty 12-month warranty
Price Check price on Amazon Check price on Amazon


Now that we have looked through the Fade master vs master and its points of differences, we should address some similarities between the two. Please know that even though the two are different versions, both have some notable similarities. Let us take a look at them one by one.


Strong Casing

Both the models are made from super lightweight and robust aluminum casing. This makes them indestructible. So, when you have either of these clippers with you, you are assured of their longevity. Moreover, the two machines’ aluminum housing enables you to grip and move them seamlessly while you cut your hair. So, you do not have to fret about the external damage of any of the two models.


Ultra-Durable Motors

It is quite clear that sans a super strong and powerful motor, your hair clipper does not really have a chance to stand out in the competition. The engines influence the sound, speed, and array of other critical aspects of the hair clipper. With both the Master and Fade Master model, you get a high speed and super-powerful motor, which is strong and stays quiet during operation.


Strokes Per Minute

The next similarity between the two is in the number of strokes per minute. This is indeed a measurement of how smooth and fast the hair clipper is. It influences the overall cutting quality and the service. Both the Fade master and the Andis master model impressively live up to the expectation in this particular aspect as they both offer 14,000 strokes per minute. Consequently, regardless of the clipper you pick, you can be assured of super-fast and smooth cutting.



In case you cannot control the clipper during hair cutting, it may difficult for you to execute the cut as you like. So, the more effort you put into controlling your clipper, the bigger setback you face when trying to achieve a great haircut. However, both of these Andis models have similar side switches, which are thumb-controlled in this aspect. You can effortlessly on and off the device with the control.



It is true when you shop for a standard hair clipper that comes with a reliable warranty; you are more relieved. So, you can expect that kind of relief and satisfaction with both of these Andis models. In both these models, you get a dedicated 12-month warranty. Hence, if your product experiences any damage or any disruption, you can conveniently use your warranty terms.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. How do you fade with Andis Fade Master?

Ans. To fade with the Andis Fade Clipper, follow the steps:

  1. Firstly, decide where you would want your fade line to begin.
  2. Next, decide if you want a long or short fade, and then pick the ideal guard size.
  3. Further, move your Andis Fade Master clippers up towards the side and then back to trim the hair. It is recommended to begin at the bottom and work your way up with soft and short strokes.
  4. Slowly fade and blend the hair by changing the guards. The fading should be seamless and must look natural.
  5. Now, work up to the head, and ensure that you pause around the temples.
  6. Next, blend the fade into the hair on the top by running your clippers across a comb, which exposes the right hair length.
  7. Clean the neckline and hairline with trimmers.


Ques 2. What is the difference between an Andis master and a fade master?

Ans. Though the two tools are similar, there are five points of differences between the two, and we have covered them in detail above.


Ques 3. What is the difference between a fade and a taper fade?

Ans. A taper is when your hair gradually changes. So, it goes from being long to short and from the top of the head down to the hairline. The taper can appear in two areas – the neckline and the sideburns. You can understand fade as a shorter version of a taper.


Ques 4. Does the Andis master come with guards?

Ans. Sadly, you do not get any guards with the Andis Master, and these will have to be bought separately if you desire more freedom in terms of the hair-cutting lengths. If you require the Andis Master combs, we 100% recommend the Andis Magnetic guards.



Considering each clipper’s unique pros, deciding between Andis master or Fade master is almost impossible and rather quite unfair. However, if you desire a top-notch quality clipper for a tight buzz cut or to maintain a gorgeous stubble, the Andis Master can be your pick.an be your pick.


On the other hand, if you are a seasoned professional or a person with experience using a trimmer, seeking bold and mean hi-top and drop fade Afros, Fade Master is the weapon you need in your arsenal. Hopefully, with our master vs Fade master comparison, making a choice comes easy for you.