20 Best Men’s Chin Strap Facial Hair Types

Different types of chin strap beards
Not every man is a fan of a full face of hair. For such men, there is the chin strap beard. Of course, it is not one of the most popular facial hairstyles, but it is perfect for someone who seeks a simple way to style their facial hair.


This beard style can let you enjoy the masculinity of the beard without having to commit to bushy and big whiskers. There are several different chin strap styles. Given the available men’s chin strap beard styles, you can find one to suit your personality.


This style works for all facial types. So, with this beard styling trend, you can groom your hair in several ways. This guide will help you with tips to style your chin strap beard.


Following this, we will discuss the top twenty best chin strap beards. From the below-listed options, it shall be easier to pick the best chin strap facial hair style.


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How To Style Your Chin Strap Beard?

Before discussing the chin strap styles, you need to understand the correct technique to style the chin strap beard. Follow the steps below to get started:


Step 1 – Grow your beard

Regardless of your preferred chin strap beard style, the first step is growing your beard to about two cm. Anything over two cm will not work as you need a well-defined edge.


Also, while the beard grows, keep in mind that there is no gap between the sideburns and the beard. It is best to keep the beard as close to two cm as possible as it gives the beard more prominence.


Step 2 – Start trimming

Take your beard trimmer and annex the one to ten mm comb. After this, select the beard length as you like. To style your chin strap facial hair, you can opt for anything between the stubble length to ten mm. After selection, you can start trimming to the desired length.


Step 3 – Start defining

After trimming the beard hair, you need to start defining it. Take the beard comb off, and work on your beard and mustache for definition.


For men’s chin strap beard styles, you need to trim the hair outside the boundary of the chin. Next, you need to slowly define the chin beard with neat and careful strokes, leaving the beard straight and thin.


Always begin with a thicker line and then progress to achieve the requisite shape. Check the mirror. The idea is to ensure that the width is symmetrical. So, alternate between the sides for precision.


Step 4 – Clean shave

Once you have defined the lines, you need to shave the rest of the face. It can help bring all the attention to the chin strap facial hair. So, while you use the shaving cream or foam, maintain a safe distance from your chin strap hair.


Step 5 – Moisturize

There are different types of chin strap beards. Irrespective of your chosen style, it would need care and attention, much more than other beard styles. So, regularly trim the hair to keep it manageable.


Your chin strap beard styles must be precise, neat, and well-designed. Hence, you need to shave every two to three days.


Chin Strap Beard Types & Styles

Here is a list of the top 20 best chin strap beards. Let us address these different chin strap styles one by one.


1. Goatee And Chin Strap

Goatee And Chin Strap
In individuality, a goatee is one of the most common styles. However, combining the chin strap and goatee by merely growing a mustache and trimming it to frame your mouth is indeed very contemporary. It can elevate your beard style.


2. Patchy Chin Strap

Patchy Chin Strap
At times your hair might be here and there. If that is the case, the patchy chin strap is one of the most suitable men’s chin strap beard styles.


Since this style leaves a lot more hair around the neck, it creates an illusion of fullness. But, in actuality, it is just a thin hair strip along the chin and the jawline.


Hence, thickness is immaterial here. However, if you opt for this style, ensure that it is neat and well-maintained.


3. Chin Strap Beard Thic

Ideally, there are two ways to style the thick chin strap beard. You either team it with a thin or a thick mustache.


A. Thick Beard With A Thick Connected Mustache

Thick Beard With A Thick Connected Mustache
Naturally, if you aspire to give an impressive look, a thick beard with a thick connected mustache should be your preference.


In this style, the hair travels from the jawline on either side to the other, passing through the chin. Your sideburns will be well-connected to the jawline on both sides and are long and thick.


B. Thick Beard Strap With A Thin Disconnected Mustache

Thick Beard Strap With A Thin Disconnected Mustache
Alternatively, you can also opt for a thick beard strap with a thin disconnected mustache. Herein, the hair passes from the right jawline to the left. The sideburns are long and trimmed. They attach to the beard on both sides, but the mustache is disconnected and thin.


4. Pencil Thin Chin Strap

Pencil Thin Chin Strap
If you do not like beard hair too much, but do not wish to go bare, this is the style for you. There are different types of chin strap beards, but in the pencil-thin one, you adorn the lightest beard. Herein, the chin strap commences at the jawline on either side and travels through the chin to the other end. It appears as if the strap is hand-drawn with a pencil. Hence, the name.


5. Thin Chin Strap Beard Styles

Thin Chin Strap Beard
Some men are not genetically lucky with the beard. Hence, they fail to grow a dense beard. For them, too, there are different chin strap styles. The thin chin strap style is one of them. So, if you have just a narrow strip around the jawline, it would do good for this beard style.


6. Mustache With Chin Strap

Mustache With Chin Strap
Some men find a chin strap with a mustache one of the best chin strap beards. It is a great way to put your smile to the forefront.


7. Ginger Chin Strap

Ginger Chin Strap
It is a fascinating combination of clean-shaven cheeks, a circle beard, and a thick facial strap around the jawline. There are different types of chin strap beards, but this one is truly one of the most distinctive ones that truly stand out. It is easy to maintain and suits every face shape.


8. Amish Chin Strap Beard

Amish Chin Strap Beard
Also known as the Amish beard, this is one of the trendiest men’s chin strap beard styles that people regard as a spiritual facial hairstyle and symbolic of religious beliefs.


In this style, there is no mustache, and the beard is often unruly. Men who go for Amish Chin strap shave the cheek line, and the rest of the beard grows naturally, untamed.


9. Chin Strap No Mustache

Chin Strap No Mustache
It is the perfect chin strap facial hair when you want a chin beard-alone look face. So, there is no mustache and a small strap patch that connects to the chin. It is easy to style and achieve and needs minimum maintenance.


10. Wide Chin Strap Beard

Wide Chin Strap Beard
It is one of the best chin strap beards for men who find bigger better. Bearing in mind the face’s shape, you can trim the chin strap to give it a classic broader look.


In this style, the hair extends to the cheekbones but follows the contours of the face. One fun fact about this style is that it visually seems like a full beard, but it is not so.


Plus, it needs very little maintenance. To achieve the look, trim the edges and shave off whatever is extra. Team it up with a fade on the lines. If you need a rugged look, stubble can be complementary.


11. Hipster Chin Strap Beard

Hipster Chin Strap Beard
A bit of scruff is what indeed looks very good. It is the prime reason for the popularity of the men’s chin strap beard styles. It is a unique style with relatively more hair in the cheek’s hollows and some scruff below the neckline.


12. Beardstache With Chin Strap

Beardstache With Chin Strap
This chin strap facial hair has a long mustache than the beard. Hence, the stache is the primary feature of facial hair. You can team it with the chin strap beard as the disconnect between the mustache and beard stands out. The chin strap frames the face and elevates the jawline. It is an incredible combination.


13. Dense Chin Strap Beard

Dense Chin Strap Beard
It is an excellent example of a rugged beard style. In this style, the mustache is shorter, so the entire attention goes to the jaw and the chin.


14. Professional Chin Strap

Professional Chin Strap
It is exemplary of growing a perfect chin strap. You will need a professional barber’s assistance for this chin strap style. It depicts the proper use of a trimmer.


15. Black Chin Strap Beard

Black Chin Strap Beard
Chinstrap looks stylish on black men. Their hair structure makes it one of the best chin strap beards. It gives them a good texture appeal. So, a black chin strap beard makes it easier to achieve the desired look.


16. Isolated Chin Strap

Isolated Chin Strap
Do you need a beard style that makes all heads turn in your direction? If yes, the isolated chin strap beard is best suited for you. Further, who does not like attention? With this style, you will have all the attention on you. However, this style will need regular upkeep as you cannot have an outgrown chin scruff.


17. No Bridge Chin Strap Beard

No Bridge Chin Strap Beard
Some men do not like adhering to the rules. Instead, they wish to make their own rules. For this, this detached or the no bridge chin strap facial hair style is perfect. You have neatly shaved sideburns that create a gradient between the low fade hair and beard, which commences at the jawline angle.


18. Cruffy Chin Strap

Cruffy Chin Strap
People with a cavalier approach to life would love the Cruffy Chin Strap. It is an easy and casual style that is less centered on definition and shape.


In this chin strap, you can allow the beard to grow at its pace, and when the length grows, you can trim the neckline, cheeks, and upper lips. But, please know, there is a big difference between derelict and messy.


To maintain this style, run the trimmer once every two to three weeks, and balance it with a tidy hairstyle to look well-maintained.


19. Angled Chin Strap

Angled Chin Strap
In chin strap beards, angles have a vital role to play. Naturally, the sharper the angles, the better it is. So, do not be afraid to include angles. It is suitable for men who wish to highlight their hunky jawline.


20. Sparse Pencil Chin Strap

Sparse Pencil Chin Strap
People who do not have a dense growth can opt for the sparse pencil chin strap. However, please be careful as this is not one of the versatile chin strap beard styles.


So, it would not look good on everyone. Ideally, there is not much to flaunt in the sparse pencil chin strap. So, it is best to grow out a little bit to conceal the sparseness.


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Chin Strap Facial Hair: FAQs

Q. Is a chinstrap beard attractive?

A. Of course, it is an attractive beard style, but much depends on your chosen beard style. Hence, we recommend always opting for the versatile options that make you look modern, chic, and masculine. Further, it should accentuate your facial features.


Q. Why do people have chin strap beards?

A. Chinstrap beard is suitable for people who do not wish to commit to full-face hair. So, it is best for men with powerful facial features. The chin strap beard is a masculine style and is flexible in shape, length, and thickness.


Q. Who wears a Chin Strap beard?

A. Anyone who likes to keep it stylish and trendy can wear this style. It is popular amongst actors and rappers.


Q. What is the best way to get a Chin Strap beard?

A. To get a chin strap beard, grow the facial hair to the same length. Further, trim the hair, and define the beard style. You have different chin strap styles, so research more on them to find one that best fits you.


Give gentle strokes to achieve the required style. You can also use a precision trimmer to sharpen the appearance.


Q. Should your beard follow your jawline?

A. Of course, the beard must follow the jawline, but it should not look forced. So, do not contour too much. You need hair on both sides of the jawline.


Q. How do you shape a Chin Strap beard?

A. Firstly, highlight the jawline, and start cutting the beard until your jawline commences. Never go below the jawline as the chin strap beard would not look very defined. Please know that different chin strap beards have diverse shaping methods. So, shape accordingly.



The chin strap facial hair have truly stood the test of time. Hence, they are definitely here to stay. Actors, rappers, and dancers adorn them with pride. So, if they can confidently wear them, what stops you?