How To Grow A Twirly Mustache That Curls?

How to Grow a Handlebar Mustache
How to grow the perfect handlebar moustache? Let us state the obvious – at some point in time in life, all men have aspired to grow a handlebar moustache. From the fancy, it attracts to the glory it depicts, the style of a well twirled and decently maintained moustache is a global aspiration.


A great thing about this moustache is that it suits every face cut and shape. However, the problem is how to grow a mustache that curls? Well, the apparent notion is growing a handlebar moustache is a challenging task. But, is it?


Is the ever-so glorious-looking handlebar mustache that can be twisted and twirled with pride really a task to grow? In all honesty, that is not true at all. You can simplify the whole task significantly if you know how to grow a twirly mustache.


Even if you don’t know, we present you with a guide on how to get the perfect handlebar. In addition, we will address the benefits of growing such a moustache and some grooming tips to maintain it.


So, let us get started and address some simple steps on how to grow the perfect handlebar moustache in just a few weeks.


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How To Grow A Handlebar Mustache?

Step 1 – Gather everything you need

You first need all the requisite supplies handy for your journey. So, first pick a wax for your mustache. The kind of mustache wax you choose depends on the thickness of the hair. So, if for instance, your hair is not thick, you can opt for a milder wax.


On the other hand, if you have thick hair, you must invest in a stiff wax. Beyond that, you will also require a fine-tooth comb that helps you brush the hair. Additionally, hair-trimming scissors can also help.


When buying supplies, if in doubt, pick two wax containers that allow solid stiffness and one with medium stiffness.


Step 2 – No more shaving

If you aspire to learn how to grow a twirly mustache, be patient and let them grow. So, let the hair on the lip grow and thicken. However, regardless, you must not shave or trim your mustache. Even a little snip is not allowed.


The idea is to have as much hair as possible to shape and groom in the sideward direction. So, be it the annoying corners on the ends of the mouth, let them as they are, as it will play a role in the final appearance of your mustache.


Typically, you will need a no-shaving period of three months to get the desired output. This is undoubtedly one of the most vital steps in the ‘how to grow a handlebar mustache’ process.


Step 3 – Give them a direction.

If you wish to learn how to grow a twirly mustache, you need to understand that it is hair, and if you leave it unkempt, it will go haywire. Hence, it is vital to give them direction.


So, you see hair growing on the lips from the very stance you have to define them. For a direction, you must massage your hair to stroke the hair towards the lip corners. It also ensures that the hair stays out of the mouth.


With the bridge as the center, the mustache on the right should be stroked towards the right, and that on the left should be stroked towards the left.


So, whenever you come out of the shower, you should keep your mustache damp. Take only a small amount of wax, and dab onto the center, pushing towards both sides. When understanding how to grow a handlebar mustache, do not skip this step.


Step 4 – Comb it

If you need the correct way how to grow a mustache that curls, make sure that you regularly comb your mustache hair. You can consider combing every once a day. While combing, you have to push the hair out of the nose to the left and the right side, respectively. The hair is auto-trained to grow in the traditional handlebar manner with regular combing.


Step 5 – Twist and shape

With learning how to grow a handlebar mustache, there is another thing that you will need – ‘patience.’ So, while you wait, you must continually twist the hair on the sides. Of course, the hair might not be long enough to achieve a full curl, but you will have a decent idea of how the mustache will finally look.


Step 6 – Blow dry the hair

While shaping the mustache, you also need to soften the hair on the lips. For this, you can use a blow dryer. It will ensure that the wax seeps in correctly and that the hair retains its shape. However, while using the blow dryer, ensure the heat setting is set to a minimum.


Step 7 – Care and maintenance

Once you know how to grow a twirly mustache and have the desired look, caring for the mustache is a must. For this, you need a few minutes of your daily time, beard wax, and a beard comb. You should use the wax with your forefinger and thumb and roll the mustache to a point.


You must trim your handlebar mustache every few days to retain its shape. If any hair falls out of line, you can cut them and let the mustache naturally fill out.


Why Grow A Handlebar Mustache?

Now that you have learned how to grow a mustache that curls, the next thing you must know is that there are many perks of having such a mustache.

  • Handlebar mustache makes you look attractive.
  • Handlebar mustache shields you against acne by guarding your skin and the follicles against dirt and bacteria.
  • Handlebar mustache guards your skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • A handlebar mustache is easy to maintain once you have achieved your look.


Points To Remember

Now that you know how to grow a handlebar mustache, try to keep the following points in mind.



  1. When growing a handlebar mustache, it is vital to ensure that your mustache stays in place. For this, you need to invest in a quality beard wax. You must use a smidgen of beard wax on the mustache, especially towards the center, and give a twirl towards the corners.
  2. You also need to own a good brush exclusively for your mustache. This can help you shape and comb your mustache. So, once the hair achieved some length, merely massaging would not suffice. This is where a dedicated beard brush comes into play. More so, the brushes give a full-bodied look to the stache. All you have to do is brush the hair on the right to the right end and the left to the left. This also helps give a good shape to the beard.
  3. You have to wash it, comb it, wax it, and curl it every day without fail. This regular investment will be quite worth the effort.
  4. Always condition and moisturize your mustache, just like you moisturize the rest of the face. However, use only a lightweight moisturizer.
  5. Pick a gentle cleanser with mild ingredients.



  1. When you just start growing your mustache, you must avoid beard oils until the mustache has acquired some length. During this period, you can use coconut oil, and that, too, in a minimal quantity. After the mustache has achieved a certain length, you can start using beard oil to make the beard feel voluminous and plush.
  2. Regardless of how tempted you feel, do not trim the length, at least for about two to three weeks. This is imperative, especially for the hair right above the lip.
  3. Do not use the comb you use for the mustache on other areas, primarily if you use wax. To remove the wax from the comb, you can run it under tap water and then keep it in some dish soap to remove any residue.
  4. Hair fall is inevitable, and it becomes all the more noticeable when you have long hair on the lip. However, do not stress too much when that happens, and continue nurturing the mustache to let the hair grow further.
  5. Never use face cleansers with caustic in them. They are designed to cure acne but make it harder to curl and wax the mustache.
  6. When growing your mustache, do not touch your face and mustache too much, even if your upper lip feels itchy. Your fingers might carry bacteria in them, and this can result in ingrown hairs.


Which Mustache Style Goes with Your Face Cut?


Round face

Features – Broad jawline and wide cheekbones.

Mustache style: You must always pick a mustache style, which goes down towards the mouth, as that can accentuate your facial features. A horseshoe can be the perfect style for you.


Alternatively, if you want to keep it safe, a beard stache can also be a good pick.


What is not for you? – Refrain from any style that appears bushy around the lips.


Square Face

Features – Angular features with a stronger jawline.

Mustache style: You are pretty blessed. So, only a few styles may not suit you as most of them will work fine for your face shape. However, the Selleck mustache or a classic chevron will look the best.


Oblong face

Features: You have a long face, and your jawline and cheekbones are of the same length with a pointed chin.


Mustache style: A traditional handlebar is ideal for your face.


Triangular face

Features – Smaller jawline


Mustache style: Typically, you would want a mustache style that does not highlight your chin. You can opt for a combination that covers your cheekbones, such as a 5 O’clock shadow beard with a natural mustache.


Diamond face

Features: Your face is longer than it is broader, the chin is pointed, jawline and forehead have a similar width, the jawline is narrow, long, and pointed, and cheeks are pointed and high.


Mustache style: You need a minimal, understated mustache style, such as a pencil mustache. Some stubble can also elevate the look.


Oval Face

Features: Men with an oval face typically have a well-proportioned face.


Mustache style: You can opt for any mustache style.


Experts Weigh In On How To Grow A Handlebar Mustache


Ques 1. Will I suit a handlebar mustache?

Ans. See, the only way you can find whether the handlebar mustache will look good on you or not is by actually trying it out. Of course, it is fun to experiment with different styles, but it needs the proper knowledge of ‘how to grow a mustache that curls’ and patience. With the two, you can indeed create a flattering look for yourself.


Ques 2. How long does it take to grow a handlebar mustache?

Ans. It takes about three months for the mustache to grow and take the desired shape.


Ques 3. How to maintain handlebar mustache?

Ans. Some beard wax, a good facial cleanser, a beard comb, and regular trim sessions are all you need. We have already discussed in detail how to maintain handlebar mustache. You can follow the same routine, and you will love the after-effects.


Ques 4. Does shaving grow a mustache faster?

Ans. No, shaving has no impact on the growth, thickness, or color of the mustache growth.


Ques 5. How do I stop my mustache from curling?

Ans. Regularly combing the mustache in the shape you like and setting it with beard wax can prevent curling.


Ques 6. Is there a way to grow a thicker mustache?

Ans. If you know anything about how to grow a twirly mustache, you would know that the only secret to growing a thicker mustache is letting it grow and not trim it often.


Ques 7. When & how do you trim a handlebar mustache?

Ans. The ideal time to trim the mustache is as soon as you come out of your shower. You must spare a minimum of 30 minutes to tackle the trimming task. As you have exercised due caution towards growing the handlebar mustache, you must be very patient when trimming it. You can use a mustache comb and scissors or a mustache trimmer to handle the trimming.


Ques 8. How to groom a handlebar mustache?

Ans. You must regularly wash and clean your mustache using a gentle cleanser and apply a lightweight moisturizer once done. Following this, you need to comb and settle your hair in the direction and shape you like. Then lather it with a light layer of beard wax, and repeat this every day for best results.


Ques 9. What does a handlebar mustache say about you?

Ans. A handlebar mustache adds to your masculine exterior. It makes you look bold, chic, and confident. In addition, since a handlebar mustache showcases patience, it speaks about your character.


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So, this is all on how to grow the perfect handlebar moustache. Of course, when you are just starting, styling a handlebar mustache can seem like an arduous task. But, if you know the right drill use the right tools; it is only simplified.


So, follow our guide to the T, and you are guaranteed excellent results. You can then sit back and twirl your mustache with pride as you enjoy looks of admiration from everyone around you.