Braun 5 Vs 7 Vs 9: Is It Worth Upgrading?

Braun 5 Vs 7 Vs 9

Braun, a German-based company, in a true sense, is a market leader when it comes to razors and electric shavers. Over the past many, many years, they have released exceptional razors. Most of them can meet the demands of all kinds of customers, regardless of their requirements, expectations, and budget.


Back in the day, Braun entered the market with their Series 3. However, over time, they have launched newer series, with tons of options to select from – Series 5, Series 7, and Series 9, which is the latest.


Since Series 3 is quite old and newer launches have come in place, in this article, we will focus more specifically on the last three series and try to compare Braun series 5 vs 7 vs 9. So, let us get started and address Braun 5 vs 7 vs 9 differences.



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Braun Series 5 Vs 7 Vs 9 Features Comparison Table

Disclaimer* We have compared here the 5, 7, and 9 series in a broader sense. However, there might be some exceptions in terms of features or performance in a few specific models from different series.


Feature Series 5 Series 7 Series 9
Image Braun Series 5 Braun Series 7 Braun Series 9
Can Be Used In Both Sink And Shower Yes Yes Yes
LED Indicator Yes Yes Yes
Element Settings Three Elements Four Elements Five Elements
Blades Three Flexible Blades Three Blades Four Blades
Wet And Dry Shave Yes Yes Yes
Motor Auto-Sensing Technology Auto-Sensing And Sonic Technology Auto-Sensing And Sonic Technology
Contouring Eight Direction Comfort Eight Direction Comfort Ten Direction Comfort
Cutting Action 24000 Cutting Actions/Min 30000 Cutting Actions/Min 40000 Cutting Actions/Min
Clean And Charge Station Yes – Equipped Four Action – Can Clean, Lubricate, Dry, And Charge Yes – Equipped Four Action – Can Clean, Lubricate, Dry, And Charge Yes – Equipped Five Action – Can Clean, Lubricate, Dry, Removes Hair, And Charge
Skin Guard No Yes Yes
Battery Li Battery Lasts Up To 3 Weeks (+ 5 Min Quick Charge Option) Li Battery Gives Up To 50 Min Cordless Shave Time 20% Long-Lasting Li Battery Lasts Up To 1 Month
Turbo/Sensitive Mode No Yes No
Design Soft Slip, Easy Grip Design Slightly Bulkier Than Series 5 Modern Design
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price


Key Differences Between Braun Series 5, 7 and 9

Closeness and Performance

Braun Series 5: As for the closeness of a shave, Series 5 does an okay job. We would be lying if we say that the razor offers the closest shave at this price range, but that is not to say that it does not do justice.


For the price you pay, you can expect great results. In our opinion, if we compare Braun series 5 vs series 7, we would say, in terms of shaving closeness, the two are more or less at par with each other. However, while comparing Braun series 5 vs series 7 we noted that the former lacks some key features that you may want in your razors, such as micro-pulsations technology or exponential sensitivity.


Braun Series 7: The primary reason for the popularity of series 7 could be attributed to its phenomenal shaving performance and the closeness of the shave. Thanks to its sharp and precise blades, and exquisitely engineered middle trimmer, Series 7, truly is a better pick than the former. With this, you can indeed expect a super smooth and a close shave.


Braun Series 9: The difference between Braun series 7 and 9 in terms of the shaving experience is more or less negligible, but if you compare Braun 5 vs 7 vs 9, then naturally, with Series 9, the results are better. Moreover, the amount of pressure and power you exert with Series 9 is minimum.


Hence, our conclusion on this aspect is clear with regards to Braun 5 vs 7 vs 9. Series 9 truly is a bit torquier and performs quicker. However, the difference in results is very negligible.


Shaving Comfort

Braun Series 5: As we have established, Series 5 does not offer the most top-notch closeness, but that’s not to say that it runs short in comfort too. You may have to exert more pressure compared to the other two, but at no point in time does it feel uncomfortable.


More so, even if you carry out a long shaving session, it would not unnecessarily heat the shaver’s head. Another remarkable aspect of the shavers in this series is that they are pretty forgiving. So, itching and irritation are off the table.


Braun Series 7: Following the launch of Series 7, the razors from this range got the status of the most comfortable shaving razor range of the time. It did not take a lot of time to establish itself as one of the most comfortable shavers for people with sensitive skin. It is equipped with micro-pulsations.


Consequently, the shaving experience is a lot gentler. Further, when we compared Braun series 5 vs series 7, we noted that similar to Series 5, this, too, does not heat up easily. Further, as the shaver feels pretty sensitive on the skin, you can shave it in high-intensity settings, and it would still feel just as good.


Braun Series 9: It can be said that comparing the difference between Braun series 5 and 7 and the difference between Braun series 7 and 9, the Series 9 is better in terms of comfort.


Now, when we analyzed the Braun series 7 vs series 9, we noted that the speed settings present in the former were missing in Series 9. Despite this, there was a notable improvement in terms of comfort. This led us to question, were the high-intensity settings all phony?


Further, the Series 9 shaver also has an Avant-Garde shaving head. So, the comfort it brings in is truly unprecedented. Another notable thing in Braun series 5 vs 7 vs 9 is that, in this, too, you will not see the body getting hot after a shaving routine.


Even shavers with sensitive skin will appreciate all offerings from Series 9. Further, comparing the exertion requirement in Braun series 9 vs series 5, we can conveniently conclude that you can get a comfortable, smooth shave despite exerting a lot of pressure. Also, the number of passes required in Series 9 is the minimum amongst Braun series 5 vs 7 vs 9.


So, in this aspect of the Braun 5 vs 7 vs 9, the Series 9 does stand out. However, the difference between Braun series 7 vs series 9 is not massive, but the difference in Braun series 9 vs series 5 is indeed noticeable.



Braun Series 5: When we compared Braun series 5 vs series 7, we concluded that both of these shavers have a similar motor. Of course, the two do not sound the same, but functionality is quite alike. The latter’s motor is more high-end, while the former can feel a bit noisy. But, in terms of speed, though not a massive difference, but the Series 7 does seem better. Series 5 shaver employs 24000 cutting actions per min.


Braun Series 7: The movement of the shaving head and the cutting elements is both fast and smooth in Series 7 with around 30000 cutting actions per minute.  More so, as it shaves pretty close to the skin, the passes required are fewer. Hence, they give you a quicker shave. The shaving foilers in this Series do assure a quicker shave around the contours.


Braun Series 9: When we spoke about Braun series 7 vs series 9 shaving comfort, we noted only a slight difference between the two. However, when it comes to promptness, we do have a clear winner in Series 9 shavers with 40000 cross-cutting actions per minute. The cutting power and promptness of Series 9 are unparalleled.


If you test the functioning, you will note that Series 9 is nothing but an upgrade from the Series 7, with better torque and greater cutting accessories. With Series 9, you can conveniently shave a 3-4 day beard quickly. Hence, if you need a quick shave, you better opt for Series 9.


So, overall, on comparing Braun series 5 vs 7 vs 9, we concluded that Series 5 works better on smaller hair, Series 7 can tackle longer hair, but Series 9 outperforms them both.



Series 5: The color scheme of this series is a combination of black and blue. The handles have an ergonomic grip to make the shaving experience effortless.


Series 7: As far as the quality and construction go, Series 7, too, has done a brilliant job. If we compare Braun series 7 vs series 9, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that, in terms of looks and aesthetics, Series 7 is a little blander compared to Series 9, which is relatively flashy.


However, some models in the Series have a vibrant appeal, but most of them come with plastic engineering and matt body. Though the body is plastic, the shaver is still durable and feels solid. Like the Series 5, this, too, has rubberized ends, which gives you a tighter hold.


Series 9: When it comes to the construction quality of Braun 5 vs 7 vs 9, we cannot regard anyone as a standout winner. Though there are many upgrades in Series 9, not much has been done about the built quality. The body is quite similar to Series 7 and 5, and all of them have a plastic body. However, in Series 9, you can find both matt and glossy models, though there is a dominance of the latter.


Honestly, we do not see a problem with the plastic body, but the problem is there is a clear distinction in the price, so it would have been better if, in the Braun series 5 vs 7 vs 9, at least the 9th series had a premium finish.


As for the bulk, the 9 model is slightly bigger. However, that does not hamper its ergonomics, and it still feels light in the palm. A common element in Braun series 5 vs 7 vs 9 is their rubberized side grip,


which makes it quite comfortable to hold.


So, understanding the difference between Braun series 5 and 7 and 9, we can conclude that Series 5 and 7 are more beginner-oriented, whereas Series 9 has a learning curve, and you need some time to get accustomed to it.


Positioning and Head

Series 5: In Series 5, the trimmer is centered on the back. So, when you tackle the inaccessible areas, such as the sideburns or the contours, this one does a decent job. However, we would have appreciated it better if it had a straight edge instead of a curved profile. The problem with a curved profile is that you have to tilt it when you need to cover the contours.


Series 7: The Series 7 is nestled on the front and is located 90 degrees to the shaver. It is decently broad. However, like the previous one, this, too, has a curved edge, which does not work well in its favor. Also, to get maximum precision and a sharp cut, you have to hold it quite close to the skin.


Series 9: In series 9, the trimmer starts from the rear and only lightly passes the shaving head. This also is narrow, but a curved head can be a problem.


Overall, in Braun 5 vs 7 vs 9, we can conclude that the same problem exists in all three of them. However, the good thing in Series 7 and 9 is that they are narrow, unlike Series 5.



Series 5: Series 5 models are waterproof. So, you can use them in the shower.


Series 7: The models are waterproof and work well in both sink and shower. You can also use foam and gel for shaving.


Series 9: Like Series 5 and 7, this is also waterproof and can be used to shave in the sink and shower. You can use foam and gel for shaving with this shaver.


Flax heads, Skin guard, and Elements

Series 5: Series 5 models have eight direction comfort flax heads. It comes with three elements, but a skin guard is absent.


Series 7: Series 5 models also have eight-direction comfort flax heads. It comes with four elements, and a skin guard is present.


Series 9: Series 5 models have ten direction comfort flax heads. It comes with five elements, and a skin guard is present.


What are The Similarities Between Braun Series 5, 7 And 9?

Now that we have seen the Braun 5 vs 7 vs 9 differences, let us now address a few common similarities between these three models. Let us address them one by one.


  1. Wet and dry shave – All three of them have several models that allow wet and dry shaving.
  2. LED display – All these 3 series have a LED display.
  3. Clean and charge station – All three series have clean and charge stations. As there is always an exception, in Series 5 you don’t get a charging station with 5018s. However, in Series 3 and 5, they perform three actions: cleaning, lubricating, charging, and drying. On the other hand, in Series 9, they perform an additional hair removing function.
  4. Motor – All three of them have auto-sensing technology run the motor. However, the series 7 and 9 motors are equipped with sonic technology that is capable of capturing more hair per stroke.
  5. Cordless use –  All three series have models that support cordless use.
  6. Lithium-Ion battery – All three series are equipped with a Lithium-ion battery, and they have an excellent runtime of 45-60 minutes, depending on your chosen model.
  7. Replacement parts availability – You can easily find the replacement parts, and they are very reasonably priced.
  8. Rubberized grip – All three of them come with a rubberized grip, making them comfortable to hold.


Braun Series 5 Overview

Braun 5050cs Braun 5145s Braun 5018s
Braun 5050cs Braun 5145s Braun 5018s
Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon


After we have established the Braun series 5 vs 7 vs 9 differences and similarities, we will individually discuss the general features, pros, and cons of the three series.


Key features

  1. Three-blade shaving system
  2. Flexing shaving head
  3. Multi-headlock
  4. Blue-Black color tone shaver body
  5. Automatic charging and cleaning station
  6. Corded and cordless use possible
  7. Included accessories – Automatic cleaning & charging station, One cleaning cartridge, Charging cord, Cleaning brush, Hard travel case, and an instruction manual
  8. Li-Ion battery
  9. LED display with five bars that show charge status



  • Exceptional performance at a pocket-friendly price
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Can be used even when on charge
  • Durable with robust build quality
  • Perfect for people with sensitive skin
  • Waterproof
  • Replacement parts affordable
  • Comes with a travel case



  • Vibrations may feel quite loud
  • Cleaning manually is a task
  • Not all the models in series 5 come with a cleaning station
  • Does not work very well on the long hair
  • Better razors available at this price point


Top Picks From Series 5

  1. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 5 5050cs
  2. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 5 5145s
  3. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 5 5018s


Braun Series 7 Overview

Braun 7893s Braun 7865cc Braun 7075cc
Braun 7893s Braun 7865cc Braun 7075cc
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Taking Braun 5 vs 7 vs 9 review further, let us address some key features, pros, and cons of Series 7.


Key features

  • Employs AutoSense Technology to understand hair thickness
  • 360° Flex eight-directional shaving head
  • Li-ion battery
  • 50-minutes battery life
  • Self-cleaning abilities
  • Replacement parts easily available
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Models like 7864cc have advanced turbo/sensitive mode



  • Works wonderfully across the contours
  • Wet and dry shaving available
  • Waterproof
  • Slide-out trimmer
  • Ergonomic design



  • Other models in this price range have more upgraded features
  • Looks bland


Top Picks From Series 7

  1. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7 7893s
  2. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7 7865cc
  3. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7 7075cc



Braun Series 9 Overview

Braun 9291cc Braun 9390cc Braun 9330cc
Braun 9291cc Braun 9390cc Braun 9330cc
Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon


Key features

  • 4+1 Pro Head
  • Cutting head consists of five separate parts
  • 100% waterproof
  • Travel-lock function available
  • Some models have titanium blades, some have stainless steel
  • 10-directional motion in the head,
  • Rust-proof
  • Syncro Sonic technology that employs 40,000 cross-cutting motions per minute
  • LED display has a battery life indicator



  • Aesthetically appealing
  • 20% more battery life than previous models
  • 5-minute quick charge
  • Inexpensive Clean and Renew Refill cartridges
  • Five-part blade, 10-directional movement assures a seamless cleaning experience
  • Works fine on thick and coarse hair



  • Expensive


Top Picks From Series 9

1. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9 9291cc
2. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9 9390cc
3. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9 9330s


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. Which is better, Braun Series 5 or 7?

Ans. Amongst Series 5 and 7, the better pick would depend on your expectations from the razor.


You can opt for Series 5, if:


  1. You want an excellent shaver without having to spend a lot.
  2. The vibrations during the shave do not bother you
  3. Your skin is not very sensitive


You can opt for Series 7, if


  1. You aspire for a relatively more refined shave
  2. Budget is not a constraint
  3. Your skin is irritation-prone and very sensitive
  4. Your hair grows in multiple different directions


Ques 2. Which is better, Braun Series 7 or 9?

Ans. Both of these shavers are quite alike. So, what you select out of the two, depends on what you seek from your razor.


You can opt for Series 9, if:


  1. You desire the best in terms of comfort, and budget is not an issue.
  2. You have an irritation-prone and a sensitive skin
  3. You want something that can double as a head shaver
  4. You have long and dense hair
  5. You desire an electric razor that shaves fast
  6. You do not shave regularly
  7. Your hair grows in different directions


You can opt for Series 7, if:


  1. You do not want to compromise on comfort and performance, and budget is a constraint
  2. You have moderate to thick hair
  3. You shave every 2 or 3 days
  4. Intend to get a cleaning station later on.


Ques 3. Is Braun better than Philips?

Ans. Both of them are equally successful and prevalent brands that have a good market reputation. Every brands have different offerings, while Braun offers foil shaver, Philips shavers work on a rotatory head. Foil shavers are said to give you a closer shave but rotating heads work without causing any irritation. So, your choice should be more dependent on the model’s features, pros, and cons than the brand, as both brands are just as good.


Ques 4. Is Braun Series 5 any good?

Ans. Yes, Braun Series 5 is also a great series from the brand. Some of the best picks in the Series 5 are:


  1. Braun Series 5 – 5018s
  2. Braun Series 5 – 5195cc
  3. Braun Series 5 – 5090cc
  4. Braun Series 5 – 5030s
  5. Braun Series 5 – 5190cc


Ques 5. Is Braun Series 9 the best shaver?

Ans. Yes, the Braun Series 9 offer some of the best shavers. So, if budget is not a constraint, you can certainly select from this range.



In this comparison review above, we have compared Braun series 9 vs series 5 vs series 7. Based on the review, we have laid out the positives and negatives of all three of them. So list your requirements, match them with the available pros and cons, and then make your selection.


Please know that even though the difference between Braun series 9 vs series 5 is significant, the difference between Braun series 9 vs 7 is relatively negligible. So, if you do not want to splurge, you can get Series 7 at a somewhat better price tag.


Nonetheless, all three of them do a brilliant job at giving you a smooth and close shave. So, go ahead, and make your selection. That’s all from us on the review of these three impeccable series. You can also read our other comparative reviews like Wahl 9818 vs 9864 and Philips Norelco 4100 vs 4500 and pick the best item for yourself.