Andis T Outliner Vs Andis Outliner 2 Compared: Pros & Cons, Similar Features and Differences

Andis T Outliner Vs Andis Outliner 2 Compared
Andis is one of the most reputable and iconic brands in the barber and beauty industry. With nearing a century of experience in catering to barbers, stylists, groomers, and consumers with superior products, Andis has gained the trust of millions across more than 90 countries. And with the fourth generation of the family taking charge of the reign, Andis continues to manufacture top-quality trimmers, hair clippers, shavers, and other hair grooming appliances.


The company has also found a loyal fan base amongst consumers who prefer simplistic and powerful tools that promise to deliver on their claims and are not just some quacks selling in the name of avant-garde technology.


Keeping up with its reputation are two of its most popular devices Andis Outliner 2 and T Outliner. Since both of these products are pretty similar and equally good at their job, consumers can get confused about what’s the difference between Andis T Outliner and Outliner 2?


Key Findings: Andis Outliner 2 Vs. T Outliner

  • In the Andis Outliner vs. Outliner 2 comparison, T Outliner fares better for close-up work, while Outliner 2 is better for larger areas that require less precision.
  • The Outliner 2 features a square blade, while the T Outliner comes with a T-shaped blade that slightly extends over the trimmer’s head to perform detailed cuts.
  • The T Outliner tends to heat up more quickly and is also louder due to its larger blade. So, in this aspect between Andis Outliner vs. Outliner 2, Outliner 2 is the winner.


If you also are sailing on the same boat, searching for Andis Outliner 2 Vs. T Outliner, we can help you choose the right one for you. First, we will take you through an in-depth review of Andis T Outliner Vs. Outliner 2 while listing the features, pros, and cons of each.


We will also look at significant differences and similarities between the two models. And ultimately, we will try to answer whether the two trimmers live up to the hype and who eventually wins in the Andis Outliner 2 Vs. T Outliner debate.


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Comparison Table: T Outliner Vs Outliner 2

If you have no time to go through the detailed review, this table will give you a gist of Andis Outliner Vs. Outliner 2 in terms of main features.


Features Outliner 2 T Outliner
Image Outliner 2 T Outliner
Weight 11 oz. 12 oz.
Wet/Dry Functionality Dry Dry
Strokes Per Minute 7200 7200
Ideal For Outlining, Dry-Shaving And Fading Outlining, Dry-Shaving And Fading
Blade Shape Square T-shape
Blade Material Carbon steel Carbon steel
Sound Operation Average noise High noise
Heating Function Average heating High heating
Motor Type Magnetic Magnetic
Speed Single Speed Single Speed
Voltage 120V 120V
Cord type Attached cord Attached cord
Price Less expensive than T Outliner Higher than Outliner 2
Cord length 8 feet 8 feet
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What’s The Difference Between Andis T Outliner And Outliner 2?  

This question is perhaps one of the most searched questions for Andis Outliners. The confusion is legit as the two models seem pretty identical in terms of features and functionality. However, if you sit down to minutely compare Andis T Outliner Vs. Andis Outliner 2, there are specific points on which the two models could be differentiated. Have a look.


Blade Shape (Square Vs. T Blade)

The most striking difference between Andis T Outliner 1 Vs. 2 is the blade shape. The T-Outliner features a longer T shape blade extending on either side from the base of the trimmer.


The Outliner 2, on the other hand, comes with a smaller and narrower square blade and more prominent teeth and with micro-fine teeth towards the edges.


The T Outliner has smaller teeth which serve better for edging-up and detailing jobs. The longer blade also works better to cut through more space in less time. It is the length of the blade that will decide which model you are more comfortable working with. The Outliner 2’s smaller blade is easier to move over a larger surface area.



Though there is a slight difference in the weight for Andis Outliner 2 Vs. T Outliner, but it is, however, insignificant.


Ease-of-Use (Beginner vs Expert Users)

The Outliner 2 is better for beginners who want to use it for dry shaving, edging, or line-ups. In addition, it works well as a fading trimmer. Whereas the T Outliner is better suited for experienced users or for barbers and stylists who are experts at hairline shaping and outlining.


Problem of Overheating

A significant drawback for the T Outliner is its overheating problem. The heat is essentially generated by the motor working at great speed to support the larger blade. On the other hand, Outliner 2 also produces heat, but it is not much compared to the former model. So, in this regard between Andis Outliner 2 Vs. T Outliner, Outliner 2 is a better pick.


Noise Level

Another point of difference between Andis T Outliner Vs. T Outliner 2 is the noise generated by their motors. Typically, the T Outliner produces more noise than the Outliner 2 since the former requires more effort while working on the details. If you are not a fan of loud motor sounds, the noise level can be crucial while deciding your preferred model between the two models.



When it comes to the detailing functionality of T Outliner Vs. Outliner 2, the T Outliner makes it easier to carry out edging and detailing jobs as its outward blade can cover the hard-to-reach zones. You can use it comfortably, even behind the ears, without getting nicks and cuts.


Available Accessories

Neither of the models comes with any accessories in the package. However, Outliner 2 has the upper hand in this Andis T Outliner 1 Vs. 2 comparison. If you want to work with different trim lengths, you can buy compatible comb guides separately for Outliner 2. Unfortunately, you cannot do the same with the T Outliner.


If you’re considering other brands, we have a comparative review for Philips Norelco 4100 Vs. 4500 and Wahl 9818 Vs. 9864.


Are Andis Outliner 2 and T Outliner Similar In Any Aspect?

Now that you are aware of the main differences between Andis Outliner Vs. Outliner 2, let us also look at the similar characteristics of the two models. There are definitely more similarities than differences.


Design and Looks

If you ask us, “what’s the difference between Andis T Outliner and Outliner 2 in terms of looks?” We would say none. Both the models feature a simplistic no-frills design with a sturdy casing. The ergonomic body with grooves is comfortable to hold and offers a good grip in wet or oily hands.


Plus, both the devices feature the standard on/off switch at the base of the trimmer. Unfortunately, neither of the models has speed adjustments or comes with comb guides.


Utility and Function

There is no difference in Andis T Outliner Vs. Andis Outliner 2 in terms of functionality. Both the models work on all types of hair and can be used for scalp hair, beard, and body hair.


In addition, you can use either of the models for lining or fading, defining the edges, or cropping your hair short. However, if your focus is to keep your body hair in check, we would go with the Outliner 2 over T Outliner. Also, both models offer close skin shaving due to their zero-gaped blades.


Power Cord

Comparing Andis T outliner vs. T outliner 2, theres no significant difference. If you are not too fond of cordless gadgets, both Andis Outliner and Outliner 2 are corded devices and come with an 8-foot long cord. It is the standard length found on most hair trimmers and clippers.


Strong and Robust Motor

In the Andis T outliner vs. T outliner 2 debate, both the models are powered by the same magnetic motors that offer 7200 SPM. As a result, both models can provide smoother cuts without the fear of any hair pulls or cuts. Both T Outliner and Outliner 2 are fit for handling shaving jobs like trimming, shaping, and fading.


However, if you expect them to work like a razor blade, both models can offer close-enough but not exact results.


Zero-Gap Blade Settings

Both T Outliner and Outliner 2 can help you trim down hair up to 0.2 mm by adjusting the blade to zero-gap. To do so, you can unscrew the head with a screwdriver and adjust the blade height as required. You may struggle adjusting the blade initially, but it will be pretty easy later once you get the hang of it.



Both T Outliner and Outliner 2 come with a bottle of oil for maintaining the blades. Keeping the blades of these two models well-greased between uses will keep them sharper for longer and give you smoother trimming.


Maintaining both models is easy, and they require minimal upkeep. You can also find the replacement blades for these two at affordable prices. While cleaning the blades, remember to clean the inside of the cutting heads as they are more likely to get clogged with trimmed hair, dead skin, dirt, etc.


In-Depth Review of Andis Outliner Vs Outliner 2

a. Andis Outliner 2 Detailed Review


Andis Outliner 2 Check price on Amazon


The first model that we will talk about in our Andis T Outliner Vs. Outliner 2 debate is the Andis 04603 Professional Outliner 2.


  • Design: The most striking feature of this model, just like the other Andis trimmers, is its simplistic design. This trimmer has a pretty basic appearance with a rounded body and ergonomic grooves that do not let it slip easily from your hands, even if they are wet.
  • Blades: The Andis Outliner 2 comes with a square blade that is smaller and narrower compared to the T-Outliner. The trimming blade is made of high-quality carbon steel and has more prominent teeth. Its high precision blade with zero gapping is excellent for close-up work and ensures a closer shave up to 0.2 mm.


The fine teeth of the Outliner 2 blade do not cut the hair beneath the skin and, therefore, mitigate the risk of ingrown hair.

You can swap its blade with other Andis blades, which is another plus point, as you are not stuck with just one blade option. The process to change or adjust the blade is also straightforward and quick; all you need is a screwdriver.


  • Multipurpose: You can go with Outliner 2 for outlining, trimming, and fading jobs. The fine blade also works well for a dry shave without any risk of hair-pulling. Therefore, people with thinner facial hair can expect a clean shave.
  • Utility: This trimmer can handle thick and coarse hair to give you a neat neckline and tapered beard. The Outliner 2 can perform decently on body hair. You can even use the Outliner 2 to shave off your head, that is, if you can manage with some traces of hair on your scalp.
  • of hair on your scalp.

  • Close cut: Users vouch for is its skin-friendliness as it can cut pretty close to the skin. So you can use it to give yourself a quick shave without ending up with a couple of razor bumps. Though the result will not be as satisfactory as a razor-blade shave, it will be close enough.
  • Motor: When comparing Andis T Outliner Vs. Outliner 2 in terms of performance, the Outliner 2 boasts a powerful magnetic motor capable of producing 7200 Strokes Per Minute (SPM). Compared to its power, the trimmer is considerably quiet and doesn’t heat up as much as the T Outliner.
  • Corded Use: Andis Outliner 2 is a corded device that comes with an 8-foot long cord, long enough to give you room for movement, and weighs 11 oz.
  • Attachments: While the Outliner 2 package does not come with attachments, you can purchase the comb guides separately, considering that the unit is pretty economically priced.
  • The keep-up of Outliner 2 is minimal. However, to ensure smooth functioning and increase its longevity, wipe clean the blade after every use and oil the blades after 3-4 uses. If you share your Outliner with others, you can also use a disinfectant to keep your grooming hygienic.


To sum up, Outliner 2, the first model in the Andis Outliner Vs. Outliner 2 debate, is easy to use, heavy-duty, and one of the best grooming tools available in the market with no-nonsense features. Therefore, we would highly recommend the Outliner 2 for beginners who need to use a trimmer for shaving or trimming on dry skin.


Key Features

  • Dimensions: 8.13 x 2.75 x 5.25 inches
  • Powerful magnetic motor
  • Carbon-steel blade with zero gapping offers a close cut
  • It runs at 7200 Strokes Per Minute
  • Excellent trimmer for dry-shaving
  • Suitable for different types of outlining, trimming, and fading
  • Contoured design for comfortable grip
  • 8-foot cord with hanger loop


  • When comparing Andis Outliner 2 Vs. T Outliner, this one scores better for dry shaving
  • It allows close-cutting with precision
  • This model is for you if you suffer from ingrown hairs and razor bumps
  • Between Andis T Outliner Vs. Outliner 2, Andis 2 is cheaper



  • The blades cannot be used to create small hair detailing
  • The device heats up quickly
  • The on-off switch can be slightly uncomfortable
  • Some users state that the device stops working after few uses


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b. Andis T Outliner In-Depth Review


Andis T Outliner Check price on Amazon


The second contender in the Andis Outliner 2 Vs. T Outliner face-off is the Andis 04710, a powerful beast built to last and offers excellent contouring ability. Check out its most talked-about features.


  • Blades: As the name suggests, the T Outliner has a T-shaped blade that is a tad longer than the square blade of Outliner 2. Though it may seem like a minute difference, the blade shape precisely differentiates the two modes.Its T-shaped carbon-steel blade is designed for precision trimming, and its extended ends are meant for detailing work. The professional-grade T Outliner is preferred by barbers and hairstylists for precise line-ups, edging, and complex designs. It is also good enough for dry shaving.


  • Design: Its ergonomic design is quite similar to the previous model. The trimmer fits comfortably in your hand and offers a slip-proof stable grip. If you desire a more modern-looking trimmer, you can check out the comparisons between Andis Styliner 2 Vs. Andis T-Outliner, which is a modern upgrade of the original T Outliner.
  • Looks: When you compare Andis Outliner 2 Vs. T Outliner in terms of looks, the T Outliner sports a conventional and sturdy greyish body.
  • Utility: The T Outliner can easily clean up hair from the spots that are hard to reach. Therefore, you can confidently use this trimmer for the tricky areas on the neckline, back of the ear, or upper lip. The unique blade design also works well for achieving artistic fades.


You can use the T Outliner to shave your head bald. Its blades are also sharp enough to work through voluminous, curly, or frizzy hair without any pulls or tugs.

  • Skin Friendliness: What gives T Outliner an edge in the Andis T Outliner Vs. Outliner 2 race is how gentle it is for sensitive skin. The zero-gap blade ensures a smooth and close-skin shave for short or medium-length hair without giving you rashes, red spots, or bumps.
  • Maintenance: When using the T Outliner for beard, you must ideally use a pre-shave oil to get a smoother trim and clean the blades thoroughly afterward. Since the T-blade features finer teeth, they tend to get clogged with hair and dirt, which can reduce the efficiency of the trimmer. It is especially the case with customers having oily hair. Cleaning the blade with a toothbrush or a cleaning brush should cut it.
  • Other Features: The T Outliner weighs under 12 oz. and comes with an 8-feet long cord. The hard plastic body encloses a powerful electromagnetic motor capable of providing 7200 SPM.


In T Outliner Vs. Outliner 2, the one point T Outliner loses out to the Outliner 2 is the motor noise. First, since the T Outliner sports a longer blade, it tends to make more noise. Secondly, if you keep using it for a longer duration, it tends to heat up a lot.



  • Dimensions: 1.75 x 1.5 x 5.25 inches
  • 120V/60 Hz Voltage
  • Features a single speed
  • A heavy-duty magnetic motor that offers 7200 SPM
  • It comes with an 8-foot cord
  • Carbon-steel T-blade with zero gapping
  • Ergonomic design provides a slip-free grip
  • Suitable for outlining, dry shaving, and fading



  • Good for all hair types
  • It gives a really smooth head shave
  • Works well on sensitive skin
  • In Andis T Outliner Vs. Outliner 2, the T-blade is better for the detailing work


  • If comparing Andis T Outliner Vs. Outliner 2 in terms of noise, the T-Outliner is definitely noisier
  • The trimmer body can get really hot to hold
  • Blades tend to get clogged with hair


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Frequently Asked Questions on T Outliner Vs. Outliner 2

Q. What is the Andis T Outliner for?

The Andis T Outliner is one of the best grooming devices from Andis that is ideal for precision trimming and detailing. It sports a T-shaped blade that extends outwards from both sides, making it easier to work on the hard-to-reach areas such as near the neckline, back of the ear, etc.


It is also great for trimming beards, mustaches, artistic fades, and for cutting designs in the hair. If you struggle with super sensitive skin and are prone to rashes and bumps, investing in the T Outliner will help you keep your skin safe. And, if you wish to know more about the product, check out our detailed review above.


Q. Which Andis T Outliner is the best?

Andis has been serving the grooming and barber industry for almost a century now. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that some of the top hair grooming devices come from this company.


The company has several great offerings if you are looking for a device with a T-shaped blade. The first model which we think still stands strong in its league is the original Andis T Outliner 0471. It is one of the most tried and tested products used today by professional hairstylists.


The second model is the much-needed cordless upgrade of the original T Outliner – Andis T Outliner 74000. This model also got a motor upgrade, from a magnetic motor to a rotary motor. It also comes with several guide combs.


The third product that, we believe, counts in the best Andis T Outliners is the GTX T-Outliner. Its longer blade and deeper teeth make it easier to work with longer or thicker hair. It is also a great pick for fades and bald cuts.


Q. Can you use the Andis T Outliner to cut your hair?

If you need a device for bulk hair cutting, we would suggest going for an andis hair clipper. The Andis T Outliner can get hot if you use it to shave off your head.


Other than that, the Andis T Outliner is a pretty versatile hair grooming device that you can use to get a close shave, fixing your hairline, cleaning the neckline, or achieving side fades.


Q. Which is better, T Outliner or Outliner 2?

Andis Outliner 2 Vs. T Outliner is perhaps the most debatable question for which there is no clear answer as both the devices are equally good at doing what they are meant to do. If you are looking for an economical option with moderate features, the Andis Outliner 2 is a better option to go with.


If you are looking for more precision cutting and want to experiment with your beard styles, the Andis T Outliner will be a more versatile option, though it is slightly expensive than the Outliner 2.


Q. Why did my Andis T Outliner stop cutting?

In case your T Outliner is not performing optimally, it is most likely due to the blade being clogged up with hair and dirt.


Another reason could be that the blade has not been appropriately adjusted to get the desired cut. Also, clean blades with a brush and grease the teeth with blade oil. You should also check the blades for any missing teeth or guards or rusting and replace the blade in such a case.


Additionally, check your power supply. Sometimes the power may be too weak to allow the motor to run smoothly.


Our Verdict for Andis Outliner 2 Vs. T Outliner

This brings us to a full circle of which is better in Andis T Outliner Vs. Andis Outliner 2? The only major difference between the two is there blade shape. So, if you are a new user looking for a device that offers a dry shave without any pulls or tugs, the Outliner 2 is hands down the better option. Its square-shaped blade is easier to maneuver.


On the other hand, if you need a trimmer that can easily reach the nooks and crannies, then the T Outliner outperforms the Outliner 2 in the Andis T Outliner 1 vs. 2 performance wise. Other than that, both the devices are equally good in terms of power and durability. But if we had to really pick a side, it would be the T Outliner from the Andis Outliner 2 Vs. T Outliner comparison for its versatility of performing most types of hair grooming jobs.