How To Shave With A Foil Shaver

Shave With A Foil Shaver


At times, shaving feels like an incredibly confusing affair. However, there are not many tools needed to proceed with a task. Probably some water, a mirror, a good quality shaver, and some facial hair will suffice.


However, given the diverse variety of shavers, such as cartridge razors, rotary shavers, disposable razors, and alike, making a pick or finding the best shaver for your needs can be quite a challenging task.


And there comes in the foil shaver – our focus for this article. These shavers are hugely popular, owing to the simplicity and ease of use that they come with. So if you don’t know how to use a foil shaver, keep reading!


We will provide you with all the steps to use a foil shaver through this guide. Along with the tips on how to shave with a foil shaver, we will discuss the difference between a razor and a shaver. Though used interchangeably by many, they are two different things.


In This Article:


What Are The Different Types Of Electric Shavers?

There are two primary types: Foil shavers and Rotary shavers. Foil shavers have vertically arranged blades on a straight head, whereas a rotary shaver has three circular heads coming together to form the head covering a larger facial area. As a result of their shape, rotary shavers move along well with the contours of your face.


How Do You Use A Foil Shaver?

This part of the guide will address some vital tips on how to use a foil shaver.


1. Prep your skin

The first step in the guide, ‘how to shave with a foil shaver,’ involves prepping the skin. So, firstly, take a generous quantity of pre-shave lotion on the skin, and apply it to your skin.


Applying this product tends to shield the skin from the blade and makes it easier for the blade to glide onto the contours of the face. Using a pre-shaving cream or lotion also lowers the risk of skin irritation, redness, cuts, or burns.


Before applying it, make sure your shaver is compatible with a wet shave. This is a vital step as it accentuates the quality of the shave and results in a more comfortable shave.


2. Understand the direction

How to shave with a foil shaver – upwards or downwards? To solve this dilemma, stand close to the mirror with abundant natural or artificial light, and give a good look to the hair on your face. Now, try to understand the direction in which your hair grows and move with it.


3. Stretch or not to stretch?

I wish to learn how to use a foil shaver. Should I stretch my skin or not? Leave these questions to us. So, you could stretch the skin a bit. Place your one hand on the neck, and pull it to the side, using one or two of your fingers to ensure that the skin around is tight and smooth. This will prevent any folds from forming and give you a seamless shave.


4. The final act – Shaving!

Now that your skin is ready for a shave, how do you use a foil shaver correctly without harming your skin? See, working with the foil shaver is very easy. Hence, as opposed to the rotary shaver, there is no need for you to make circular movements in the foil shavers. Simply glide the shaver on to your skin and repeat as needed.


As you move the shaver, ensure that your grip is firm, and you press the shaver gently onto the skin.


5. Post shaving care

Post shave care is as important as knowing how do you use a foil shaver. Once you are done rinse your face with cold/running water.


It removes extra hair stuck to your skin. Following this, use a generous amount of skin moisturizer, oil, or an aftershave lotion to restore the lost moisture.


6. Care and maintenance for your shaver

Next, you need to do something for your shaver too. This is one step, which is often missing in the many ‘how to use a foil shaver’ guides on the internet, but, in our view, it is quintessential to ensure the longevity of your foil shaver.


However, the good thing is foil shavers, such as men’s back shavers or beard shavers are easy to maintain. You can rinse its head under running tap water, and all the gunk and hair will be eliminated automatically.


If the mesh-head is separable, remove that too for a thorough cleaning. Once cleaned, you can re-attach the accessories and leave your shaver for air-drying.


Are Foil Shavers Bad For Your Skin?

In this section, we will address some pros and cons of a foil shaver.



  • The varying patterns on each foil result in a super close shave.
  • Razors can often result in skin irritation, burns, and tugging. Such is not the case with the foil shavers, as the foil heads will shield the skin from coming in direct contact with the edge.
  • They work incredibly well on the mustaches and the sideburns because such shavers are shaped in a straight line. Hence, the degree of precision is relatively high.
  • Compared to the rotary shavers, the foil shavers cut faster, thanks to their high vibration rate of about 14000 cycles in a minute.
  • Foil shavers help you cut all kinds of hair in only a single pass.
  • Unlike the rotary shavers, the foil shavers are a lot more versatile.
  • These shavers are best suited for men who shave every day since the foil shavers are equipped with curved metal covers onto the blades and the holes, which keep the hair in one place for a seamless cutting.
  • These are shavers best suited for sensitive skin as they are incredibly gentle on the skin.



  • Compared to the rotary shavers, the foil shavers are noisier, as the oscillating blades and the motor aggravate the noise produced. This can be uncomfortable for some users.
  • People who enjoy shaving in circles will not appreciate the foil shavers, as the foil shavers cut in a single direction, that is, a straight line. It can be problematic as the human face has deep contours.
  • Shaving longer hair with a foil shaver is challenging, as the long hair tends to get trapped in the shaver’s foil, thereby hampering the seamlessness of the shaver.


When Should You Use A Foil Shaver?

The right way how to shave with a foil shaver is when:

  1. You have a sensitive skin
  2. You do not mind shaving every day
  3. You have shorter hair
  4. Your hair is not curly
  5. You seek a closer shave


What Is The Difference Between Razor and Shaver?

Hearing the term ‘razor,’ we picture a manual shaving tool with a thin handle and disposable blades. In contrast, shavers are electric/battery-operated shaving devices.


There are two kinds of electric shavers – rotary shaver and foil shaver. On the other hand, it will either be a safety razor or a cartridge razor when someone speaks about razors.


Feature Razor Shaver
Shaving mechanism Traditional method of shaving More modern and flashy devices
Forms Safety razors and the disposable cartridge razors


(The former offers a relatively better-quality shave than the multi-blade disposable razors, as the latter can result in ingrown hairs and skin irritation. However, if you opt for a single-blade disposable razor, they are not much different from the safety razors).

Foil and oscillating.


(In the former, there is a foil enveloping the blade, which guarantees a closer shave, whereas, in the latter, several rotating blades are used to get an even and less close shave)

Quality of shave Relatively closer shave Less closer shave
Control You have greater control over where your blades go. Lesser control
Cost Cheaper (but extra cost will be required towards the soaps and creams to lather the skin) Costlier, especially if you opt for the best waterproof electric shavers.
Maintenance Low maintenance Requires constant cleaning and maintenance.
Ease of usage More Less
Battery No charging or batteries Will need batteries and charging
Wet and dry shaving Works well only in wet skin conditions. Capable of both wet and dry shave
Expertise Needs greater expertise to work with Needs almost no expertise to operate.
Risk of cuts and nicks Greater risk of cuts and nicks Almost impossible to cause cuts and nicks. However, since multiple blades are used, there will be a lot of going back and forth or quick rotations; this aggravates the risk of razor burns.
Suitable for? 1.       Someone who has enough time and patience as it is more time-consuming.

2.       Someone confident that they can avoid cuts and nicks.

3.       Anyone who does not mind spending extra funds towards shaving cream or soap.

1.       Someone who enjoys a quick and hassle-free shaving process as it needs no wetting or lathering.

2.       Anyone who does not mind spending a little extra.

3.       Someone who is okay with a little less thorough shave.


Now that you are thorough with the difference between a shaver and a razor and using a foil shaver let us address some key questions on how to use a foil shaver?

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. How do foil shavers work?

Ans. Foil shavers have a metal foil on them, which comes in contact with your skin. The foil, along with the tiny holes on the shaver, acts as a protective layer and does not let the shaver cut your skin as it moves. Also, it moves and cuts in a straight line.


Ques 2. When should you replace your shaver foils?

Ans. As most men indulge in everyday shaves, foils and blades tend to dull with time and use. When the foil and the edges are not as sharp as they should be, you will not achieve a close shave.


Consequently, you will end up making multiple passes on the same areas to get rid of all the hair. Hence, you must replace the shaver foils at least once every 12 to 18 months to ensure maximum performance.


Ques 3. What is the best brand of foil shaver?

Ans. Philips, Wahl, and Braun are three of the best brands of a foil shaver.


Ques 4. Is a foil shaver better than a razor?

Ans. Yes, a foil shaver is better than a razor as it works in both wet and dry conditions. Further, shaving with a foil shaver takes less time than the razor. In addition, the chances of cuts and nicks are lesser in foil shavers.


Ques 5. Do foil shavers give a close shave?

Ans. If you compare it to the razors, you will not get as close a shave with the foil shavers, but they are good enough for someone who does not need a smooth shave and likes shaving every day.


Ques 6. How to use Andis foil shaver?

Ans. The working of Andis foil shaver is just the same as any other foil shaver. You just need to gently make your way up and down on the skin to get a clean shave.


Ques 7. How to use a foil shaver on the bikini area?

Ans. Stretch the skin taut, and start shaving in the direction of the hair growth in your first pass. You have to go in the opposite direction to tackle any leftover hair in the second pass. If the hair is still left, rinse the blade, and go again, but do not press too hard, as that can flatten the hair, and make it harder for you to remove, so be gentle, and let the shaver work.


Ques 8. How to use a Braun series 7 shaver?

Ans. Again, the working of the Braun series 7 shaver is the same as any other shaver.


Ques 9. Are foil shavers good for pubic hair?

Ans. In all honesty, we do not recommend using a foil electric shaver that you use for your face on the pubes. The newbies have to be extra cautious with shavers, especially!


Some reasons we say that is because:

  1. It is not hygienic to use the same tool.
  2. The foil electric shavers are meant to deliver a clean shave. So, when you have to shave your pubic hair, you do not really have to go right into the skin, especially when you have to pull it taut to get rid of the hair.
  3. The foil electric shavers have a larger head. Hence, they help get a job done faster, but when it comes to shaving your pubes, you have to be extremely patient and go slow.


Ques 10. How to use double foil shaver?

Ans. The correct method to use a double foil shaver is exactly same as a regular shaver. Prep your skin and gently glide it through the hair. Just make sure you finish a complete stroke and do not move it up and down getting long hair stuck.