How To Tell Barber To Cut Your Hair Right?

How to ask for a haircut

How to ask barber for haircut? In all honesty, getting a new haircut can be a little intimidating. But, if you convey things right, it can be a cornerstone to feeling stylish and confident.


Sadly, not many boys and men know what to say for a haircut to the barber. Even though most barbers can pick the style from the description of the kind of haircut you seek, some may fail to do so.


Hence, knowing how to ask for haircut is quintessential to coming out of the barbershop with the perfect hairstyle. But, given the vast hair terminology, learning how to talk to the barber and describe the haircut you need can be a daunting task.


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Even though memorizing these terms can be a pain, you should know how to tell barber to cut your hair because you do not want to come out to the barbershop unsatisfied over a haircut you did not wish in the first place.


From the haircut you must get, to know the difference between a Caesar or the buzz haircut, taper or  fade, multiple factors can influence the kind of haircut you walk out with from the salon shop. So, in this guide, we will discuss some tips on how to ask for the haircut you want. Let us get started and discuss them one by one.


How To Ask Barber For Haircut?

Here are some steps to follow when you wish to get the right haircut.


1. Do your homework before going for a cut

If you know how to ask for haircut, you will leave the salon happy every time. So, it is beneficial to learn the kind of cut you seek before you go to the salon. So, from an undercut to crew cut, it is vital to know how to ask for a men’s haircut before going to the salon.


2. Do not be vague. Your regular haircut may be diff from somebody else’s usual.

Cannot decide what to say for a haircut? It certainly should not be a vague description of anyone’s hair. You have to be explicit in what you want to ensure that your barber exactly understands what you are there for.


3. Know what style you want – its name

How to ask barber for haircut if you do not know what to call your desired style? You cannot. Hence, please learn the standard, popular men’s haircuts and the difference between the two closely related styles.


Below, we will discuss some prevalent haircuts you must know to learn how to ask for haircut.

  • Fade – As is apparent from the name, in the fade, the hair gradually reduces in size as you head from the top to the sides. In the end, it fades into the skin, usually near the sidelocks or the beard.
  • Taper – It is pretty similar to the fade. However, the significant difference between them is in their length. The taper hairstyle has a relatively longer length, and its top hair is longer than the sides and the back.
  • Undercut – Some men may not want the usual fades and opt for the undercut. It is also a short haircut, but, in this, the hair does not progressively taper. The hair commences high and only has a single length towards the end.
  • Buzzcut – Buzzcut is a low-maintenance, short haircut. It is perfect for men who want a neat look. You can team it with a fade, where the top follows the buzz cut, and the back and sides have a fade.
  • Caesar cut – Caesar cut is a short back and sides cut. It looks best on curly hair.
  • Crewcut – It is longest at the front and goes shorter from the middle to the back. You can team it with a fade style.
  • Squared style – It is when the hair stays the same length in length and breadth.
  • Ivy League – Remotely similar to the Crew cut, it is only a few blade numbers longer. Many salon experts also call it Princeton Clip, Brown, or Harvard.
  • Comb over – It is a stylish hairstyle that works best with the direction you naturally style your hair, and the hair typically grows.
  • Comb over fade – When you include fade on the back and the sides with a comb-over hairstyle, it is the comb over fade. It is prevalent amongst older men experiencing hair thinning.
  • Slicked back – What comb-over is to the older men, slicked back is to the younger men. It is dramatic yet bold and suitable for men with dense and thin hair.
  • Pompadour – It has both modern and classic appeal and adds a lot of versatility. You can switch it to a comb-over or quiff if you have mid-length hair, but you can opt for an undercut or a skin fade for a high-contrast style.
  • French crop – If you want a French crop, you must ideally discuss your hair styling routine with the barber. It demands product styling and can create immense flair and look dramatic. But, you can keep it low maintenance and style without a product.
  • Side parts – These also work best if you complement them with the order wherein you naturally style your hair and the direction in which hair naturally grows. You can give the top a shorter or a longer length, depending on how you like it.
  • Quiff – There is a minute difference between a quiff and a pompadour in the hair gathering at the head’s front. You can pick from various fades, sides, and back combinations to tailor your style.
  • Spiky hair – You can add spikes on the top of any hairstyle to add to the coolness quotient.
  • Faux hawk – Lastly, in faux hawk, you leave the whole of the crown long, with hair gathered in the pyramid towards the center. The hair’s largest end sits in the middle of the head.


These are the most prevalent hairstyles that men opt for. If you know these terms, you are halfway through learning how to ask for haircut.


4. Know your hair type

Understanding your hair type also has a role in knowing how to ask barber for haircut. So, before you decide on any hairstyle, be aware of your hair texture, the type, and the time you can dedicate to styling your hair.


What to say for a haircut to get the best style for your hair texture? See, you can give some details on your grooming schedules and ask questions about your hair texture to help the stylist find the perfect pick for you.


5. Understand the hair length sizes and the number chart

You need to be thorough with the haircut numbers if you wish to know how to ask for a men’s haircut. The numbers are the guard sizes. So, it will decide the length of the buzz cut, undercut, or fade.


What is the best way to know how to ask for haircut? You can memorize this hair grade or numbers chart to converse with the professional.


  • Number 1: One-eighth of an inch
  • Number 2: One-quarter of an inch
  • Number 3: Three-eighths of an inch
  • Number 4: Half an inch
  • Number 5: Five-eighths of an inch
  • Number 6: Three-quarters of an inch
  • Number 7: Seven-eighths of an inch
  • Number 8: One inch


6. Know the basic hair cutting/styling terms

How to ask for the haircut you want without making a mistake? The simplest way to avoid any chance of errors is knowing what to say for a haircut. The minimum number of words you use to define the cut, the lower the susceptibility to the confusion in the barber’s mind.


We have already detailed you on the top hair cut or styling terms. So, you can use the exact name to achieve the style you desire.


Beyond the hairstyles stated above, there are a few other styling terms you must know if you want to avoid a mistake and learn the drill on how to ask for haircut.


  • Guard combs are the comb-like fixtures on the clipper blades to enable the barber to chop the hair to the precise length. They go from #0 to #10.
  • Texture or the layers is the hair’s thickness or the appearance, its cut, and the natural curl it has.
  • Thinning implies eliminating the excess hair or weight to make the hair light and manageable.
  • The neckline is the line commencing at the back of the head. You can style the necklines as tapered, rounded, or blocked.


7. State the length you want

Guard sizes, also called the haircut numbers, imply the hair length when you cut with clippers. It goes from one to eight, with the former being the shortest. It is helpful if you want to learn how to ask barber for haircut when seeking an undercut or the fade on the sides.


8. Show a picture to the barber but have realistic expectations

How to ask for a men’s haircut most straightforwardly? Well, show them a picture of what you expect from them. However, it is impolite to show any random haircut picture to the barber because every cut wont suit your face type. So, try to show a picture of yourself with a haircut you really liked and would like to have again.


9. Politely ask for the barber/hairdresser familiar with your hair to work on your hair

If you go to a particular salon every time, it is best to reach the same stylist always. They understand your hair and know how to tackle it. Hence, before you go to the salon, it is best to call and book an appointment with the professional to cut the wait time.


10. Ask the person cutting your hair for his suggestions

If you don’t know how to tell barber to cut your hair, be flexible. If you are flexible, you can even request some suggestions from the hairstylist. They can assess your hair texture, facial features, and current hair length to suggest the most trendy option for you.


However, before you take your suggestions, request them to show the picture of the final look. If it appeals to you, go for it. If not, you can politely decline.


11. Tell them about your lifestyle so that the cut fits all roles you play

If you have no particular style in your head and do not know how to ask for haircut, discuss your lifestyle and routine with the stylist. It can help them arrive at a suitable style for your needs.


Here are a few things to discuss:

  • What do you do each day?
  • Your profession
  • How do you usually style your hair?
  • How frequently do you wash your hair?
  • What is your natural pace of hair growth?
  • Do you spend adequate time styling your hair every day?
  • Do you work out?


12. Decide on the following:

As you have progressed through all the above-listed stages, determine the cut and style you want. As we have already detailed to you on the terms above, you can easily decide the following:

  • Taper vs. faded
  • Guard length
  • Thinned/layered/choppy
  • Sideburns
  • Neckline (taper, blocked, rounded)


13. Get products & styling recommendations.

Lastly, once you get the cut or even before that, think about its upkeep and ask for the products that help with the maintenance of your style.


In Simple Words How To Ask For A Haircut?

Taper vs. faded? Guard length? Thinned or choppy or layered? Taper, blocked, or rounded neckline? Sideburns style? Did these terminologies startle you in the past? You are not alone. Even though we have tried to simplify the terms, you may still get confused as many are very similar. So, if you know how to communicate your desired style in minimum words, you can avoid confusion.


Further, adding the knowledge of hairstyles and numbers can only help with the precision cut. If you feel it is a lot of work, you can always scroll through Pinterest, pick a few images, and mix and match the style to get you the desired look.


We hope and believe that this guide above can serve your purpose for you. Please do not stress too much. Your visit to the barber should not give you anxiety. So, if you do not understand what works best for you, trust your stylist and always reach out to one professional repeatedly.


They will be familiar with your hair texture and be able to give you the cut that will suit your personality the best and you won’t have to worry about how to tell barber to cut your hair.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. How do I start a conversation with my barber?

Ans. You can keep it casual, exchange pleasantries, and then discuss the style you seek. In addition, share your routine and lifestyle for them to assess whether you can accommodate your demanded look.


Ques 2. Is it OK to show the barber a picture?

Ans. If you cannot explain in words what you seek, it is best to show a picture to the barber preferably it should be an old picture of yours with a haircut you liked.


Ques 3. How much does it cost to get a haircut?

Ans. The national average for a women’s haircut ranges from $40-$65 whereas for men it is $30-40.


Ques 4. How do you ask for a haircut at a salon – females?

Ans. Be clear, detailed, and specific about the kind of style you are looking for. Tell the stylist about the final hair length you want, the volume you want etc.


Ques 5. How frequently should you get your hair cut?

Ans. Ideally, you should go for a haircut once every 2-3 month.