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Best Balding Clippers


The ideal balding clippers would be the one that can not only cut through the hair easily but are also very safe to use. They should come with an ergonomic handle, which offers absolute control, and depict surgical precision.


After umpteen hours of product testing and research, we have shortlisted some of the best clippers for shaving head. If you are on a lookout for hair clippers for bald head, which cut the closest or if you need one top-rated head shaver for a smooth shave, then you will surely appreciate the quality of these hair clippers for bald heads. These balding clippers provide you with a close shave on the scalp without irritating or nicking your skin. So, get ready for a clean look that you will fall in love with every time.


So, if you are prepared for the plunge, and wish to pick the best balding clippers available in the market, do read our overview below. We have included both corded and cordless products from some of the top and recognized brands in the market.


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Best Clippers for Shaving Head

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Wahl Balding Clippers Wahl Balding Clippers Check price on Amazon
Andis Master Hair & Balding Clipper Andis Master Hair & Balding Clipper Check price on Amazon
Andis Pro Foil Andis Pro Foil Check price on Amazon
Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer Trimmer Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer Trimmer (8081) Check price on Amazon
Oster Classic 76 Hair and Balding Clipper Oster Classic 76 Hair & Balding Clipper Check price on Amazon
Wahl Professional 5-Star Rechargeable Shaver Wahl Professional 5-Star Rechargeable Shaver (8061-100) Check price on Amazon
Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer 04710 Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer 04710 Check price on Amazon
Remington HC4250 Shortcut Remington HC4250 Shortcut Check price on Amazon
Andis BGRc ceramic clipper Andis BGRc ceramic clipper Check price on Amazon


1. Wahl Balding Clippers


Wahl Balding Clippers Check price on Amazon


At number one in our list of the best clippers for shaving head is the Wahl Professional 5-Star Clippers for balding. It is a professional style clipper, which is ideal for day-to-day usage. The clipper is equipped with V5000+ electromagnetic motor. It is a balding clipper, which can cut through every hair thickness with sheer ease and precision. The clipper operates at 120 Volts, and this balding corded clipper does not degrade even as it gets older, all thanks to this precision-engineered device.


Unlike the several other hair clippers for shaving head, this one by Wahl lets you change out the cutting blade to any one of your choice available online or on the shop from where you get your clippers.


It, in no way, means that the cutting blade, which comes with this clipper, that is the #8110, is not as good. Instead, it is one of the finest hair clippers for bald head. It is a 6 X 0 included blade made from surgical-grade titanium. When taking through the scalp, the cutter will trim the hair to the skin level, thereby giving you an irritation-free and bald finish.


If the precision of the blade was not enough, the long cord of these hair clippers for bald head assures you free mobility, regardless of where you use this clipper. The 8’ cord will suffice both your personal and professional needs.


Key features

  • Professional-grade precision
  • Stylish and functional
  • Corded
  • Cuts at twice the speed of pivot motors
  • Comes with a myriad of accessories, such as clipper, (2) attachment combs, oil, cleaning brush, instructions, and red blade guard.
  • 6.25” long and weighs 1 lb.
  • 8-foot, professional grade, chemical resistant cord
  • #2105 blade,
  • V5000+ electromagnetic motor
  • Functions at 120 volts/60 hertz
  • Comes with Manufacturer’s 5-year limited warranty



  • Assures a surgically close reliable cut.
  • Ergonomically design for a better control
  • Brilliant construction



  • Not perfect for use in other countries – 120 V
  • Cord can be annoying for users seeking personal usage


So, regardless of whether you are restocking your barber shop supplies, or whether you wish to get what the pros use for their home use, the Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clippers are the hair clippers that cut the closest. Their phenomenal construction and strong motors will ensure a long life.


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2. Best Professional Clipper: Andis Master Hair & Balding Clipper


Andis Master Hair & Balding Clipper Check price on Amazon

Next, balding clippers that we have on our list are the Andis Master Clippers that are made from carbon steel. The electromagnetic motor powers these clippers. You can use this compact trimmer to slice through the hair at an incredible 14,000 strokes per minute, which is around 6,800 more strokes per minute compared to the Andis T-Outliner Trimmer, which is equally popular. But how does this information translate to you in usage?


It means that regardless of whether you use these balding clippers for personal or professional purposes, the Andis Master Clippers will be fast and offer you a precision cut every time.


Additionally, the high stroke rate per minute ensures smoother fades and virtually zero chance of pulling on the hair. When you pick these balding clippers over the Andis T-Outliner, you also get access to a myriad of vital features, which are needed for a clean cut.


One of the best things about these balding clippers is its attachment combs. Further, with the Master Clippers, you get yourself a cutting blade, which can be zero gapped and replaced, which makes it ideal to use as the balding clipper.


However, one crucial thing to be careful about in these balding hair clippers is the weight. Though the casing is made from lightweight aluminium, the Andis Master Clippers is otherwise quality heavy. It weighs 20 oz or 1.25 lbs. If you are shopping for personal use, then this weight should seem reasonable to you. However, suppose you are a barber who is on a lookout for upgrading the personal cutting tools. In that case, this increased weight may cause fatigue, especially in the first week of usage, particularly in people who have otherwise had a habit of holding only the lightweight balding hair clippers.


Key features

  • Ideal for all-round tapering and cutting
  • Powerful, magnetic motor, which yields 14000 cutting strokes every minute
  • Adjustable blade from fine to coarse size 0000 to size 1
  • Can be zero gapped
  • Thumb-controlled side switch, which is convenient for a single hand on-off operation
  • Unbreakable and lightweight aluminium housing
  • Durable and long-lasting



  • Highest per minute strokes
  • Quality engineering
  • Will last you several years
  • Made in the USA
  • Capable of employing the modern magnetic attachment combs, which needs to be bought separately



  • Quite heavy for a pair of hair clippers
  • Expensive in comparison to many others


In totality, if you wish to do quick work for the scalp, then these best clippers for shaving head will come in handy because of their super high speed. They will always assure an efficient operation. These hair clippers for bald head are designed in the USA and are made well. So, it will feel good in your hand. The only problem is they are a bit on the heavier side.


Tip – Oil the blade before every use and refer to the user manual before using the product.


Check price on Amazon

3. Andis Pro Foil


Andis Pro Foil Check price on Amazon

The Andis Pro Foil shaver has effortless and straightforward looks. Regardless of that, these are the top of the line hair clippers that cut the closest. They are sturdy, durable, and efficient enough to assure a razor-like close cut for years.


So, why should these be your preferred choice of hair clippers for shaving head?


Well, these hair clippers for bald head come engineered with Lithium-Ion battery that will give you a reasonable run-time of 80-minutes once it is fully charged. Moreover, the shaver is very easy to hold and manoeuvre around even in the tightest spots, thereby ensuring that you get the most precise and clean cut every time.


You get these balding clippers with super sharp blades or razors, which are covered by two rounded titanium foils. The thickness of the foils, in combination with the staggered edges behind them, makes them the ideal for razor-close shaves. It is also perfect for balding.


Key features

  • Lithium-ion battery assures maximum power
  • Perfect for fade-style and finishing stubble
  • Great versatility
  • Staggered-head shaver blades for a clean shave



  • Great for extremely close cuts
  • Sharp and durable blades
  • Can be used as both corded and cordless
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Great price



  • Limited accessories


Even though this one is not an actual hair clipper, the Andis Pro Foil shaver is indeed durable, efficient, powerful, and very pocket-friendly. It is indeed your best bet at getting a razor-like shave.



Check price on Amazon

4. Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer Trimmer (8081)


Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer Trimmer Check price on Amazon


If you are someone who wishes to save money, space, and time, you may be very much interested in these hair clippers for shaving head. It is the Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer Trimmer, perfect hair clippers that cut the closest.


These are the best balding clippers and come with a super sharp blade, which you can zero-gap for a super close, precise cut, which you may be seeking. It does so in record time owing to the extra-wide T-blade that’s 1/4” wider than most other Wahl blades.


If you are not ready for the full bald badass look, then you can use these balding clippers for fades by utilizing the three guides, which come with it, that is 1/16”, 1/8”, and 3/16”. It comes combined with the zero gaps. So, you can also pull off the clean skin fade with these best clippers for shaving head. That is not all. These are one of the best balding clippers predominantly because of the super-powerful rotary motor that can cut through all hair types, be it wet or dry, thin, soft, or wiry.


It has a cord length of 5’’ and weighs only 6.9 oz in weight. These close shave clippers are ideal for more than creative or precise lines and cut, and even great for longer or multiple sessions.


Yes, we know that these balding clippers are not the perfect ones, because customers have had some minor complaints from the tool. For starters, the blade of these close shave clippers is super sharp. It means that you will have to be very careful when you use them. It is particularly applicable for people who have sensitive skin because these hair clippers for shaving head may cause some irritation if you press too hard while shaving.


Moreover, even though its extra-wide blade does make your job a lot faster, it makes it hard for you to look for compatible guards outside of the three that come with it. It is because there are not enough guards, which can fit into it. Nonetheless, these are great at their job and are sure one of the hair clippers that cut the closest.


Key features

  • Extra-wide blade (1/4” wider than average Wahl)
  • Sharp blade
  • Compact body
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful motor



  • Extra-wide blades make every shave faster and more efficient
  • Compact and super lightweight body, which makes them easy to manoeuvre
  • Can handle full shaves, fades, beard trimming, and even complicated hair or beard designs



  • Not the perfect pick for someone who has a sensitive skin
  • Since it has extra-wide blades, getting compatible guards may not be easy


If you require premium-grade professional balding hair clippers, which not only helps you handle your beard but also offers a silky-smooth shave, you can opt for these best balding clippers. These are versatile to boot, powerful, and durable close shave clippers.


Check price on Amazon

5. Most Versatile: Oster Classic 76 Hair & Balding Clipper


Most Versatile: Oster Classic 76 Hair & Balding Clipper Check price on Amazon


Usually, when someone mentions the best balding clippers, the first thought that comes to mind for most people is the clippers from Wahl or Andis brand. However, another worthy contender that you cannot ignore is the Oster Classic 76.


It is the hair clippers for shaving head, which evokes the old-time barbershop feel, which you remember as a child. This hair clippers for bald head comes with a cylindrical body coupled with some classic branding opposite of the cutting blade.


Of course, this one may not be as ergonomic as the Andis Master Clippers or the Wahl 5-Star Professional Clippers, but the Classic 76 can help you with super close shave at a super-fast speed.


It has a slightly longer cord at 9’, which sends the desired power to the universal (electromagnetic) motor. Just like the Andis Master Clipper, these hair clippers for shaving head are also quite heavy and weigh 1.5 lbs. Though okay for personal use, for professional and long-day usage, it can be a bit heavy.


However, one thing that makes them the best clippers for shaving head is that several clippers do not come with the cutting combs. Further, the Oster Classic 76 is quite versatile. It comes with a myriad of attachment combs. You can easily use them while cutting the hair of any length. They can also help with light body grooming, such as armpits, back, or chest. We would not recommend them to use around the groin area.


Key features

  • Powerful, single speed universal motor
  • Perfect for heavy-duty usage
  • Detachable blades with size ranging from 000 to 1
  • Comes with lubricating oil, blade guard, clipper grease, and a cleaning brush
  • Break-resistant housing
  • Ultra-durable
  • 9-foot power cord
  • Known for its lasting durability
  • Assures smooth cut on all hair types
  • All-day long operation is effortless
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cuts through both wet and dry hair
  • Textured housing assures a comfortable grip
  • 9-feet power cord



  • Works with a good variety of cutting blades
  • Strong electromagnetic motor assures a close and quick cut
  • Its classic design aesthetics offer users an old-barbershop feel



  • It does feel very heavy


If you wish to swap out the cutting blades repeatedly or want for that old-time barbershop feel in your professional or personal life, then the Oster Classic 76 can be the best balding clippers for you. Even though it has a heavy body, the power and the longer cord make it one of the trusted tools, which will last you quite some time.


Check price on Amazon

6. Wahl Professional 5-Star Rechargeable Shaver (8061-100)


Wahl Professional 5-Star Rechargeable Shaver Check price on Amazon


These are the best clippers for shaving head for someone who wants a comfortable and no-fuss shaving experience at a great price. Why do you think people choose between the traditional or electric razors? It is primarily because they are faster, and there is minimal mess. So, this means that you do not have to worry about nicking your scalp into oblivion with a razor blade. These best clippers for shaving head is a real sign of convenience. The Wahl Professional 5-Star Rechargeable Shaver is the only balding hair clippers, which is cordless.


So, all you have to do is give it a reasonable charge, unplug it, and you are sorted. You can use this clipper for around sixty minutes without being tied down to the electrical outlet. These balding hair clippers weigh approximately 5.8 oz, which is less than half a pound. From that perspective, this is one is the lightest pick, and the shortest one too. It is approximately 4.6” long. This makes it easy for you to handle your balding hair clippers. Moreover, these close shave clippers are also very easy for you to pack. This makes them a good pick for guys who like to shave on the go.


All you need to do is slip these balding hair clippers in your suitcase or bag, with or without the charger, and you will be able to keep that bald clean anytime and everywhere, regardless of whether you are home or on vacation.


Finally, there is the shaver itself. Instead of using a bladed design, like the rest of our picks, these balding hair clippers employ a foil shaver—hypoallergenic gold foil, to be precise. Further, in addition to the ease of use, if you are not a fan of blood oozing from your head, this one is a good pick. We say so because this one is the best clippers for shaving head for people with sensitive skin. Having these clippers means that you will not have to worry about irritated skin, razor bumps, or ingrown hair ever again. However, these balding hair clippers do have one limitation. It does struggle a bit when you are trying to shave long hair.


Key features

  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Hypoallergenic gold foil shaver
  • Lightweight and easy to use



  • Lightweight
  • Cordless design
  • Runtime of 60 minutes
  • Hypoallergenic gold foil shaver means no cuts and less irritation, even on sensitive skin
  • Professional clippers at an affordable price



  • Not ideal for longer hair
  • Does not shave close to the skin
  • Shaving with it would need regular touch-ups

Everything aside, these are the best cordless balding hair clippers. If you are the guy who likes to stay well-groomed without any extra fuss, then this one is a good pick. Even the men who have sensitive skin will love these clippers.


Check price on Amazon

7. Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer 04710


Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer 04710 Check price on Amazon


Honestly, it is not easy for a product to stand out in the grooming market, but that is where Andis Professional hair clippers for shaving head comes into the picture. Andis is a hugely reputed brand in the industry, and it is Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer is indeed a versatile grooming tool.


You can use these best clippers for shaving head to give your head a close and precise shave. It can also be used to touch up your neckline, trim your beard, fix your hairline, or skin fades the sides. These hair clippers for shaving head have been engineered with a surgically sharp, close-cutting blade. All of this makes the Andis trimmer an all-round machine for fading any hair, trimming, or shaving.


The T-blade of these best balding clippers is what makes all the difference as it lets you add some serious detail to every shave. Its patented design enables you to manoeuvre the trimmer with ease, while simultaneously preventing the cuts and nicks. The carbon-steel blades of these best clippers for shaving head are durable and long-lasting. They can offer a dry and a wet shave. With a fine teeth, which trims hair close to the scalp, you will always get a seamless and smooth cut following every use.


Lastly, this best balding clippers come with an 8-foot cord and has a quiet and a powerful magnetic battery. On the whole, this one is a class of its own. Even though this one is a bit on the heavier side as compared to the other models, this is indeed a perfect pick for the DIY groomers and the professional barbers. Thus, if you want world-class hair clippers that cut the closest, the Andis T-Outliner can be a good pick.


Key features

  • Delivers around 7200 strokes per minutes
  • Contoured housing fits comfortably in your hand
  • Equipped with extremely close-cutting blade
  • Perfect for dry shaving
  • Comes with polymer body materia
  • Has a BeauWis Blade Brush



  • Perfect for anyone with sensitive skin
  • Cuts extremely close
  • Will never give you a nasty, red shaving rash
  • Powerful, and super quiet motor
  • Sharp and strong cutting blades
  • Ideal for precision work
  • Great for sideburns, edging around ears, goatees, moustaches, beards, necks, trimming and fading
  • Made in USA



  • Bit more expensive than similar models
  • Blade gets hot after 10 minutes of continual usage, so shop for a cooling spray
  • Does not come supplied with any accessories
  • 120V supply only
  • You may need a voltage transformer if you reside outside North America or Canada


Check price on Amazon

8. Remington HC4250 Shortcut – A Smaller Choice


Remington HC4250 Check price on Amazon


Remington is one of the best balding clippers brands that always comes up with top-quality shaving tools for the face. However, the shortcuts with the head in mind. These hair clippers that cut the closest employ a shorter body than what you may find elsewhere. The body is specifically made to fit in your hand. It uses a body that is approximately half the length of an average clipper model. The unit comes with a smooth gripping surface, which would grip around the outside. So, you can reach the tight spots around the back end of your head, and the other places that you might regularly struggle to trim.


The blade of these best balding clippers provides only a small curve. This bend lets these best balding clippers slide along the head and to the contour with the shape. The curve enables you to target the area behind the ears, around the neck, and the spots near your sideburns.


These best balding clippers employ nine comb lengths for your absolute comfort. You can use the cuts from 1.5 to 15mm long to achieve a look where a small bit of hair might be left if desired. The flexibility of the comb setup makes it an indispensable item for your cutting needs. The cordless body of these best balding clippers can work endlessly for 40 minutes on a full charge. You also have the option of using this clipper by plugging them into the wall outlet.


The speed of these best balding clippers is relatively consistent. The pace is fast and capable of giving you a clean cut every time without struggling to move through. Its quick action is indeed a real positive. More so, its gentle grip ensures neat trimming of the sideburns. With these clippers, you can trim your sideburns to the length you want while having adequate control over the cutting unit. The included comb ensures that you achieve an even cut all-around the sideburn surface.


Even though it is easy for you to wash off the main body of the shortcut, the blades are to be removed beforehand and then cleaned separately. It is not easy to take off the blades, let alone to clean them.


Key features

  • Fits in the palm of the hand so you can reach the back of the head, neckline, and around the ears with ease
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 9 length comb cuts to help you achieve the look you want
  • 40 minutes of runtime
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Corded or cordless usage
  • 13-piece kit includes hand-held clipper, 9 Length adjusting combs, cleaning brush, storage/travel pouch, oil (charging adaptor also included)
  • Extra-wide curved blades
  • Non-slip grip



  • Stunning design
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-ergonomic
  • Quiet
  • Curved blade for wider cuts



  • Battery life only OK
  • Ear area gets tricky
  • Largest comb still very short


Check price on Amazon

9. Best Andis balding clippers: Andis BGRc ceramic clipper


Andis BGRc ceramic clipper Check price on Amazon


Last in our best balding clippers is the Andis BGRc clippers. These are the most beautiful way to rock your bald looks with sheer elegance and style. It is one of those rare ceramic hair clippers for bald head. The ceramic blades are known for their unparalleled sharpness and quality. They are certainly more durable than the steel blades. A great thing about these hair clippers that cut the closest is that they are low maintenance clippers. So, you can focus on a genuinely professional slick bald shave. If you desire to achieve a close shave, you need hair clippers that cut the closest, and this is one of them. To get better results, you can shop for an additional #00000 Ceramic Edge blade. This would mean that your hair will be left at 0.2mm!


The good things about these best clippers for shaving head are that they are 10% lighter than the professional models, such as Wahl balder with the weight of only 0.9 lbs. They have a super durable body and are made of high-grade polymer.


Andis BGRc comes with a powerful rotary motor. So, these best balding clippers is a perfect pick for the professionals. Since they come with ceramic blades for shaving your head and motor type assure a cool and a quiet operation. This means that you will not have these clippers heating in your hand as these clippers are known to be 70% cooler than other models.


You can shop for these hair clippers that cut the closest in both corded and cordless modes. Regardless of what you pick, be rest assured, that no other electric best balding clippers will provide you with such an exquisite way to shave your head bald.


Key features

  • Ideal for heavy-duty usage
  • 20% lighter and 10% smaller with its high-speed motor
  • Comes with #1 Ceramic Edge blades
  • Works with all Andis Ultra Edge and Ceramic Edge blades



  • Ultra-sharp and durable ceramic blades
  • Powerful rotary motor
  • Easy maintenance



  • Expensive
  • NiCD battery tech a bit old
  • No lever for blade adjustment


Check price on Amazon


What Is The Difference Between Balding Clippers And Hair Clippers?

While researching the different balding clippers available in the market, you will often see that the hair clippers tend to get thrown into the mix. Hence, we desired to take one quick moment to explain how the two tools are different from each other.


Balding Clippers

The balding clippers are unique in the way that they do not come with any attachment combs for cutting the hair at different lengths. They are coupled with a high-powered motor for the closest trimming option. These are the hair clippers that cut the closest to the skin level at < 1mm. Also known as the close shave clippers, they are hugely popular with bald men as they trim the hair regularly without having to deal with razor bumps, irritation, or an ingrown hair, which you may typically experience with a cartridge razor or a disposable razor.


As the balding clippers are meant for use across the scalp, they often have a much wider cutting blade, which makes for lesser passes. Hence, these can be quite time-saving. It is crucial if you are using your close shave clippers in a professional setting.


Hair Clippers

Contrary to the balding clippers, there are the standard hair clippers. They have a side level, which can adjust the cutting blade. These close shave clippers are perfect if you want a standard haircut. When doubled with a myriad of attachment combinations, hair clippers for shaving head can help you achieve subtle fades, which can make your hairstyle stand out.


Unlike the balding clippers, the hair clippers do not have a narrower cutting blade head. In the end, there is the cutting length.


Balding Hair Clippers That Cut The Closest: Factors To Consider When Buying

After we have reviewed the top hair clippers for shaving head, we have identified certain factors, which one should bear in mind when selecting the best clippers for shaving head. Let us take a look at these factors one by one.


Cutting Length

Regardless of whether you use your hair clippers for bald head for professional or personal use, one of the most vital features for you should be the trimming length. If you want to shave your head entirely or even if you are only seeking a nice fade, having hair clippers for shaving head, which can cut down to a surgically close level is vital.


Furthermore, the hair clippers for bald head that you shop for must come with a myriad of cutting guides (attachment combs). These can help you give a better variety in length, particularly if you wish to cut your hair down to the skin level.


Motor Power

You can find the hair clippers for shaving head in a myriad of different motors, which includes Electromagnetic motor, Pivot motor, and Rotary motor. Here, let us understand all of these varieties in motors one by one.


Electromagnetic Motor

It is one of the most popular types of motors that are found in the barbershop. The magnetic motors found in the balding hair clippers provide you with a super high-blade speed, which can result in a lesser chance of pulling or tugging while ensuring a smoother cut. These close shave clippers are perfect when you want to cut fades. Secondly, the magnetic motors also have lesser moving parts as compared to the other clippers. This allows them to have a more extended life.


Pivot Motor

These are mostly available in beard trimmers, such as the Andis Pivot Pro. The pivot motors have a much lower blade speed, but they have a higher power draw. But, what does this mean to you? When it comes to the close shave clippers, you should try to avoid shopping for the clippers with this motor type unless you have a naturally thick hair texture. Pivot motors are mostly found in the beard trimmers instead of the close shave clippers. It is because they can cut thicker hair at a slower pace. Using the pivot motors on your head can result in incidental tugging or choppy results.


Rotary Motors

From all the motor types, we have covered so far; these are the only ones that have a single speed. The rotary motors have a more balanced approach, and they can have both variable blade speed and motor. The rotary motors are more seen on the consumer marketed products, instead of the barbershop. They have a short life, and thus, they are not very well-suited for those wanting to use their close shave clippers for regular or heavy-duty usage. However, if you intend to cut your hair only once a week, then the performance of the rotary motor should be acceptable.


Blade Width

Getting the perfect blade width for your hair clippers for bald head is a compromise between both efficiency and the ability to navigate the surface. Upon the selection of wide blade width, while it will make the extensive cutting more effortless, it will also have a hard time getting around the neck and ears area. Thus, we found this the best balding hair clippers, which has a head with a width of approximately 1.5”.


Blade Teeth

On top of the balding clipper, you have the blade teeth. In general, if you seek hair clippers that cut the closest, you should look for the brands that offer a shallower set of teeth, and are set close together alongside the flat bottom.


All of this works together and ensures a closer cut to the skin. Barbershops, such as Oster and Wahl, let you purchase the clipper blades that provide better customization. Hence, if you wish for your balding clippers to cut up to a certain length, or if you dropped your clipper on the ground and destroyed the blade tips, you can shop for the blades at the cost of $20 to $25.


Corded vs Cordless

As far as the cutting performance is concerned, there is nothing better than corded close shave clippers. These balding hair clippers have a more robust and more powerful electromagnetic motor, which assures consistent results.


Of course, the corded close shave clippers can cut the hair better; the cordless ones too have their place. If you intend to use your best balding clippers occasionally, or if you wish to take them with you on the road, the cordless hair clippers for bald head are a much better pick. They are both compact and lightweight.


Furthermore, in the case of cordless hair clippers for bald head, you will not have to worry about the cord restricting your way all the time. This is indeed one significant benefit and is genuinely worth it.


If you are shopping for a pair of balding clippers for professional usage, that is when you own a barbershop; then you should pick the corded balding clippers. They usually come with a more robust and more powerful electromagnetic motor, which assures cleaner and better results. On the other hand, the cordless clippers are a good pick for someone who only intends to cut their hair occasionally, and does not need as much power or cutting control.



Well, frankly, we do not recommend you to cut your hair in the shower with your balding clippers because of electrocution, but there are a few clippers who do come with some water-resistance. Opting for the water-resistant balding clippers makes it easy for you to clean your blades once you are through with the cutting. Instead of having to work with the blades with a tiny brush, the waterproof balding clippers can be rinsed directly under water after usage. This makes the cleanup of the small hair clippings a lot easier.



After our research, we have found that the best clippers for shaving head should not cost you over $60 inclusive of taxes. It is for the corded balding clippers, which have replaceable metal clipping blades that make it a safe long-term investment should any incidental damage occur, and a powerful motor, which will assure consistent results.


On comparing different close shave clippers, we found that the clippers priced over $60 did nothing different than providing you with some additional bells and whistles in the form of more plastic attachments, brushes, combs, and other things. Moreover, regardless of how pricey the balding clippers, the cutting performance of the clippers remain quite the same.


However, if you shop for cheap balding clippers, that is the ones that come at a price lower than $50, they may not be the perfect pick as they would sure compromise on the motor quality, which directly impacts the performance and the quality of the clipper.


Hence, if you need decent, good quality clippers, then you can shop for the ones that are priced around $60, as they will not disappoint you.


Attachment Combs

Beyond the metal blade teeth, which are annexed to the balding clipper, an addition of a plastic guard included in the kit will be useful for a myriad of users. So, regardless of whether you wish to undertake the light body grooming of the chest or you are only doing a weekend cut on the kid’s hair, the attachment combs help make fades a lot easier.
Even though the balding clippers are uniquely different from the traditional hair clippers, they still work in a pinch.


Ergonomic handle

If you are a professional who needs to use the balding clippers all day long, you need to pick one that has an ergonomic grip and can offer you better control while holding the clippers. If you wish to perform detailed designs or fades, then the balding clippers with a centred weight balance in addition to a body, which is comfortable to hold and feels snuggly in the palm would be great.


FAQs: Best Balding Clippers

Ques 1: How long does the rechargeable battery last on your balding clippers?

On a single full charge, the lithium-ion battery of your balding clippers can last approximately 90 minutes. Whereas, as for the lifetime performance of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery is concerned, you will undoubtedly experience performance degradation after some days of usage. If you do not wish to add to the e-waste to landfills or do not like the mandatory replacement of your lithium batteries, you could opt for the wired balding clippers.


Ques 2: Which one is the best brand of balding clippers for me?

Well, honestly shopping for the perfect balding clippers for you depends a lot on your personal preference. You can find a myriad of excellent and popular brands on the table, such as Andis, Philips, Oster, Philips, which provide you with some compelling top-rated offerings. The important thing here is to look for the balding clippers, which offers you a good variety of feature set at a reasonable price. See, you need to make a distinction between additional features or the added accessories. Pick what works for you and your usage.


Ques 3: Do self-sharpening blades offer a better cut?

Though the self-sharpening blades do provide you with a smooth and concise cut, it should not be the only reason why you shop for particular balding clippers. Instead, it would be best if you focused on other essential things, such as the motor of the clippers. A powerful motor will always ensure smooth fades, a clean and a precise cut. Thus, if you seek uncompromising cutting performance, you may want to shift your attention to the corded models instead of those that come with Ni-cad or lithium-ion batteries.


Ques 4: How do you keep the blades on the balding clipper sharp?

To ensure that the blades of your balding clippers stay sharp, you need to take good care of the clippers. It means that you should ensure that you dry them off after it gets wet. You should also take a small brush and clear out any gunk or debris. It is imperative if you opt for a balding clipper that has a sharp carbon steel blade. Carbon steel blades are prone to corrosion, and they will depict signs of rust if you do not pay adequate attention.
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Selecting the best balding hair clippers for shaving head was not easy. When looking for the perfect pair, we went ahead and compared a myriad of factors, such as cutting length, blade width, corded vs cordless, motor power, grip, among other things. However, following careful and in-depth research and review of the bestseller brands in the market, we are quite confident with the list that we have created. So, regardless of whether you are shopping for personal use or professional use, you can easily find your top-pick from our listed options. Good Luck!