Top 20 Different Types of Fades and Tapers That Are A Hit

Different types of fades and tapers
When it comes to cool haircuts, the fades and the tapers are excessively popular. Despite a reasonable difference between the two, most people, even professionals, use these terms interchangeably. It is because of a similar resemblance between the two, especially at first glance.


In fades and tapers, the barber styles your hair on the sides and the back of the head. It led to the prominence of the taper fade haircut. It is a clean-cut that neatly blends into the shorter hair at the back and the sides of the head. sides of the head.


It is a versatile cut, and you can effortlessly carry it with different hair lengths and styles. Donning the taper and fade haircut can elevate your personal style and make you look chic.


But, if you speak to a professional, you will know that there are several different types of fades and tapers. So, amongst the wide variety of options, how do you pick the best taper fade haircut?


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To help you make an informed decision, our team did some research and has put together a list of the different kinds of tapers below. Let us get started and address them one by one.


What Is A Taper Fade?

This guide will share the top 20 best taper fade styles. But, before that, you need to understand – What is a Taper fade?


It is a well-blended haircut that tapers down the back and sides of your hair. The taper and fade co-exist, and the hair transitions from long to short. One prime reason for the popularity of this hairstyle is its style factor.


You can carry it with any formal or informal clothing. It is highly low-maintenance, and you have a plethora of options. So, even if you test the different types of fades and tapers, that alone is a lot of variation.


How Many Different Types Of Taper Fades Are There?

How Many Different Types Of Taper Fades Are There

1. Low taper fade haircut

It is an excellent taper fade cut but features little contrast. In this style, the hair fades at the lower level, right above your ears, and curves into the hairline where the hair gets shorter.


For a decent balance, there should be more hair on the top. Men who enjoy a fade style closer to the skin with the scalp visible will find this the right pick.


In this, the hair fades just an inch over the normal hairline. Regardless of how neat or groomed the hairstyle looks, the final appeal is rugged, bold, but highly professional. It is pretty low-maintenance and classy. So, business professionals can pull this off well.


2. Mid/medium taper fade

Naturally, as is evident from the name, this taper and fade style sits between low taper fade and high taper fade. In this style, the hair fades down to the skin at the neckline and sideburns and goes further.


Ideally, the fade commences right at the center of the back and the sides. The definition behind the ear makes it a better taper.


However, from amongst the other fade and taper styles, it is not the boldest, but definitely not bland. Hence, it is a good pick for men who like a balance.


3. High taper fade

Of the different kinds of tapers, the higher taper fade one is pretty trendy and widely preferred amongst men who like short hair with a bold look. Compared to the other different types of fades and tapers, in high taper, the fade commences towards the crown and down the sides.


Naturally, it would mean more attention to the top. So, if you have dense hair, this can be a perfect choice if you seek an edgy and a sleep look. It is also a good pick for men with a broader face. If you team it with the right beard style, this hairstyle can make your face slimmer.


4. Bald taper fade

Also known as the skin fade, in the bald taper and fade, the professional cuts the hair close to the skin. It ends right before the natural hairline. If you do not like styling your hair every day, the bald taper fade can be your go-to pick.your go-to pick.


It looks smart and stylish. To give you a neat bald taper fade, the professional aesthetically blend the hair into the shaved section, giving you a beautiful contrast. Many people get a skin fade while still maintaining the top hair long. the top hair long.


5. Taper fade long curly hair


Completed with a taper fade, the taper fade long curly hair can look spectacular, giving you an incredibly stylish and appealing look. It creates a beautiful contrast, which adds to the visual appeal of the cut. It is the best taper fade haircut for men with naturally curly hair.


6. Classy taper fade


Of the different kinds of tapers, this is perfect if you seek an elegant and classic style but wish to look more in vogue. It is a versatile cut, and you can modify it according to the look you want to achieve.


7. Tapered neckline


In this taper and fade style, there is an included tapered neckline. So, the cut on the neckline accentuates the look of the hair. One of the best things about this hairstyle is that it looks incredibly natural even as it grows out. You can choose from disconnect, design, or classic neckline cuts.


8. Afro taper fade

It is the best taper fade haircut for thick hair. If you have curly black hair, this can be a suitable choice. In this, the barber will leave an arc of hair behind your ear. There are variations in this style.


It can be higher or lower and goes higher to the neckline and temple or eliminates merely the sideburn.


9. Faux Hawk Top

Of the different types of fades and tapers, it is typically the first haircut that most men prefer pairing with the taper fade. It needs longer hair on the crest, and the side hair should have tapers.


10. Tapered buzz cut

In the taper and fade haircut, there is no limit to experiments. Men can experiment with the different lengths. So, if you would like to compliment your buzz cut with tapers, it can be a bold style statement.


In the classic buzz, there is short hair all around. You can team the tapered buzz cut with a low, mid, or high tapered fade.


11. Comb over fade

It is the best taper fade haircut to give you a classy and trendy look. You can pull this cut in a variety of looks and styles. Typically, the low, mid, or high taper fade will all look great with this style.


You can also shorten the hair further if you need a skin fade comb-over or an undercut fade comb-over.


12. Caesar tapered fade

This taper and fade style has been around for a long. In fact, it is one of the most archaic cuts for men who love short hair. In the Caesar cut, your hair is taken to the front and cut into short, blunt fringes that fall on the hairline. It is a timeless haircut type and is best suited for men with curly hair.


13. Choppy tapered fade

There are several different types of fades and tapers for men with thick hair, but the choppy tapered fade is indeed one of the most popular. This haircut screams sophistication and adds an edgy appeal to your personality. You can decide between short choppy or long choppy.


14. Asymmetrical Taper Fade

It is the best taper fade haircut and is more trendy amongst women than men. So, if you are one of those women who like to keep their hair short but do not necessarily want the hair to be too close to the skin, it can be the best pick.


The asymmetrical taper fade is a sleek haircut. Men, too, can experiment with this style. It leaves you with nice mid-length hair with decent taper fade.


15. Curly taper fade

If you love your curls, but they do not love you back so much, you can opt for the curly taper fade. These can help manage your unruly hair and give you a stylish and effortless look.


This taper and fade haircut will have a short haircut on the top, back, and sides. Hence, the overall hairstyle would be trendy and chic. Thanks to this haircut, your curls would be more manageable and easy to style. You can opt from high, low, or mid-fade.


16. Spikey taper fade

It is one of the top celeb-favorite hairstyles. Also, you might have seen several footballers spotting this style. The look speaks of an edgy, bold attitude. It is one of the more masculine fades that help give your face a sharper look. You can opt for this hairstyle if you have a big haircut or a V-shaped hair growth.


17. Taper fade slick back

It is the best taper fade haircut for men who like the retro style. However, adding taper fades to it adds to the contemporary appeal of the cut. It is one style that gives you a natural aesthetic appeal, bold enough to make a style statement.


The best part about this taper and fade hairstyle is that it goes well with all hair lengths and types. However, it is more popular amongst men with short hair.


18. Blowout taper fade

Also known as the temple fade or the Brooklyn fade, this style will clean up the hairline and give you a sharp look. It is a low-maintenance haircut. You can opt for a blowout style on the top, paired with a low fade on the back and sides. Some men also opt for a line along with the temples and forehead. It adds to the bold appeal of the style.


19. Mohawk taper fade

Regardless of where you are going, do you wish to be the center of attention? If yes, the mohawk taper fade can be your go-to choice. It is a timeless and cool hairstyle, which is bold and punk. In the mohawk, you fully shave the sides.


20. Layered taper fade

If you wish to add dimension and depth to your long hair on the crown region, consider adding layers to your hair. This taper and fade cut can give your hair a much fuller look. It adds a wavy, curly appeal to the hair.


So, these are the top 20 different kinds of tapers. The list is endless. So, we preferred listing the bold styles that men are most likely to pick.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. What is a tapered haircut called?

Ans. Some people, even professionals, refer to the tapered haircut as fade.

Ques 2. What is a skin taper?

Ans. Quite similar to the skin fade, in skin taper, the barber will ensure that the sides are not faded higher than the temple region. Further, the back also is not faded higher than the occipital bone.


Ques 3. How long does a fade last?

Ans. You can easily get a good two weeks from any of your chosen fade styles.


Ques 4. How do I ask my barber to fade?

Ans. There are several kinds of fade. So, it is best to research online and carry the particular picture fade you need. Show the barber the same picture, and instruct him to give you the exact same look.


Ques 5. Does a fade look good on everyone?

Ans. Fades are in vogue. So, yes, they will look good on you, provided you understand your hair volume and face shape to find the best fade type for yourself.


Ques 6. Are tapers and fades the same?

Ans. No, taper and fade are not the same. In taper, the hair gradually transitions from one length to the other. On the other hand, fade is more like a shorter tape, where you will see the hair gradually fading or effortlessly blending into the skin.


Both are equally popular and versatile. But, when deciding, consider your face shape and the typical haircuts that suit you. People who need a safer choice can go for a taper haircut. But, if you need something more edgy and bold, opt for the fade cut.