How Long Does It Take To Go Bald With Hair Thinning?

How long does it take to go bald-go-bald

Of late, have you noticed more hair on your hairbrush or pillow than is usual? Is it the regular shedding or just too much hair? It may be a potential sign of baldness if it is the latter.


Unfortunately, one in every four men starts getting bald even before entering their 30s. If that sounds like you, you may have complexes and worries, and a devastating question haunting your mind, ‘How fast can you lose your hair?’


Like everything else, genetics play a role in your hair loss too. So, you may acquire the hair loss genes from your mother or father’s side of the family. In some people, it is also a combination of the two.


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Today, with the many scientific advancements, doctors can determine the odds of you going bald and how fast can you go bald completely? Further, the tests can also determine your body’s response to medications and treatments for hair loss.


This guide will discuss a question that bothers many of you – how long does it take to lose hair? Let us read below to find out.


Warning Signs That Tell You You’re Losing More Than Usual Hair

At times people get worked up when they see their hair falling and they immediately start calculating how long does it take to go completely bald?. But, it may be the routine shedding and nothing else.


You can only know it for sure if you are aware of the prevalent giveaway symptoms of losing more hair than typical. Below, we will discuss these symptoms and then find out – how long does it take to go bald?


1. You can see a section of your scalp

Our hair’s texture is such that a part of the scalp is always on display. However, it is a tiny section like in men and women when they part their hair a certain way. So, if it is just that, there is nothing to worry about.


However, if the area is getting wider or a newer section is visible on the different sides of the scalp, it is alarming. You can also identify it if your follicles start separating. The pace of sections widening further and further varies from one person to another and hence, how long does it take to go fully bald will also vary from one person to another.


2. Receding hairline

One of the classic signs of baldness is a receding hairline. Unfortunately, most men do not notice it until it is too late or do not find it pleasing to acknowledge. If you can take action as quickly as it starts showing, things may be delayed or reversed with a doctor’s intervention. But if you do nothing to stop it, the damage may become irreversible.


3. There is an increase in the hair on the floor

Hair has a light texture. So, they may fly away and get settled on the floor when you comb. But, when you vacuum the next day, you may be amazed at the number of hair collected.  It is not something you take lightly.

So, you must plan a visit to the doctor immediately tell him/her about you condition and then assess how long does it take to go completely bald?


4. Thinner ponytails

Did you meet someone after a long time, and they suddenly comment on how your ponytail looks so thin. We know how that feels. It may send sudden shockwaves in you, and you may be wondering – how fast can you go bald?


It may be their observation, but ask someone at home if they feel the same way about your hair. If yes, you should start looking for remedial actions.


Alternatively, you can also take the rubber band test. Take a new rubber band and see if it stretches as much as earlier scrunchies.


5. You run fingers through your hair, and you see hair.

If you just got out of the shower or woke up from your sleep and run your hands through your hair, they may be tangled. So, in your attempt to take your fingers down, you may pull a few strands, and they may come off. If that is the case, you should not worry too much.


But, if every time you run your fingers through the hair and see one too many hair strands, it may be concerning.


How fast can you lose your hair like this? Ideally, if the hair strands are more than fifteen, do not ignore them and head to a doctor.


6. Your pillow has hair every day

Everyone goes through routine shedding where we lose some hair every day. It may show on our pillows, too, when we wake up the following day. If so, it should not be more than a few strands.


In addition, it may happen once or twice that you sleep a certain way which tugs your hair and pulls them out. But, if it is a repeat incidence, it may be a potential balding sign. Unfortunately, you should be worried and immediately head to the dermatologist to get answers to how fast can you go bald and get assistance if this continues.


7. There is too much hair loss every time you shower

It is normal and natural for men and women to lose some hair during a shower. But, if the shedding increases progressively, it can be an impending hair loss sign. How long does it take to lose hair if you ask your dermat, the doctor may help you understand the cause of rapid hair loss and suggest remedial actions.


8. You can no longer style your hair like you used to

If you have the habit of trying and testing multiple hairstyles, you can quickly judge when your hair starts falling more than usual. So, if your curled hair lacks density or the straightened hair looks flat and does not have volume, you must visit an expert immediately.


9. Your hair takes longer to grow

How long does it take to go fully bald when fresh growth is unable to keep up with the pace of hairfall? If this question hovers over your mind, it is time to check if the density and the volume of your hair that is declining by the day.


10. There is an increase in the result of the 60-second hair count test

Take a hair count test where you comb your hair from back to front for 60 seconds straight. Then, count the number of hair on the brush. Repeat this activity after a week or two.


Has the number increased from last time? If the number of hair you collect on the brush is ten or more, you are losing more hair than typical.


How Long Does It Take To Go Bald?

Now that you know of the prevalent signs of baldness, let us address the most dreaded question in this guide – How fast can you lose your hair?


See, you do not go bald overnight. It is a gradual process and continues for several years, even decades. It starts with thinning hair at the temples and receding hairline, followed by bald patches in most people.


It might grow to multiple bald patches, which join and form a big hollow. Typically, it happens anywhere between 15 to 25 years, but it can be faster. When most of it has passed, men will see a rim of hair left around the sides and the back of the scalp, which, too, thins over time.


In another few years, even this stops growing, and the male may go completely bald. Regardless of how fast or steady it may be, it is vital to take measures to curtail it from aggravating.


So how long does it take to go bald? The answer is – it may be different for people. Some may experience rapid baldness, while, for others, it may be steady.


This was about natural balding process. However if you’re dealing with the medical condition is androgenetic alopecia, things might be different for you.


What Causes Baldness?

How fast can you go bald also depends on why it is happening. Most people lose anywhere between 50-100 strands every day. It is considered normal and does not show as new hair replaces them.


If falling hair outnumbers the new hair growth, it is significant hair loss. There may be multiple causes for it and depending upon it we decide how long does it take to lose hair.


1. Familial link

It is one of the most prevalent causes of hair loss and is common in both men and women. You might have it from your parental genes. Fortunately, you can curtail or stop the damage if you take timely treatment.


2. Alopecia areata

It is a condition that affects your immune system and attacks the hair follicles. Consequently, you may start losing hair from any part of the body. You can take treatments to trigger re-growth.


3. Cancer treatment

If you have started radiation therapy or chemotherapy, you may lose all or most of your hair a few weeks from the treatment. It is reversible damage, and the hair growth will start once the treatments are over.


4. Stressful event

At times, experiencing a sudden emotional or physical shock can also cause thinning of the hair. It is a temporary hair loss, and when you overcome the shock, eat and sleep better, hair will regrow.


5. Childbirth

Childbirth puts a lot of stress and pressure on your body. There are also several hormonal changes happening in your body. Hence, a few weeks or months after delivery, you may see more hair on the pillow or brush. You can contact your doctor for apt treatment.


6. Hormonal changes

Other conditions like thyroid or menopause can also cause hormonal changes in the body and trigger hair loss.


7. Hair treatments and different hairstyles

If you regularly chemically treat or color your hair or expose it to heating treatments like perming, straightening, and curling, it damages hair over time, resulting in hair loss.


8. Some hairstyles

If you wear your hair tightly pulled back, that, too, can trigger hair loss.


9. Supplements and medications

Side effects of some drugs and medicines may also cause hair loss. Commonly used medications that trigger hair loss include those for depression, cancer, high blood pressure, gout, heart problems, and arthritis.


10. Too much styling and improper care

Some people may experience hair problems in their late 20s because of the overuse of styling gels and products which they did in their early 20s.


When the hair is exploited and not maintained and cared for as needed, it tends to shed quicker than usual.


What Can You Do To Delay Baldness?

There are some prevalent ways to delay baldness. These include:

  • First and foremost – consulting a good dermatologist
  • Using a mild shampoo
  • Adding more proteins to your diet.
  • Staying hydrated
  • Using some over-the-counter medications to delay baldness
  • Massaging scalp with essential oils
  • Including Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, zinc, and iron in your diet
  • Finding hair fall triggers and avoiding them
  • Rubbing ginger, garlic, or onion juice on the scalp
  • Switching to the Mediterranean diet – rich in fruits, vegetables, and protein
  • Taking good care of your hair and scalp
  • Not brushing the hair when wet
  • Smoking cessation
  • Reducing alcohol consumption
  • Engaging in physical activity
  • Keeping your head sweat-free
  • Not tying your hair too tight
  • Avoid hot styling tools


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. What is the usual hair loss per day for females and males?

Ans. A certain amount of hair loss per day is standard in males and females. It is usually between 50 to 100 hair strands per day.


Ques 2. Why am I losing my hair at 15?

Ans. At 15, your hair loss may be because of:

  • Improper diet
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • Underlying medical conditions


Ques 3. Does hair loss stop at a certain age?

Ans. Unfortunately, there is no age when the hair loss stops. It can start as early as when you are 15 and can go on till you reach 50 or 80.


Ques 4. Are bald men attractive?

Ans. It is a very personal choice. Some of us may find bald men look attractive while other may not like it. However, there certainly has been a change in ideology how baldness was considered a negative physical feature.


Ques 5. How do you know if you will go fully bald?

Ans. It is almost definite that you will go fully bald when:

  1. You have a receding hairline that keeps expanding
  2. Your fresh hair growth is slow
  3. You notice random bald spots
  4. Your hair falls out more than normal


Ques 6. How do you predict if you’ll go bald?

Ans. Here are some giveaway signs to predict balding:

  • Hair thinning
  • Brushes and comb are full of hair
  • Sudden loss of hair
  • Loss of hair on other parts of the body
  • Scalp flaking and itchiness
  • Scaliness patches on the scalp
  • Bald spots
  • Excessive hair on the pillow
  • Change in the hairline


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