How To Shave Neck Beard & The Neckline Right?

How to shave neck beard
If your beard is anything beyond 3mm, you need to figure out how to trim a beard neckline and maintain it. But, before we address how to properly shave neck beard, you need to understand that a well-maintained and adequately defined beard neckline can make any style look tidier and better.


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This guide below will help you with all the tips and tricks on how to shave neck beard. Read below to find out. But, before we explain how to cut beard neckline, you need first to understand what is a neckline is and why making and finding a neckline important.


What Is A Neckline?

Your neckline lies just underneath your chin around your throat. It is the point of convergence of the neck and the face. This is also the point wherein the facial hair must cease, and you see a clean-shaven neck and throat.


Depending on your beard style, it can be gradually stubbled to fade away or entirely clean-shaven. Even though it is one of the most ignored parts of the face, it never looks good when left unattended or mildly trimmed.


Thus, you need to acquire knowledge on how to shape a beard neckline. But, before we help you learn how to get rid of neck beard, why is it essential to make a neckline? Keep reading to know.


Why Do You Need To Define A Neckline?

Typically, every beard style and shape involves close shaving or trimming the hair that grows onto your neck underneath the chin. The only exception to this rule is when you have a full, thick, and long mane noticeable from all ends.


Regardless, nobody really appreciates their hair sprouting down the neck so much that they end up inter-mingling with the chest hair. Thus, it is quintessential to know how to shape a beard neckline.


In addition, in men with a well-defined neckline, the beard appears thicker from the side. Beyond elevating your facial features, trimming the neck also prevents uncomfortable itchiness. So, where should your beard neckline be, and how to shave neck beard? Keep reading to know further.


Where Should My Beard Neckline Be?

Before you learn how to shave your neckline, you need to find the correct line. So, to understand where your beard neckline is, you need first to run your fingers from Adam’s apple and go all the way to the bottom of your ears.


While doing so, you must look into the mirror to get a precise idea of where you ought to be shaving. So, anything that falls underneath this neckline must be clean-shaven if you aspire for a well-groomed, professional, and smart look.


Now that you know how to find your beard neckline, we can help you with the right steps to trim your neck beard.


How To Cut Beard Neckline?

Follow these steps to trim your neck beard without hurting yourself.


Step 1 – Gather all the supplies.

Let us start with our’ how to shave neck beard’ guide by stating the obvious. First, you need to gather all the supplies you need for the trimming session. Of course, you are learning how to trim neck beard, but you need to understand that trimming your neck beard is quite similar to trimming any other part of the beard.


So, gather everything you need – a trimmer or a razor, a comb, two mirrors, a hand-held mirror, and a fixed mirror. For someone who is growing out, trimming once a month will suffice. On the other hand, you will need a more frequent trim if you have a short beard.


Step 2 – Prep your beard.

An essential step in learning to shave neck beard is skin prepping. Often people overlook this vital step. So, before you start shaving, you must ensure that your neck is properly cleaned with warm water. If you have ingrown hair around the region, a good scrubbing can help.


Next, before you start with the critical steps in this ‘how to shave neck beard’ guide, you need to apply pre-shave oil to the neck. This can lower irritation and redness in the region. However, some people claim that pre-shave oil tends to clog their pores, so don’t go overboard.


Step 3 – Brush’em

Now, before you pick the razor or the trimmer and follow our’ how to trim neck beard’ guide, you need to spare some time to brush and comb the hair in the region. Upon combing, the hair settles down and sits in its natural growing direction.


In addition, it also detangles the hair or the knots, letting you see your growth correctly. So, let us move ahead to step 4 in this how to trim a beard neckline guide.


Step 4 – Define the neckline

If you have to learn how to properly shave neck beard, you must define the neckline. You can use our guide above to define the neckline. In doing so, your head must be straight and not overly up or down or tilted to the side. Now, define the neckline and understand how others will see you from all sides.


Step 5 – Define your cheek line

We are at step 5 of the ‘how to shave your neckline’ guide. So, after the neckline is defined, the next step involves defining the cheek line. Typically, the check line goes from the mustache to the end of the sideburns.


The cheek line can be a slight curve or a diagonal or straight line. The curved cheek line looks the best in men with an angular face. It helps you soften your sharp facial features. On the other hand, men with a rounder face should opt for a defined or a straight cheek line.


Step 6 – Get rid of the weight

Now, let us move ahead to the sixth step in the ‘how to trim a beard neckline’ process. So, now, pick your trimmer, and start taking out the extra hair from under your chin. Men who understand their beards already know their fast-growing areas.


Typically, the region under your chin is where your hair grows faster. So, remove all the excess tuft. To ensure that you have done it right, you must raise your chin, and if the hair forms a straight line from neck to chin, you have learned how to shave neck beard.


Step 6 – Shape the sideburn

If you have followed our above-listed five steps on how to shape a beard neckline, you have done a great job at tidying your neck beard. Now, you have to work towards beautifying the edges. Next, you need to tackle the jawline near your ear. It, too, can be a fast-growing zone.


You can use a trimmer to shape the sideburns and go in line. Start from the back end of the sideburns, and travel downwards towards your beard. This can help you establish a strong line.


Finally, you can define the sideburns as per your face shape and beard goals and keep the bottom edge squared off or rounded.


Step 7 – Define the length, and keep it uniform

We are at the last step in the ‘how to get rid of neck beard’ process. So, herein, you will define the beard corners by trimming a vertical line right underneath your earlobes and connecting with the horizontal line beneath your chin. You can leave the lines depending on your personal style.


So, these are all the steps involved in trimming the neck beard. So, if you follow the steps above, you are already well-educated on how to trim neck beard.


How To Shave Neck Beard With Fades?

To learn how to trim a beard neckline and fade it away, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, visualize where your neckline must be before you start shaving.
  • Do not end the beard along the jawline.
  • The beard neckline must extend in the curve going from the left ear to the right, lying just over Adam’s apple in the center.
  • Invest in top-quality electric clippers while you perform the fading style. However, ensure that the clipper setting is set at two points below the beard length. This can help you achieve a perfect beard neckline.
  • To achieve a natural look, you can set the clipper setting further one or two settings lower and gradual end of the beard.


Follow the steps above to achieve the perfect fade style for the beard neckline. It would help if you regularly tried to maintain the quality and length of the neckline and beard by timely conditioning and trimming and regular use of the beard oil.


How To Treat Razor Burn On Your Neck?

If you know how to trim neck beard without causing razor burns – Good! If not then we are here for help. You can get a razor burn at typically any part of the body that is subject to shavings, such as your underarms, legs, pubic area, face, or neck.


You might experience rashes, bumps, and itching in the concerned area.


So, how to shape a beard neckline without causing razor burns? Unfortunately, razor burns on the neck are uncomfortable and highly annoying. But, the good thing is these tend to resolve over time.

  • Apply cold compress or a used tea bag for a few minutes to calm down the burning sensation.
  • You can also apply aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil, witch hazel, ACV, or diluted tea tree oil to the affected area.
  • Try not to scratch or shave the bumpy skin
  • A calming oatmeal bath also helps


How To Shave Neck Beard – Dos and Don’ts

1. Trim first – To get a cleaner and neater look, you must always trim your hair first. When your hair is long, it causes resistance as you shave, especially in people with curly or thick hair.


2. Wash and cleanse before you start – You need to start on a clean neck and face. So, use a mild cleanser to remove the sweat, oil, and any other products from your face—this aids in a smoother shave.


3. Prep your skin before shaving – After cleansing your face, you must exfoliate it to ensure that your hair is smooth for shaving.


4. Use a clean trimmer or razor – Ensure that the edges are sharp to get a seamless shave every time. Hence, it is necessary to clean your hair following every use.


5. Be gentle – There is no hurry. So, take smaller and gentle strokes for best results.


6. Apply an aftershave, oil, or moisturizer– Once you are done, you need to close the pores. For this, wash your face with warm water, and layer it with a moisturizer or beard oil.


7. Explore different options – Keep trying new shaving tools to ensure that you find the best fit for your neckline shaving.


How To Trim A Beard Neckline – Some Quick FAQs

Ques 1. How far up your neck should you shave your beard? What part of a neck beard should you shave?

Ans. You should define your neckline first and shave the hair beyond that zone.


Ques 2. How to trim a goatee neckline?

Well, learning how to shave neck beard and trim a goatee neckline is very simple with these steps.


Step 1 – Get rid of the tuft

Firstly, trim the excess hair with a beard trimmer. This can simplify the process of beard styling.

Step 2 – Form an outline.

With a precision goatee trimmer, create a goatee outline around the chin. You can decide the width according to the length of your face. Next, clip the remnant hair from the neck and the cheek, and perform gentle and smooth movements against the direction of the hair growth.

Step 3 – Start styling under the lip

Now, go underneath your lower lip, create a rounded or triangular shape there, and clip out all the extra.

Step 4 – Trim the final length.

Use a mustache and a beard comb to lower the goatee’s final length as desired.

Step 5 – Clean up

Once done, shave your neck and cheeks, and remove the hair from the mustache line. Finally, check the symmetry, and make amends, if needed.


Ques 3. How do I stop my neck from growing a beard?

Ans. Several factors trigger excessive hair growth on your neck. Consult your dermatologist for the same and include these healthy habits in your lifestyle:

  • Start exercising – When you do not exercise, you might gain weight. This might result in the appearance of a double chin. When you have a substantial neck, the hair on the area looks more pronounced. So, exercise to shed the extra weight.
  • Take care of your skin – Your beard’s growth has a lot to do with the health of the skin underneath it. So, invest in the right skincare products and take good care of your skin.
  • Get adequate sleep – Adequate sleep also ensures better beard growth. It also helps manage your hormones and curtail hair growth to the typical areas.
  • Manage stress level – Your stress level can trigger your immune system and hormone. So, meditate and practice yoga to keep hormones in check.

So, hopefully, with our guide above, you have learned how to shave your neckline and take care of your skin correctly.


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