7 Best Bay Rum Aftershave: Bay Rum Aftershave Reviews, Ingredients List And Buying Considerations

Best Bay Rum Aftershave

Bay rum aftershaves have been around for over 180 years. Over these years, it has gone through some incredible experiences and triumphs. From being in the backdrop of World War II to serve as a grooming necessity for sailors, what we see of bay rum today showcases how far the brand has evolved over the years.


For the last seven decades, St. Johns Fragrance Company has passed through the trenches to remain authentic with its range of products. Today there are several other brands as well that have come up with their own mix of bay-rum scented aftershave.


Now, the thing is, of the many available products, how do you pick the best bay rum cologne or the best bay rum aftershave? Fortunately for you, we have done all the groundwork and took adequate time to study the different products. Based on our analysis and in-depth study, we have come up with the bay rum aftershave reviews for some of their most popular products. We believe that this bay rum cologne review will enable you to make an informed choice.


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So, let us get started, and take a look at the bay rum aftershave reviews to help you find the product that best fits your needs and preferences.


Bay Rum Aftershave Reviews

ProductRatingPriceBuy Now
Barberry Coast Bay Rum AftershaveBarberry Coast Bay Rum Aftershave$34.99


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Captains Choice Cat O Nine Tails Bay Rum and Original Bay Rum AftershavesCaptain’s Choice Cat O’ Nine Tails Bay Rum & Original Bay Rum Aftershaves$18.95


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Clubman Pinaud Virgin IslandClubman Pinaud Virgin Island$17.95


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Ogallala SandalwoodOgallala Sandalwood$24.50


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St Johns Bay Rum Cologne And AftershaveSt. Johns Bay Rum Cologne And Aftershave –  Best Bay Rum Cologne$75


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GABELS Bay Rum Aftershave LotionGABELS Bay Rum Aftershave Lotion Review$16.96


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Gilbert HenryGilbert Henry – Modern$29


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Best Bay Rum Aftershaves

1. Barberry Coast Bay Rum Aftershave

Barberry Coast is indeed a highly recognized and premium product, and it is, for this reason, it ranks high on our bay rum aftershave reviews. Regardless of the high price tag, people love it and shop for this best bay rum scent.


It is handcrafted and 100% natural. This cologne does not have any synthetic chemicals in it and is a unique blend of all the natural citrus and exotic spices.


This best bay rum scent seems slightly more complicated than most of the bay rums available in the market. In it, you can sense all the different ingredients individually as opposed to the general mix.


Barberry Coast is also available as a bay rum aftershave balm for extra soothing, and they offer a shaving soap. In it, you can combine all three for a distinct scent.


We recommend this best bay rum cologne for the natural ingredients as it does not pose a threat to your skin. It contains a subtle scent, which beautifully lingers on long after you apply it to your face. The glycerin ensures that the moisture from the skin is trapped, unlike alcohol, which dries out.


Furthermore, in addition to the fragrance, the Barberry Coat offers aftershave antioxidants and stress-relieving properties. The only problem with this otherwise best bay rum scent is that it gives a bit of a burning sensation. So, alcohol is mixed with other ingredients.


Barberry Coast Bay Rum Aftershave$34.95


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Key features

  • Handcrafted with all natural, premium ingredients
  • Filtered and aged to perfection
  • Contains no synthetic chemicals and no artificial colors
  • Formulated with a unique blend of all natural exotic spices & citrus, essential oils and extracts
  • Has the essence of bay leaves from the West Indian Islands
  • Carefully formulated with 100% pure glycerin
  • Proudly Made in the USA



  • Safe, healthy and good for your skin
  • Vegan
  • No GMO oils
  • Parafen Free
  • Will not leave your skin dried out
  • Tends to re-moisturize the skin
  • Instantly awakens your senses
  • Leaves your skin refreshed, moisturized and toned
  • 100% lifetime guarantee



  • Tingles on application


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2. Captain’s Choice Cat O’ Nine Tails Bay Rum & Original Bay Rum Aftershaves

Find the Barberry Coast Bay Rum way too mild? Well, if that is the problem, we have another best bay rum scent for you. Yes, we are talking about the Captain’s Choice Cat O’ Nine Tails.


This best bay rum scent was named after the multi-tailed whip, a standard instrument of punishment for the British Royal Navy. The Captain’s Choice Cat O’ Nine Tails bay rum Aftershave is undoubtedly one of the fiercest bay rum aftershaves available in the market.


As for the fragrance, it has a bit of a more solemn clove note than most others, this one is exactly what you would expect from the bay rum – manly, deep, and intoxicating.


Now, usually, when you get an intense sensation after application, you expect it to stay for a while. However, that is not true with this one. It tends to fade over time quickly, but still not as fast as the Barberry Coast.


It has just the natural essential oils, grain alcohol, and rum. Further, it also has witch hazel and glycerin that tends to condition and moisturize the skin. In short, this product has everything that you possibly need, nothing that you may not like or appreciate.


One of the best things about this best bay rum cologne is that it absorbs quickly into the skin. More so, it does not even lead to the yellow glow. Application of this cologne will give you a warm and soft feeling just when it begins to work its magic onto the skin.


The only problem with this best bay rum scent is that it has a bit of a burning sensation as you have mixed alcohol with other ingredients. However, if you feel that the burn is quite a lot for you to handle or do not quite like the clove scent, you should try out the Captain’s Choice Original Bay Rum Aftershave, which is basically the same thing in a milder, clove-free version.


The combustion that this aftershave cause is quite noticeable. So, it is not the best pick for someone who has sensitive skin.


Captains Choice Cat O Nine Tails Bay Rum and Original Bay Rum Aftershaves$18.95


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Key features

  • On application, a slow warmth builds until it plateaus with a sensational warming of the face
  • Keeps you moisturized all day long
  • Aftershave with “character” from Captain’s Choice
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Packaged in a four-ounce amber glass bottle.
  • Has soothing witch hazel and moisturizing glycerin
  • Scented with bay rum


  • Gives you an unforgettable experience
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Heals cuts and incisions



  • Not suitable for someone with sensitive skin
  • Causes a burning sensation


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3. Clubman Pinaud Virgin Island

Next in line for the bay rum aftershave reviews are the Clubman Pinaud Bay Rum. It smells quite like the golden era’s nostalgia. Talking about the fragrance profile of this best bay rum aftershave, we would like to point out that the first thing, which hits you right after the lotion application is the heavenly note of cinnamon and clove.


You can smell the bay leaves right after the solution dries out on the skin. However, before you go completely crazy about this bay rum, there is one thing that you should know. Unlike the traditional bay rum aftershaves, it does not have any rum in it. It is the SD-40 alcohol that does cause a bit of a burning sensation when applied after shaving. So, for someone who does not know yet, SD-40 is a disinfectant meant for post-shaving nicks, cut, and razor bumps.


Your signature Clubman mast holds a softer fragrance than most of the other renowned bay rum aftershave brands. Honestly, it can be a bit tricky to describe the scent in words. The presence of cinnamon, bay leaves, and clove is a bit obvious. Simultaneously, you can also feel a sweet hint of nutmeg and vanilla in it. The bottom line is of the many bay rum aftershave reviews that we have done here; this one truly smells sensational. The only sad part about this aftershave is that it does not last too long. Of course, it does linger on for four to five hours.


Unfortunately, if you seek the all-purpose best bay rum aftershave, this cannot be the right pick for you. You can use it as an aftershave, but it is not a cologne.


Furthermore, if you have sensitive skin, which allergic to synthetic coloring substances or fragrance, we would recommend you to speak to your dermatologist before using this. If convenient, you can even do a patch test on the skin. So, based on bay rum cologne review, this was all about our third top contender.


Clubman Pinaud Virgin Island$17.95


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Key features

  • Formula of classic spices with the essence of the bay tree
  • Soothes skin and treats post-shaving irritations
  • Leaves behind a refreshing tingle
  • Unique blend of ingredients that helps tone the skin, soothe it, and prevent irritation
  • Has antiseptic properties
  • Offers a pleasant cooling effect while conditioning pores and treating post-shaving blues
  • Infused with essence of bay tree and exotic spices
  • Comes in a 12-oz bottle
  • Made in the US



  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Distinctive scent
  • Instantly cools, tones and refreshes skin
  • Suitable for the most sensitive of skin
  • Timeless ingredients in aromas for men
  • Offers a wonderfully rich, deep scent of dark rum
  • Strong overtones of cloves, cinnamon and spices
  • Gives intoxicating mix of aromatic delights
  • Great to use after shaving to calm skin
  • Cruelty-free




  • Alcohol is too intense for most people’s liking
  • Causes a tingling sensation
  • Wears off after 4-5 hours
  • Does not work as a cologne


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4. Best Variety Bay Rum After Shave: Ogallala Sandalwood

Taking the bay rum aftershave reviews forward, we can say without any ounce of doubt that Ogallala is, hands down, the best thing ever in the bay rum aftershave world. One of the prime reasons for the inclusion of this product in our bay rum cologne review is the phenomenal quality.


Further, the brand is known for their choicest selection of the incredible lineup of run lotions they have, and their Sandalwood one is indeed one of the best smelling that you can find. The good thing about this best bay rum cologne it has a long lingering fragrance. It has five ingredients, which cater to the cooling action and the potent anti-inflammatory properties – Witch hazel, Purified water, Sandalwood fragrance oil, Bay oil, and Alcohol.


It comes in an 8 oz vintage looking bottle. This best bay rum cologne has a very manly but not an overbearing scent. Both the smell and the old-fashioned bottle will take you on a quick trip to the barbershop from the old days. We believe that the makers of this best bay rum cologne simulated the organic scent of bay rum as closely as possible.



However, we would recommend you to be very careful with this Double Strength Ogallala. It narrows down to being too strong, and too overbearing, and while it may cool your skin, it can be quite aggressive for some people’s noses.


In fact, we do not even consider this as an aftershave. It is one of the best bay rum cologne. It is the reason why it is way too intense to be splashed onto the face following a shave. Thus, it should be used sparingly on the pulse points, such as your neck and the wrist


We find the price okay too. It is affordable, neither too high nor too low, compared to the many other options included in our bay rum cologne review. More so, the customer service team of the brand is excellent.


Ogallala Sandalwood$24.50


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Key features

  • Best bay rum cologne with genuine Ogallala bay rum & Sandalwood
  • Ogallala bay rum products have a bold, refreshing fragrance
  • Made in the USA
  • Vintage Label & Original Bottle Design
  • Has a good amount of alcohol in it
  • Results in a powerful burn in your aftershave



  • Strong bay rum clove scent
  • Packaging on this product is exceptional
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Worth the price



  • The scent fades away quickly
  • Screw-top bottle/no dabber
  • Risk of the screw top getting stuck
  • Alcohol dries out the skin
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin type
  • Causes burning sensation


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5. Johns Bay Rum Cologne And Aftershave – The Classic, Traditional, And Original

Let’s talk about the original creator of bay rum aftershaves with the best bay rum scent – St. John’s. The name comes from the island where the laurel trees grow, and in turn, became a vital export in the 1920s.


This classic bottle, along with its fishnet packaging, has been around for many years ever since the Second World War, and this best bay rum cologne does make the St. John’s Bay Rum immediately recognizable to those who know it.


If you ask us the most precise way to describe the St. John formula, our one-word reply to it would be ‘Blank.’ Though it is alcohol-based, the burning it causes is more like a tingling sensation, and it is very flexible to adapt. This best bay rum aftershave is very well-balanced.


The bay rum forms most part of the composition which is adequately mixed with cloves, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and musk to create a pleasant, woody scent. But the problem that we came across in the bay rum aftershave reviews of this product is that it lingers only for a short duration. In some of the bay rum cologne reviews, we even saw the customers complain that it does not last for over a few hours.


St Johns Bay Rum Cologne And Aftershave$75


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Key features

  • Manufactured on Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands in the same hand-crafted manner
  • Warm, rich scent
  • Combines the finest Bay oil from the West Indian Bay tree with natural essences of eucalyptus, cinnamon, cloves and other Caribbean spices
  • Has a spicy, warm, and fresh scent that lingers
  • Packaged with a traditional hand-woven design
  • Looks great on a sink or vanity



  • The traditional laurel scent, the classic that your father and grandfather wore.
  • The iconic bottle, instantly recognizable
  • Subtle odor, excellently mixed, nothing overwhelming
  • Works as an aftershave and cologne.



  • Almost too traditional
  • No provision for hydration
  • Heavy on the wallet


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6. GABELS Bay Rum Aftershave Lotion Review

Next in our bay rum aftershave reviews is an offering by GABELS. The company has been into a family run business and has been in the running since 1932. So, it has perfected the art of yielding top-quality bay rum aftershave lotions from then to now.


We have included this in our bay rum aftershave reviews because this best bay rum cologne is incredibly affordable. It has a very light scent. So, you will have to splash a good quantity of it to achieve the desired effect. More so, in addition to splashing it on your face, you should also spray it on your chest and shoulders.


One of the good things about this best bay rum aftershave is that it has always been at the receiving end of some top ratings and reviews. The only real complaint that we have come across about this product is that it does not last as long as many other aftershaves.


It is the perfect product for men who like classic over trendy scents and seek something that is not overpowering but rather refreshing.


In addition to the aftershave lotion, it is also the best bay rum cologne and works well as the perfume owing to its subtle scent. With this, you get a strong odor to contend with. So, in all, it is an incredible product and is genuinely worth your money.


Being the best bay rum aftershave, it soothes and cools the mess shave wounds, following a shaving routine. In this aftershave, the alcohol content tends to disinfects notches, cuts, and bruises and not cause any burning sensation. So, on the whole, it is a great aftershave and a cologne, but you will have to use a sizeable amount to achieve a bold, long-lasting smell.


GABELS Bay Rum Aftershave Lotion$16.96


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Key features

  • Made with original bay rum oils
  • Old school product
  • Has a distinctive smell
  • Uses SD Alcohol 40, Water, Sucrose Octacetate, FD&C Yellow No.5
  • Makes your skin firm and closes the pores to minimize skin irritation


  • Smells great
  • Soothes skin after usage
  • Disinfects



  • Since the smell is very light, you will have to use a good quantity to achieve the requisite impact
  • SD 40 alcohol that intensifies burning


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7. Gilbert Henry – Modern

Last in this bay rum cologne review is the Gilbert Henry – Modern. It is also one of the best bay rum aftershaves and is a natural solution for redness and razor burns. This aftershave has Aloe Juice, Coconut oil, and Vegetable Glycerine; together they give this aftershave the moisturizing properties. Further, the aftershave also has Witch Hazel, Black Willowbank Extract, and Neem Oil that guard your skin.


It is one of the best bay rum aftershaves, and we quite like it for its longest-lasting scents amongst the several bay rum aftershaves. Furthermore, this aftershave is not greasy, and it accentuates the healing and quickly relieves the post-shave soreness.


A few of the reviewers mentioned in their bay rum cologne review of the Gilbert Henry – Modern, that they find the clove scent quite overpowering. Well, to be honest with you, it is. Thus, the Bay rum aftershaves are meant to be used sparingly. Some users out there even said that this is a bit on the expensive side, but we believe that it is quite worth the price with a scent like this one. On the whole, it is the best bay rum aftershave, which is ideal for bringing out the gentleman in you.


Gilbert Henry$29


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Key features

  • eliminates razor burn and redness
  • Has Aloe Juice, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerine that moisturizes your skin
  • Has Witch Hazel, Black Willowbank Extract and Neem oil to heal and protect the skin
  • Fragrance formula
  • Designed using the techniques of fine perfumery and only the highest quality essential oils
  • Spicy yet smooth, with bright opening notes
  • Sturdy base of Sandalwoods
  • Includes a convenient pump-top
  • One bottle will last for months



  • Having a pump cap is good as first-timers and amateurs will not spill
  • The addition of Neem oil and witch hazel makes it good for the skin
  • Heals notches and cuts
  • The formula contains no synthetic elements
  • Free of parabens and sulfates.
  • Feels light in your hands
  • Is not greasy even for a second or two
  • Eliminates razor burn & redness
  • Spicy yet smooth
  • Uses highest quality essential oils



  • Price is steeper compared to the others in the category


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Things To Look For When Shopping For The Best Bay Rum Aftershave


Back in the day, the original bay rum aftershave used to contain the West India bay leaf extract. This distinguished heavenly scent of the bay rum comes from a peculiar type of bay leaves. Now, the problem is that most of the modern companies today use synthetic chemical for mimicking the fragrance profile of the old and classic version.


Another vital ingredient in bay rum cologne is rum, and to be more particular; it is the Jamaican rum. Again, many of these so called best bay rum aftershaves that you find in the market have today replaced it with SD-40 alcohol or grain alcohol.


We are sharing all of this with you to help you understand how hard it can be for you to look for a close to the authentic product, if not 100 percent authentic. Here, we have come up with a few things that make the best bay rum aftershave. Do watch out for them when you go around shopping for the bay rum aftershave.


Carefully Read Through The Ingredient List

Before you shop for the best bay rum aftershave, you need to scrutinise the label and read through all the bay rum ingredients. First of all, check the label of the Bay leaf oil or extract and the rum. Suppose the manufacturer mentions specifically that the Bay leaves are grown on the Virgin Islands or Caribbean Islands. In that case, you can be assured of getting your hands on the top-quality product.



Natural Vs. Chemical Ingredients

Even though it is okay to have a formula containing mild chemicals, we would sincerely recommend that you keep away from all the chemicals and pick the best bay rum cologne with all-natural ingredients. It becomes all the more critical for someone who has sensitive or irritation-prone skin. With just some effort, you can get your hands on the best bay rum aftershave that is made from the finest quality essential oils, plant extracts, purified water, and alcohol. It is best advised to pick products that have no added parabens or any other aggressive chemical.


Skin Type

In case you have oily skin, you should opt for the best bay rum aftershave that is alcohol-based. It will ensure that the greasy skin dries out. However, if your skin is dry, then the cologne should have very little alcohol content and more of moisturising content such as glycerine.


Seal The Moisture

The thing is, be it SD-40, alcohol, grain alcohol, or rum, all of them will dry and numb your skin. To counter the aggressive impact of alcohol on your skin, you should require the soothing moisturizers such as witch hazel extract, aloe vera, glycerine, and Vitamin C. We believe that moisturizing agents are even more essential, especially if you have dry skin.


The Fragrance

If you shop for the authentic bay rum cologne, it will either have a woodsy scent or smell spicy. Some of the colognes may also have a strong earthy aroma. Typically, there are two kinds of bay rum aftershave fragrances in terms of intensity – One instantly hits your nose like a storm on a hot summer day, and the other will have a pleasant and soft smell, which tends to linger on for hours.


If you opt for the original bay rum aftershave, the aroma is of type 1. However, the effect of this aftershave tends to wear off way too quickly. On the other hand, if you opt for a more modern and a trendier aftershave, the musks are not overpowering. They are thus ideal for someone who likes a mild and a more perfume-like scent.


The Brand and Budget

Reputed ones like that we have included in this list always employ top-notch quality ingredients. It is because when you shop for the best bay rum aftershave, you pick from the brand that has a reputation to maintain.


Better quality ingredients and advance making process may cause the final product that you get to be a bit expensive.


However, this in no way means that you will have to shell out some hundreds of dollars to find yourself the best bay rum aftershave.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. How does the bay rum smell?

Ans. Well, to be honest with you, there can be umpteen possible answers to this question, based on the familiar scents to give you a crisp idea of the bay rum’s scent. Of course the smell will be a mix of bay leaf rum and even clove but we had to describe it more poetically, we’d like to take you back to the older days, the age of your great-grandfather, and even your grandfather – Time for the hectic updates to the second within reach, a time of the cigars and the woolen suits.


Now, take another pause, and think of an ideal father, a perfect man. He will probably be a strong man with a full beard, which has been neatly trimmed, someone who can repair his car all by himself with his bare hands, and absorb all the antics of his children without ever looking. Consider all that he had to bear to become all of that. Now, relate it to bay rum, and imagine that the bay rum is an ingredient that goes into the making of our above-described masculine man.


Ques 2. Can we use the aftershave as a cologne?

Ans. Well, yes, you can use the bay rum as both your aftershave and cologne. Also, in all honesty, fundamentally, there is nothing different between the cologne and aftershave. If you read the labels or observe adverts, you would know that many brands and manufacturers advertise their products as cologne and aftershave. However, it is essential to bear in mind that aftershave is not as strong as a perfume. Thus, they will not last you as long as a perfume would.


Ques 3. Why does an aftershave smell differently in different people?

Ans. You apply the aftershave on your body. Now, when your body is a canvas, it does influence the scent tones on the skin. In reality, the whole thing is a complex interaction of the body chemistry and the make-up of the aftershave that you have just applied. As such, there will not be much of a difference, especially since the aftershave is not as strong as the perfume. However, in all cases, we would recommend you to test it before using it regularly. It helps you be sure about its impact on your skin.


Ques 4. Primarily, what is the difference between a regular post-shave lotion and the bay rum Aftershave lotion?

Ans. Even though both of these products serve more or less a similar purpose, the most incredible difference between the two lies in the ingredients contained in them. Typically, a bay rum aftershave has two key ingredients, the rum and the bay leaf. More so, the regular aftershaves employ the use of a lot more chemicals and are divided into two sub-categories – they are either alcohol-based or water-based. Another thing which segregates the two is the scent. The bay rum aftershaves have a strong smell and are characterized by a spicy, earthy, or woodsy odor.


Bottom Line

We want to conclude by saying that the bay rum aftershaves are a favorite of many men out there. The best bay rum aftershave that you can find in the market are renowned for their masculine scents and their antifungal, antibacterial, and overall therapeutic properties. You may as well be searching for the best bay rum cologne or aftershave, always bear in mind that if you want to pick what’s best for you and your skin, you need to keep in mind the different factors of consideration that we have mentioned above.


Further, before you head out to shop for the ideal aftershave or cologne for yourself, please know what you are allergic to. More so, before investing in any new product, do test it. It would help if you always shopped for the products that suit your skin type.