Goatee Guide for 2022: Different Kinds of Goatees

Different Types of Goatee

A goatee is the perfect solution for those who want a masculine and macho look but do not want to go through the hassle of keeping a full beard.


Since this style has so many variants, it may get a little difficult to choose the right type of goatee that will go well with your face shape and features. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out.


Here is everything you need to know about different types of goatee beard, how to choose the right style and how to maintain your goatee.


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What Is A Goatee?

Traditionally, a goatee refers to a facial hairstyle that comprises a tufted or pointed patch of hair on your chin. All the other facial hair is shaved off. In modern terms, a goatee means an array of different styles involving facial hair around the chin area and mustache.


Different Kinds of Goatees

Here are a few different types of goatees that have been trending in 2022.


1. Classic goatee

Classic goatee
A classic goatee is what this beard style looked like before it underwent all those trendy transformations. Also referred to as original or pure goatee, this style simply comprises a patch of hair on the chin.


To achieve this chin beard, barring a small patch on the chin, shave off all the hair on your neck and face (including your mustache). A classic goatee is easy to style and maintain and works quite well for people with round faces.


2. Landing strip

Landing strip
Next up on our list of different kinds of goatees is another style that is usually sported without a mustache. To put it simply, a landing strip comprises a thick and straight hair strip right in the middle of the chin, under the bottom lip.


The hair strip extends to the bottom of the chin and isn’t as big as the width of the mouth. The style works well for almost any face shape as long as you have a wider chin area and eyes.


3. Chin puff

Chin puff
Of all the different types of goatee beard, this one comes closest in resemblance to a goat! This goatee is generally at least 2 inches long.


It may or may not be worn with a mustache and can be round (ish) and kept as wide as the mouth or styled in a narrower shape like a teardrop or diamond.


Chin puff and handlebar is a popular style that looks great on people with square, diamond or oval to round face shapes.


4. Full goatee

Full goatee
In most cases, when people say goatee, they are probably referring to this beard style. A full goatee refers to a beard and a mustache that is connected, forming a somewhat round shape.

The style suits almost every face shape. The only thing you need to figure out is the length, which will suit you the most.


5. Van dyke

Van dyke
This combination of a mustache, soul patch and chin beard borrows its name from the 17th-century artist Anthony van Dyke.


If growing a full beard is not really your strong suit, this could be a great option for you among different kinds of goatee. Although it features 3 variants of facial hair, none of these parts is connected. This uber-modern beard style will look great on any face shape.


6. Anchor

Anchor beard gets its unique name because it resembles a fisherman’s anchor. Other than the fact that an anchor goatee extends further up the jawline, it is pretty much the same as a Van Dyke.


To achieve an anchor beard, you will have to let the chin hair reach around the jawline and then be styled into a point. Usually, the mustache accompanying this style is relatively thin.


The anchor goatee is a great choice for folks with square or oblong shaped faces. This classy trend is one of the top choices in short goatee beard styles.


7. Extended goatee

Extended goatee
This style has all the makings of a normal goatee but with a twist. In an extended goatee, the beard section goes beyond just the chin horizontally as well as vertically. The goatee also extends vertically below your chin.


This style is also known as a tailback and works well for almost all face types, especially oval and round face shapes. An extended goatee is often seen with a mustache and has been sported by several celebs including the likes of Travolta and DiCaprio.


8. Petite goatee

Petite goatee
Among all the different kinds of goatees, the petite goatee is a top choice for people who do want to wear a beard but don’t want it covering their entire chin area.


A petite goatee is generally a thin, horizontal beard that rests on the lower part of the chin. It is sleek and minimal but requires some maintenance.


9. Soul patch

Soul patch
This goatee style is basically a small patch of hair at the top of the chin, right under the bottom lip. While some gents choose to wear this style on their own, others prefer growing it along with other goatee variants.


This 60s goatee style can be styled in multiple ways.  A soul patch on a clean-shaven face may not be a modern trend.


However, it is definitely making a comeback as a part of different types of goatee beard and mustache styles. This style looks great on round-shaped faces.


10. Long goatee

Long goatee
This hybrid style lies somewhere between a goatee and a beard. Here, the mustache grows right into the beard and the beard then extends down from the chin. But don’t wear it with cheek hair or sideburns or it will look like a full-fledged beard.


11. Rounded Goatee

Rounded Goatee
Instead of sharpening them, the edges in this goatee style are rounded off. This style is perfect for gents looking for a soft and gentle look.


How To Grow A Goatee?

In order to grow different kinds of goatees, you need to show some patience and let your beard develop. It should be thick and full under the bottom lip and below the chin area. This may take 2-3 weeks, depending on your facial hair growth.


Once you have a proper beard, you can use a trimmer to style it into different types of goatee beard.


How Do I Make My Goatee Look Good?

Here are a few things you need to remember for maintaining a goatee.

  • A goatee is not your easy way out. It requires the same level of care as a full-fledged beard.
  • Use products like beard oil and balm to keep your goatee nourished and moisturized. It will also help keep your beard looking sleek and smooth throughout the day.
  • Make sure to trim your goatee regularly to keep it from entering the neckbeard territory.
  • Invest in premium quality beard scissors and goatee trimmer to maintain your goatee.
  • Trim your goatee regularly to maintain the shape and keep it neat and tidy.
  • For your goatee remains highlighted it is vital to ensure the rest of your facial hair is shaved off.
  • Shampoo and condition your beard regularly.


How To Shave Different Types of Goatee Beard?

Here is how to shave different kinds of goatees in a few easy steps:

  • Use a beard comb attachment to evenly trim the hair on your cheeks, neck and the area above your upper lips. Trim the mustache and chin area carefully until you reach the length you desire. The length should be the same across the whole beard.
  • Remove the beard comb attachment and use the head of the trimmer to define and shape your goatee into the desired style.

Start from the neck and work your way to the edges of your chin. Then cover your upper lips and cheeks. Be slow and careful.

  • Use your precision trimmer to give your goatee a finished look. Start by trimming the hair from your chin area towards the ears. This will give your goatee defined lines on both sides. Make sure that the left and the right edges of your goatee are symmetrical. When the sides are done, you may sharpen the corners of your goatee.
  • To ensure your goatee remains the highlight, clean shave your cheeks, neckline and jawline.


Should I Get A Goatee?

Although goatees almost went out of style but have been revived and reformed in the past few years. Different types of goatee styles are making a swift comeback. If you are someone who likes to stay up to date on fashion trends, now is the perfect time to consider keeping a goatee.


Facts and Questions

Q. Are goatees in style 2022?

A. Goatees are very much in style in 2022. A few goatee trends that have been making it big this year are Van Dyke, goatee beard, full goatee, anchor goatee, chin goatee, landing strip and stubble goatee.


Q. What face shape is best for goatee?

A. Different kinds of goatees work for different face shapes. The right goatee style will give your face more dimension and contrast. With a plethora of goatee styles to choose from, people with every type of face shape have one or more options that would look great on them.


For instance, a person with a square-shaped face can go for a circle goatee, petite goatee, and pretty boy goatee. Those who have a round-shaped face may look better with an extended goatee or anchor goatee.


People who have an oval-shaped face can go with an anchor, a pretty boy or an extended goatee. Some styles like Van Dyke work for almost any face shape.


Q. How do you choose a goatee?

A. The most important thing which you need to consider while choosing amongst different kinds of goatees is the shape of your face. Also, think about how much time you are willing to spend on grooming and maintenance. While some styles are easy to keep, others may require you to spend more time on grooming.


Q. Do goatees without mustaches look good?

A. Different types of goatee styles look great with a mustache. Some of these trends are classic goatee, landing strip, chin puff, anchor goatee, goatee beard, pretty boy goatee, and extended style goatee.


Q. What is a goatee and mustache together called?

A. A goatee with a mustache is sometimes referred to as a goatee beard.


Q. What is the difference between a goatee and a Van Dyke?

A. The main difference between a Van Dyke and a Goatee is that the former includes a mustache (along with a goatee) while the latter only covers the chin area.


Q. What does a goatee beard symbolize?

A. Beards are often considered to be a symbol of physical maturity and manhood. The goatee has undergone a huge transformation over the years and now comes in several styles and variations to suit the requirements of modern men.


Q. What length should a goatee be?

A. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to goatees. You can choose different kinds of goatees styles and lengths depending upon the shape of your face.


Some style experts are of the view that people with longer faces should opt for a short goatee while those with a broad or round face should go for longer ones from different types of goatee styles.