How To Clean Electric Shaver and Disinfect It Correctly?

How to clean electric razor
The unquestionable truth lies in the fact that electric shavers are incredibly convenient. They dramatically lower your shaving time. In addition, their portability only adds to their likability. However, the flip side is that your electric razor will need more maintenance and upkeep to ensure that it stays and performs in top-notch condition and its durability is intact.


Thus, it is vital to know how to clean razors. However, before we discuss how to clean electric shavers at home, why is it important to clean your razor frequently? So, first, let us find out why it is important and then how to disinfect electric razors the right way.


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Why Is It Essential To Have A Clean Razor?

Of course, this guide is on how to clean electric razor head, but before that, you must know the need and importance of cleaning a razor.


1. It adds to the life of the shaver.

Electric shavers are a costly investment, and you do not want to waste money buying a shaver over and over again. Hence, to ensure that your razor lasts you a long time, you must proactively take measures to maintain and clean it.


2. It gives you a closer, neater shave every time.

Most people learn how to clean electric razor blades when they realize that their razor blade does not give a close, neat shave. After all, what’s the point of an electric razor if it does not give us the value for our money by providing a clean, neat shave every time?


So, knowing the right cleaning procedure is vital to ensure that you tend well and get a close shave every time. As when your razor is clean, the blades will be sharp and the gel strip lubricated and smooth to give you a professional salon-grade shave every time.


3. Safety and hygiene

Your knowledge of cleaning electric razors is also vital for maintaining your personal hygiene and safety. If the razor is not cleaned thoroughly following every use, the dead skin cells and debris will accumulate. This becomes a breeding ground for the bacteria.


Now that you know why it is essential to clean your razor, we will move on to the most critical part of this article, how to clean electric razor head, blades, and body? Let us read below to find out.


How To Clean Your Shaver?

If you do not have a shaver that auto-cleans itself, you will have to learn how to clean electric shaver blades and foils manually.


So, how to clean electric razor blades and body? Below, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to do it.


Step 1 – Check the manual for cleaning instructions.

You first need to read through the manual for any cleaning instructions the manufacturer mentions. In the manual, you’ll find a guide on how to disinfect electric razors correctly. Also, before we go on and on about how to sanitize electric razors, let us tell you that you must also check if your razor is waterproof or not.


Step 2 – De-assembling the razor

Step 2 of how to clean electric razor head involves dissembling the razor. So, start with taking apart the razor, if that happens. Typically, almost every razor can be de-arranged. However, there are also some which come in a single piece.


Next, if your razor is corded, you should disconnect the cord to avoid any short-circuit. Further, if your razor has batteries in it, you must remove them before following our how to disinfect electric razor guide.


Finally, when you follow how to sanitize electric razor process, you must always do it near the garbage bin or the sink as the debris or the annexed hair tends to fall out on disassembly.


1. Foil razors

You can pop open the protective foils for the foil razors and get access to the blades.


2. Rotary head razors

For these razors, you can flip open the top. Some models allow absolute flipping of the top. In addition, you also ought to remove the retainer and the blades, allowing you to clean the razor thoroughly.


3. Clipper razors

Lastly, if you are learning how to disinfect electric shaver with clipper blades, you must first pop open the head, exposing the blades for you. Following this, you can use a screwdriver to remove the blades and clean them well.


Step 3 – Brush of any extra hair

The next step on how to disinfect electric razors involves brushing any surplus hair or debris sticking to the blade and the shaving head. The process of cleaning electric shavers depends on the kind of shaver you have. With some shavers, you can use water to remove the debris or the sticking hair, while other razors need only dry cleaning.


So, if you use a shaving gel while shaving, it implies that your razor is waterproof. So, in this case, learning how to clean electric razor blades is pretty simple. You can conveniently use water to clean the shaver. However, how to get hair out of electric razor meant solely for dry use? In this case, you need to avoid water to clean the razor.


Now, how to clean a razor that is meant for wet use? First, use a soft toothbrush, brush away all the loose hair you can find on the blades, the shaving head, and the blade housing, and then rinse it under running water. In addition, you can also use a dishwashing liquid to scrub individual parts.


Alternatively, how to clean a non-water resistant electric razor? In this case, you have to be a little cautious as the razor is not waterproof. So, firstly, use the toothbrush to brush away all the loose hair, and then use a manual air blower or a compressed air blower to eliminate any remnant loose strands.


Step 4 – How to disinfect electric razor with rubbing alcohol or sanitizer

You can avoid this step if you have already used a cleaning spray on your non-waterproof shaver. Otherwise, take a damp cotton ball or a cotton cloth, and soak it a little in rubbing alcohol.


Use it to wipe every part, starting with the blades. As alcohol tends to evaporate fast, you can use it for sanitizing the blades in dry shavers too. On the other hand, people looking for ideas on how to sanitize electric shaver can also opt for a cleaning fluid mixed in warm water. You can find a range of fluids in the market.


Step 5 – Clean the outer body

After performing all the steps on how to clean electric shaver head, you now have to take measures to clean the outer body. Of course, the shaving quality is not hampered with the external body, but that is no excuse to avoid care towards the outer body. So, for it, too, you can use an alcohol-based wipe and clean the body.


Step 6 – Dry & assemble again.

It is a vital step as if there is any remnant water on the body or the blades, the metal part will start rusting, which will make the razor useless. So, once you have followed the steps above, gently pat try the razor with a clean towel.


You can also leave the shaver to air dry after this. Following this, you have to start the re-assembly process and put all the parts back into place for subsequent use.


Step 7 – Lubricate it.

Thorough and routine lubrication is essential for the razor to function well. Every time you wash or disinfect the razor, it is imperative to lubricate as all the oil tends to get washed away. You can use a good-quality lubrication oil to lubricate the razor.


Step 8 – Store it well

Lastly, once the cleaning process is over, you can put back the razor and all the accessories in a cold, dry place inside the pouch that comes with it. If you did not receive a storage pouch, you could invest in one. Well, now you no longer have to wonder how to clean electric shavers at home.


When Should You Replace The Electric Razor Blades?

Now that you know how to sanitize electric razors, you must also know that blades do have a shelf life. So, of course, learning how to disinfect electric shaver is pivotal; one must also understand when it is time to replace the electric razor blades.


Across their life, shaving foils and rotary blades put in an increased amount of work, which helps keep your face free from all the hair. However, this indeed takes a toll on the blade’s sharpness. Over time, it will also deteriorate the shaving foil’s integrity.


There are a few giveaway signs, when instead of reading how to clean electric razor blades, you should be searching how to replace them. This is when you ought to replace your electric razor blades. A few such signs include:

  • Your blade is not cutting as close as it once did
  • The cutting mechanism feels hotter than it did
  • Hair gets tugged and pulled frequently.


Now, how long it usually takes for this to happen depends on an array of factors, such as the hair’s coarseness, the shave’s frequency, shaving technique, cleaning, and maintenance regime followed by you, and the quality of the razor.


However, broadly, manufacturers suggest inspite of knowing how to clean electric shaver correctly, you should consider changing the blades and the foils every 12-18 months.


Shaving Tips

Now that you know how to sanitize electric shaver, you must also ensure that you are shaving right to achieve the best output. So, here, we will discuss some shaving tips to help ensure that you get a flawless shave every time.


1. Do not dry shave

When you dry shave, your skin is more susceptible to cuts and razor burns. Thus, it is recommended to shave during your shower time. When you shave after a lukewarm shower, your skin is soft, and the blade glides more smoothly, giving you a flawless, cut-free shave.


2. Exfoliate

Post every shave to ensure that the dead skin or gunk does not deposit on the razor; it is vital to exfoliate your skin before shaving. You can use bath scrubs or loofahs for the same.


3. Shave in cooler water

People who shower with very hot water must wait a bit to ensure that the temperature cools down before shaving. It is necessary as hot water makes the skin very soft and more susceptible to cuts.


4. Invest in a good shaving cream

No soap is not a replacement for your shaving cream. So, to ensure that your skin is well-lubricated, you must invest in a quality shaving cream. Alternatively, you can also use body oil or conditioner to ensure that your razor glides more easily.


5. Shave in the direction of the hair growth

This is one of the most basic but vital shaving tips that you must know. To ensure that you get an effective and close shave every time, you must shave in the direction of the hair growth.


For instance, if your hair grows upward, you must shave downwards to achieve the best results.


6. Shut the pores

Bathing in warm water opens the skin’s pores. So, once you are done shaving, first rinse with warm water to eliminate all the foam from the skin. Then, follow it up with a cold water rinse to shut the open pores. Then, it would be best if you lather your skin with a hydrating moisturizer to avoid flaky or dry skin.


7. Replace your shaving tool regularly

Anytime you find that the desired shaving outcome is not as good as it should be, you must use our guide on how to clean electric shaver head. However, if that does not work, it is probably time to replace the shaving tool.


Frequently Asked Questions


Ques 1. Can I use rubbing alcohol to clean my electric razor?

Ans. The skin cells and hair accumulate on the electric shaver following every use. This is when your knowledge of how to sanitize electric razor comes into play. In most shaver cleaning guides, you must have read the mention of alcohol.


So, can you use alcohol to clean your electric razor? Well, you can most definitely use quick-drying isopropyl alcohol to sanitize or clean your electric razor.


Ques 2. How often should I clean my electric shaver?

Ans. Typically, you ought to clean the shaver after every use. The least you can do is empty the head and rinse it under running water. If your shaver comes with a cleaning station, you can utilize it. If not, you must still deep clean your shaver once every seven days, regardless of the frequency of the use.


Ques 3. How do you clean an electric razor with vinegar?

Ans. If you want to know how to clean electric razor with vinegar, take 0.5 percent vinegar solution. You need to take one part of regular household vinegar and dilute it in 10 parts tap water for preparation. Rinsing with vinegar just once or twice a month will suffice.


Ques 4. How do you remove hair from electric clippers?

Ans. Take a soft toothbrush, and brush any remnant hair on the clipper blades. Follow it with a disinfectant spray to sanitize your clipper.


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We hope our guide sums up ‘how to get hair out of electric razor’ well enough for you. Now that you know how to clean electric shaver, you must have understood that cleaning the razor manually is not a task. Instead, it is pretty straightforward and does not take much time either.


Hence, we recommend you to perform our above-stated ‘how to clean electric razor head’ routine post every use to maintain personal hygiene and add to the years of the razor-life. In addition, you must also lubricate the shaver regularly.


Finally, you can use soap to eliminate any leftover lubricant traces from the blade. Once you have this sorted and follow our guide to the T, you will see your razor lasting for years.