Best Beard Cut Styles and Trims For 2022

Different types of beard cuts
A decade or so ago, when different types of beard cuts were gaining popularity. People thought it was only a passing trend. During the earlier day, people didn’t start growing a beard as a fashion statement.


More so, the attitude of onlookers, especially women, towards facial hair was highly negative, and it was disdained. As we see now, the times have changed.


Today, people like experimenting with several types of facial hair cuts to accentuate their physical appeal. So, what once used to be Indie and niche is now contemporary, well-proven by the constant rise.


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Today following the trend and having the best beard cut style is considered a part of a man’s masculinity and style. Men even try out the different types of beard trims to hide their minor facial flaws.


Some even like growing out their beard to prevent pimples, boost their self-confidence, avoid facial tanning, and block the harmful UV rays.


This guide will discuss beard for men trending this season. Let us get started and address them one by one. But, before that, there is another vital question discussed below.


How Many Different Beard Styles Are There?

Let us first tell you, how many types of facial hair cuts exist. No one number can be given to it because there is an umpteen number of styles.


More so, some existing trends also give birth to newer ones. So, every few months, fresher trends are in vogue. But the primary styles of different types of beard cuts always remain in.


Below, we will discuss some of the best beard cut styles. Now, let us address them one by one.


Multiple Styles You Can Have With Different Type Of Beard Trims

Multiple Styles You Can Have With Different Type Of Beard Trims

1. Full beard

Also known as the long beard, the full beard is one of the most unconventional beard cut. Many people see it as a sign of patience and perseverance as it takes many years for the beard to grow to its maximum length.


Primarily, anytime the beard crosses the six-inch length, it is the full beard. Some hairstylists suggest that it takes almost a year of no-shave for the beard to grow to six inches.


Even though some people like growing out their beard length, experts and pros do not regard it as a healthy trend. Naturally, long hair is challenging to handle the split ends and breakage. But, it surely does not hurt to try.


2. Stubble: Short, Medium, Long

Of the different types of beard trims, stubble is invariably the most popular. It is between a short beard and a clean shave and is beautiful, easy to maintain, straightforward to grow, and incredibly flattering.


Typically, most people who desire to have a long beard settle for stubble. Why? Because the former requires enormous willpower, whereas the stubble takes only a few days to grow.


So, as they check themselves in the mirror, they find the stubble look alluring. Hence, they usually settle for it. A study even shows women like men with stubble over any other beard. So, why not make the most of it?


3. Short Beard

While stubbed is rugged, the short beard is often very well-maintained. It is ideal for men who are not ambitious enough to grow a long, full-length beard. Short beards have minimal length outwards, and in this length, you often shave closer to the chin and cheeks.


In all honesty, the growth period of this best beard cut style is relatively similar to the full-length beard. But, they need more maintenance and effort. However, you will have enough substance and density in three months.


Following this, you can style and shape it as you like. Corporate professionals who are allowed a beard usually opt for this beard style.


4. Scratches

It is what you think it is, and it seems as if the cat attacked the man with two claws.


5. Slash Up

There is not much difference between slash-up and scratches beard style. In the slash-up type of beard trims, you will see a slash commencing from the hair and continuing in the facial hair. You can decide the length, shape, and placement as you like


6. French Fork

Amongst the different types of beard cuts, this one is quite unconventional. This beard style is typically long, but not for everyone. You must be bold enough to pull it off.


As is clear from the name, this style has a fork-like appearance, meaning the beard hair splits into two from the middle with two prongs. You can have different lengths in this style.


Further, you can maintain these types of facial hair cuts to look neater or leave it to give a rugged appearance. There is no definition in the final look.


7. Dutch Type

It is one of the best beard cut styles, but is not very widely seen. Like the full beard, it is also long but is well-defined and usually pointy towards the end. The Dutch beard exits sans mustache.


8. Fade Types: Low Fade, Temple Fade

There are different types of beard trims, but the fade is one of the most popular, especially among the people of color. Primarily, the fading takes place in two spots – the cheek or the face and the sideburn.


It needs a tapered fade haircut and the beard blends into the hair. The fade is a balanced style with a contemporary vibe. You can either opt for a temple fade or a low fade according to your haircut and head shape.


For the latter, you maintain one length for the beard. Then, taper the hair around the sideburns. The face side is clean, and it fades toward the jawline. Temple fade has a small but precise fade between the hair and the temple.


9. Winter Beard

Usually, these type of beard trims is common in colder regions. Here, you keep your hair long to shield your face and keep it warm.


10. Goatee

It is the best beard cut style with low maintenance and is hugely popular. The goatee beard style is suitable for anyone struggling to grow their beard properly. It is a small patch beard on the face and is perfect for anyone who hates committing to a full-face beard.


If you execute it right, it can look beautiful on you. You can ask your barber or stylist if you have the right head shape for it – long or a round face, then go for it. To get the goatee right, you must grow your hair to a significant length and then trim a goatee from it.


11. Disconnected Beard Style

There is a clear distinction between the hair and the beard in the disconnected beard. So, you will see space between the sideburns and the beard line.


12. Balbo Beard

There are different types of beard trims, but the Balbo beard is indeed one of the most sophisticated and neat looks. Popularized by Robert Downey Jr., the Balbo beard is a combination of a disconnected mustache and a goatee.


You will have to grow full hair to give the barber enough material to work with. It is the most suitable type of beard cut for people with a patchy beard. The versatility of the Balbo beard adds to its massive popularity.


13. Rounded Beard

People with a diamond, round, or a square-face can elevate their facial features with this type of beard cut. It has a circular or a rounded look with a uniform length. Usually, it takes about two months to achieve this style.


14. Pointed Beard

The beard extending from the chin to the jawline is the pointed beard. There are different types of beard cuts for different face shapes, but this one is perfect for someone with a smaller chin. For this, you need dense hair growth.


15. Bald Head + Beard

You may have a bald head by choice or fate, but if you can grow a beard, it gives a contrast and a definition to your look. Interestingly different types of beard trims can work with a bald head, but something sophisticated, trimmed, and crisp is ideal for the much-needed definition. You can opt for a short or a mid-length beard with crisp lines.beard with crisp lines.


16. Square Beard

This best beard cut style keeps greater length on the sides. Consequently, the face appears broader. Further, it also gives you a point, defined, angular jawline. This style is best for men with oval or long shapes.


Anyone who wishes to have more definition to their face will also like this style. You will have to grow your beard full to keep the side lengths long.


17. Ducktail Beard

There are several types of facial hair cuts, but if you need something to make you look bold, chic, and stylish, a Ducktail beard is suitable for you. As is evident from the name, the beard appears like a duck’s tail with a sharp, pointy appearance.


In this, you will have a groomed full beard. Anything between two and four inches can give you enough playground for this style. However, it is a high-maintenance style but looks good on all face shapes.


18. French Beard

The last beard cut we have is the French beard. Have you heard of Amitabh Bachchan? If yes, you know what a French beard is. In this style, the beard extends to the chin’s edge.


Some people like having hair on other facial areas with a prominent French beard, while others want just a French beard with zero hair on the side. Regardless, it is a sophisticated style and gives you a wiser and a mature look.


So, these are the different types of beard cuts. It is an inclusive list, and there are several other styles that keep evolving every day.


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Type of Beard Trims – Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. At what age does beard grow fully?

Ideally, most men start experiencing full beard growth by 18. But, for some men, full beard growth does not happen till 30 years.


Ques 2. What is an imperial beard?

Ans. If you need a beard style that makes you look more dramatic and extra, Imperial beard is perfect choice. Earlier, men opted for Imperial Beard as a sign of wealth and riches. However, today, men who like attention and want to make a statement opt for this beard style. It is a thick beard curled upwards.


Ques 3. What is a boxed beard?

Ans. It is somewhat similar to the corporate beard, but has a little more length around the chin. The boxed beard is perfect for anyone who aspires to give definition to their jawline. The boxed beard will always have sharper edges.


For definition, you will to grow your beard and taper from the sideburns to the chin. It is best suited for men with oblong and oval faces.


Ques 4. Are beards Still in Style 2022?

Ans. Beards were not so much appreciated half a decade back. But, they are very much in vogue in 2022.


Ques 5. How to care for your different types of beard cuts?

Ans. Below we will enlist some tips to help you care for your beard:

  • Pick the best quality beard care tools – beard conditioner, skin cleanser, beard oil, and moisturizer. All the products selected must be well-suited for your skin type.
  • When drying your beard, always use a fresh towel to prevent any dirt accumulating between the hair. It can result in acne.
  • Longer beard can have knots or tangles. To avoid it, you must regularly comb the beard.
  • Wash your beard everyday.
  • Use an exfoliating scrub at least once a week.
  • Whenever you notice any beard dandruff, take measures to treat it immediately.


Ques 6. How to grow a beard?

Ans. Growing a beard may be a daunting task for many. So, here’s a list of tips to keep in mind.

  • Be realistic, and decide how long you want it to grow.
  • Browse through the different styles, and pick one that works best for you
  • Let your beard grow to help you materialize your desired style.
  • But, if your beard appears patchy or does not grow in certain areas, you can modify your chosen style type and pick the best style according to your growth type.
  • Regardless let the hair grow. At times, patchiness will fill by itself.
  • Keep it defined routinely – Clean the cheek lines, shave the neckline. Your beard should never take the form of a neckbeard.
  • Sculpt and define your beard as it grows. Trimming can help give direction to the beard to grow as per your decided style.
  • Use a sharp pair of neat scissors or a trimmer.
  • Use nourishing products for good care and maintenance. Some products you can use are beard cream or balm and beard oil.
  • Brush it before sleeping to maintain it right.


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