Best Balding Hair Clippers

Hair clippers that cut the closest…

Best balding clippers

It’s no secret that we all go gaga over well-groomed men. It could be a close cut or a completely bald look. Yes! We said bald.
Hair Clippers are today more of a necessity than a luxury. It is an amazing tool if you prefer a bald look, have a quick hair growth rate. They are a cost-effective way of always keeping your hair looking fresh without any need to go to a hair salon.
So, on the agenda today are hair clippers for shaving head. We have evaluated each one of them based on their performance, price, and use. So, you can find clippers that meet your needs and shave your head without any trouble. After doing some thorough research and testing, we’ve compiled this list of hair clippers for you.

Best Clippers For Shaving Head

  1. Wahl Color Pro Cordless – Best Budget Buy
  2. Wahl Magic Clip – Best Value Buy
  3. Oster Classic 76 – Best Professional Pick
  4. Andis Master Cordless – Best High End Clipper
  5. BaByliss PRO GoldFx – Best Overall


1. Wahl Color Pro Cordless – Best Budget Buy


Wahl Color Pro Cordless – Best Budget Buy Check price on Amazon


Before you splurge your valuable money on any of the hair clippers for shaving head, it’s important to understand its purpose. If you need to buy a high-quality hair clipper on a budget, it’ll be best to go for Wahl Color Pro Cordless.
This is a renowned brand that has been available in the market for around 100 years and comes first in the list of men’s hair care segments.
It is a low-priced Clipper that includes an easy-to-use color-coded system that makes it easy to identify guard sizes. It comes with marks on the machines so you can determine the height of the cuts offered by the comb.
So, you can select a comb that is suitable for your hair length. The blades of this handy hair clipper are made up of stainless, are easy to clean, and are quickly removable.
The most exciting thing is that the grooming tool comes with a storage case ready to equip all the accessories that come with the tool. The accessories included are a blade guard (size – 1 to 8), scissors, soft storage case, 8 color-coded combs attachments, right/left ear taper combs, barber comb, charger, blade oil, cleaning brush, and charger.
Plus, it is a convenient wireless kit that serves as handy hair clippers for bald head that can easily fit in your palm. Whether you want to perfectly trim, shave or cut adult hair or kid’s hair, this clipper is your best option. With its good quality comb and scissors, you can easily and quickly achieve any hairstyle.
The device also has a powerful and long-lasting battery that can smoothly work for 60 minutes. There is also an indicator given on the device to alert users when the battery is low. You will also find a user guide giving clear and simple directions so you can use the device without any trouble.
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2. Wahl Magic Clip – Best Value Buy


Wahl Magic Clip – Best Value Buy Check price on Amazon

If you are looking for the best balding clippers for value, choose none other than Wahl Magic Clip. As the name says, this device has magic in its blade. It is a Five-star cordless hair clipper that is particularly designed to give smooth performance and a great-looking hairstyle.
It has perfect stainless steel blades that are designed to make the task of hair cutting, trimming, and grooming easier. You can smoothly adjust its guard blades to any length from 0.8 to 2.5 mm.
If you prefer to get a completely smooth shave, you can set the guard blades to zero manually. You don’t need to worry about changing the blade as the device has a convenient option of a thumb lever. Another great thing is that the device comes with an 8-feet long cable so you can easily move it around the head to get any desired hairstyle.
Even after using it for a long time, the device will deliver a powerful performance. Thanks to its high-powered V9000 motor. The amazing motor is powered at 120 Volts/60 Hertz. Another great benefit of this device is that it doesn’t overheat and resists chemicals. This is the most common reason why it is preferred by professionals.
In contrast to other competitors, these balding hair clippers have an impressive motor that provides more power up to 50 percent. Let’s not forget to take a look at the accessories that come with this high-performance device.
It includes a suction machine, 8 comb sizes, a cleaning brush, blade oil, a blade guard, and a detailed guide for instructions. Another great thing about this product is that it is easy to carry with measurements of 8×2.75×3 inches and weighs 11.2 ounces.
Its long-lasting battery has a run time of 90 minutes and takes 120 minutes to charge. So, feel free to order your favorite balding clippers today.

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3. Oster Classic 76 – Best Professional Pick


Oster Classic 76 – Best Professional Pick Check price on Amazon

According to most professionals, it is probably one of the perfect hair clippers that cut the closest. As such this powerful device is trusted for its impressive durability, performance, and amazing hair styling experiences. So, if you are searching for the best balding clippers, make sure to shortlist keep the Oster 76 clipper.
This heavy-duty clipper has it all. Its amazing durability is one of the prominent features that attract users. The clipper has an all-powerful engine to offer high performance. With its sharp blades, one can quickly and efficiently cut even the thickest hair.
Additionally, it is very convenient to use with a simple design that you can comfortably fit in your hand. The blades of the clipper are easy to remove for cleaning.
If you shop these amazing close shave clippers, you’ll get a kit including lubricant and oil. Along with this, you’ll also get a blade guard, removable blades, removable blades, hair clipper grease, a cleaning brush, and an easy-to-follow instructions booklet. The best thing about the clipper is that it is lightweight and travel-friendly. It measures 1.8x2x8.1 inches in size and weighs 2 pounds.
Another great advantage of getting these hair clippers is its 9 feet long power cable that is resistant to breakage and damage. This makes it a perfect hair grooming tool for most professional hairdressers. If you purchase it, you can rest assured to achieve the desired satisfaction on a budget.

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4. Andis Master Cordless – Best High End Clipper


Andis Master Cordless – Best High End Clipper Check price on Amazon

If you are interested to get a premium quality hair clipper and ready to spend good dollars, then this is your go-to option. The Andis Master Cordless is a perfectly designed clipper for grooming any haircut.
Also recognized as the best balding clippers available in the market, it is a professional clipper. Being lightweight and extremely powerful, this device is convenient to use.
The best thing about this advanced tool is the heavy-duty lithium-ion battery. It takes just 60 minutes to charge and works smoothly for 90 minutes. While it’s the powerful motor has advanced speed technology that allows smooth cutting and trimming of both dry as well as wet hair.
Also, these wireless devices come with high-end blades that show incredible precision and sharpness to make hair styling easier for hairdressers.
In addition, the machinery is internally made up of aluminum which improves its durability. You get the option to use the device with cable or without cable as per your own needs. This makes the close shave clippers highly suitable for travel.
The outstanding device allows 7200 cuts in one minute which impress many buyers. Plus, you can easily adjust its blades from 0.5 to 2.5 mm. If you want you can also adjust it to zero space.
To be working efficiently for a long time, the machine requires regular cleaning after every use. You can find an old toothbrush to remove any excess hair from the blade. Don’t forget to lubricate the blades to maintain their effectiveness.
Apart from this, you can find other necessary accessories with the product like a blade guard, adapter, removable plugs, and a simple user manual.
These balding clippers have a solid build of impressive quality carbon steel. The dimensions of the clipper are as follows: 3.5x5x9.8 inches in size and weight of 2 pounds. The only disadvantage of this product is that it is high-priced.

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5. BaByliss PRO GoldFx – Best Overall


BaByliss PRO GoldFx – Best Overall Check price on Amazon

The BaBylissPRO GoldFX is an outstanding hair clippers for shaving head smoothly. Designed ergonomically this is a pleasing device for professionals and all DIYers (Do-It-Yourselfer).
It is not only a durable and powerful device but aesthetically pleasing with an all-metal housing. It has a solid engine with EDM technology and highly precise knives built up of Japanese steel. This is why the device guarantees to give better hair grooming results than a barber.
The most appealing characteristic of this machine is the grooved texture of its handle which allows a convenient hand grip. Being very light-weight this renowned trimmer operates well in the face contours. Most professionals enjoy using this clipper to effectively perform the job of cutting any hair length.
Additionally, it is powered by a Ferrari designer engine of 7200 rpm, which enhances its quality. The high-end motor help in completing the haircutting job without overheating and producing loud sounds. Therefore, these balding hair clippers are perfect to groom any type of hair without giving any trouble to the user.
The best feature of this ultimate clipper is that it has a 360-degree T-blade. Whether you want to use it with cable or without cable, the device will work perfectly fine. Thanks to its amazing battery life of 2 hours.
It is equipped with 8 cutting guides and adjustment blades that allow you to versatile hairstyles. On the bottom of the trimmer, you can find a hook to safely hang it after use. You can find it in a size of 3.5×5.38×9.75 inches and weigh 1.7 pounds.
Overall, it is a high-quality product that is reasonably priced to fulfill the grooming requirements of men.
Hope you were able to find what you were looking for in a clipper of your choice!

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