Why Do I Want To Shave My Head – The Right Answer With Reason!

 Should I Shave My Head
We can see that today a large number of people are choosing to shave their head. Whether you have a thin hair volume or just want to try a new look, shaving your hair can be a good option.
But going for a shaved head can certainly be a bold decision. If you have a hairline that is shrinking or a balding appearance, you can consider shaving your head. In fact, there are many more reasons to shave your head. It’s a fresh and trending look even for females today.
Still, most men wonder shoud I shave my hair? Whether you believe it or not, shaving  your head can be quiet rejuvenating for men. Best of all, it will save your money in getting new styling products. Also it will save you from regular visit at the barbers.

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If you still questioning yourself why do I want to shave my head, read through this comprehensive guide. This will provide you with expert tips, tools as well as knowledge on shaving your head.

When Should You Shave Your Head?

So, now that you know that there is nothing wrong in going bald. The next big question is “when is the right time to shave your hair?” Usually, most men get it done when their hair are falling out, receding or thining.
Or maybe, you are at your wit’s end and you cannot even seek suggestions from a hairstylist or barber. They could have taken a good look at the condition of your scalp and hair type and recommended a shaven head maybe.
But, if you have already shaven your head, the situation might be different and if you are anxious, no problem. That is completely understandable. Just remember that shaved head will not be permanent and you will soon get your healthy and shiny hair back. Isn’t this one of the best reasons to shave your head?
Now, are you wondering to shave your head and when’s the right time to do it? Of course, you can consider shaving your hair in summer. This is a great way to save yourself from being a sweat bucket.
While during the winter weather skin is already dehydrated leaving it prone to inflammation, increased sensitivity and irritation. So, for men who keep on thinking “Should I shave my head?”
You should plan about getting bald during winter season and save yourself from ugly side-effects such as rashes, shaving bumps, razor burns, etc.
Also, look after your personal/professional calender and see if you have any important events upcoming up where you would not want to show up bald. Accordingly, adjust your timing.

Reasons To Shave Your Hair

Here are five reasons to shave your hair and give yourself a bold look.

1. No need to comb your hair

That’s true. You will never have to experience any bad hair days. You don’t need to worry about sweat –loaded hair whilr wearing a helmet while driving motorbike.

2. You will appear stronger

According to research people find men with shaved head more attractive. In general, men with shaved hair are seen as tougher and dominant. Even most women feel that shaved head men appear highly confident. Therefore, when you find yourself wondering why do I want to shave my head, just do it confidently.

3. No need to stress over hairloss

This is probably one of the most common reasons to shave your head. If you are experiencing severe hairfall, you can’t go worrying about it forever. It will only have ill-effects on your health.
So, wouldn’t it be nice to get your hair shaved. Of course, it won’t make you look bad. In fact, getting a bald look is in trend and you can style your shaved head with beard.

4. Save your money

Next time when you are thinking should I shave my head bald, don’t wait for days. Just get it done quickly and you can try it with different cool beard looks. This way you don’t need to spend on expensive products needed for hair care.
Also, shaving is something that you can do on your own. So you don’t need to pay dollars at a barbershop or salon.

5. Save your valuable time

Isn’t this great? When you have a shaved head you don’t to worry about regular hair maintenance. There is no need to comb or blow dry your hair as soon as you step out of showers.

6. Fresh Look

Carrying the same look since ages, try shaving your head for a bold fresh look. It is again one of the best reasons to shave your head and will certainly save your time.


What Do I Need To Shave My Head?

Shaving your head is an easy task that one can easily do at home. This is again one of the great reasons behind shaving your head. But we are sure that you don’t want to ruin your first shave. So make sure to do a good research on all the things that you’ll need for shaving your hair perfectly. Here’s our list:

  • Clippers or scissors
  • Handheld mirror to view the sides, at the back of your ear and head
  • Proper lighting
  • Good-quality razor with a fresh blade
  • Shaving gel or cream
  • Soft towel
  • After-shave lotion or moisturizer
  • Spritzer water bottle


How Do I Shave My Head? Should You Shave Your Head Against The Grain?

If you are shaving your head at home for the first time, here are some simple instructions on how to start. Before you start shaving, first make sure to cut off your extra long hair.
Just try to cut them from as close to the scalp as you can. This way you will easily be able to use the clippers.
Once you have done it  follow these simple:

  1. First of all, gently apply shaving cream on your head. Or maybe, spray some frsh water on your hair. It will help you to soften the hair.
  2. Now, use a new and sharp razor. Avoid using dull blades as they are more likely to make cuts and nicks.
  3. Start shaving your head from the top. First apply gentle strokes moving in the direction of your hair growth.
  4. After every single stroke make sure to rinse the blade in warm water. It will help in removing the excess hair and shaving cream on the blade.
  5. Next, use the blades on the side of your head. Remember to fold your ears during the process to prevent any cuts.
  6. Moving down towards your neck gently shave your head from the back.
  7. Look out for any missing areas using a hand mirror.
  8. After the process smoothly wash your scalp with cool water.
  9. Use a soft towel to pat dry your head.
  10. Lastly, remember to use the aftershave lotion or apply moisturizer.

If you want to use an electric razor, you can certainly go for it. But make sure you know how to correctly use it. It is actually more convenient than a manual razor, as you don’t need to wash the blade multiple times to get rid of excess.

What To Do After Shaving Head For Good Hair?

Should I shave my head men wonder? Of course, go through the effective tips stated above and get finely shaved head. If you shave your head along the grain, it will help you to get through smoothly. On the other hand, when you shave your head roughly or in the opposite direction of hair growth, it can lead to razor bumps.
When it comes to aftercare process make sure wash your head properly. After this you can apply a moisturizer or after-shave gel to sooth the shaved areas.
There are also quality moisturizers available for the aftercare of bare scalp. These are specialized to prevent dryness and irritation of shaved scalp.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Shaving Head?

If you have never shaved your hair before, getting used to it can be troublesome. In the beginning you may not even like it at all. There are some problems with going bald which you shouldn’t ignore.
If you are thinking, “should I shave my hair”, first take a look at the disadavantages.

1. Irritation of scalp

Should I shave my head bald men keep on pondering? No matter how careful you are, you can end up getting cuts and nicks. Oftentimes, shaving can lead to inflamed and red patches in the scalp which is referred as razor burn.

2. Exposed scalp

When you get your head shaved it will be exposed to various elements. Whether you are living in cold or rainy conditions make sure to use sunscreen on your bald head. Make sure to cover it to avoid any direct contact with the sunlight. Should I shave my head men think? Yes, you can but take care to read through the cons first.

3. Ingrown hair

Having ingrown hair is common when you hair are tightly curled. This can also lead to skin inflammation. To avoid this situation you can use electric razor without going for the closest shave.

4. Skin dryness

If you like to shave your head frequently, it can make your scalp dry and itchy. Avoid using your fingernails to scratch your scalp roughly and apply moisturizer.

5. Maintain your bald head

Remember that smoothly shaved head won’t last for long. In order to upkeep your shaved head you may need to shave your short stubble hair everyday. But it also depend on how quickly your hair grow. Should I shave my head men often get puzzled? Well, by going through this article you can take the right decision.


Pros and Cons Of Shaving Your Head As A Woman

It doesn’t matter if you want to get your hair shaved to make a style statement or for medical reasons. Make sure to be aware about the pros and cons of shaving your head. So, if you are thinking about should I shave my head bald, please go through the pros and cons mentioned below.

Should I Shave My Hair – Pros?

1. Experimenting can be fun

It can be a fun experience to try something new with your look. If you are looking for some exhilarating experience it can be worthwhile to go bald and change your look.

2. Get a bolder look

There is no doubt that changing your physical appearance is always refreshing. It can give you a fresh vibe even when you are going through a grieving moment. In fact, it can give you a tougher look and make a bold statement.

3. It will save you money

It’s so true that women need to upkeep their hair on regular basis. And it can be very costly depending on the type of hair stylist and hair care products you use. On an average head shaving can cost up to $10 only. This makes it the least expensive way to maintain your look.
So, if you are still wondering why do I want to shave my head, just go for it. Shaving your head won’t be harsh at your wallet at all.

4. Consider donating your hair for a cause and make it an experience worthwhile.

This beautiful cause will definitely give you some good reasons to shave your head.

Should I Shave My Hair – Cons?


  1. In case you got your head shaved but didn’t like it. That could really be a shock. Just calmly wait for your hair to grow back. It can take around 3 months to see your real hair growth back.
  2. Are you wondering should I shave my head bald? Well! In some socities bald women are criticised, which shouldn’t be the case.
  3. Of course, summer time is a great time to keep your head cool. But you might feel colder in cool temperatures.
  4. When you go bald it can lead to higher risk of sunburn. Make sure to cover your skull otherwise it can suffer from harsh sunlight. Avoid directly exposing your skin to the sun.
  5. You might miss your long tresses and styling after getting bald.


Should I Shave My Head Men Always Ask – Check Out Common Queries!

Q. Do you have to shave your head for hair transplant?

A. It’s true that shaving your head can make the process of transplant easier but it’s not truly necessary. Now, the transplant surgery can be performed using no-shave method.


Q. What do you use to shave your head?

A. In order to smooth shave your head you can use best quality razor blades. Just avoid using dull blades. You can also use electric shavers as well.

Q. I am going bald – should i shave my full head?

A. If you are having bald patches and considering should I shave my hair, it is a yes from us. Since bald patches here and there do not look very pleasing, you might consider shaving it all off and style yourself accordingly.


Q. Should I consider shaving my head if my hair is thinning?

A. Whether you are balding or thinning, you can consider shaving your head for getting back healthy hair growth. However, shaving does not guarantee a voluminous hair growth.


Q. Can I shave my head with a razor?

A. Yes, you can use a fresh multi-blade razor to get the closest possible shave.


Q. Should I consider shaving my head if I have alopecia?

A. Our first suggestion here would be to go to a dermatologist and do as they say. However, if you wish to shave your head if you are struggling through alopecia, it shouldn’t be a cause of concern.


Q. What does shaving your head symbolize?

A. Conceptually, shaving your head symbolized subordination. However, today it signifies reqlinquishing oneself from the worldly attachements and pride. Another reasons are that people also regard it as a sign of power, authority, and uniqueness.


Q. Receding hairline – should I shave my head men in dilemma?

A. Yes, shaving your head can be liberating and help you regain confidence and start afresh.


Q. Can I shave my head with a beard trimmer?

A. Of course, you can use a bear trimmer to shave your head. Just remember beard trimmers are meant to work on beard hair which isn’t that thick, comparatively head hair is thicker. So, you might struggle a bit there.


Q. Can shaving your head change your hair?

A. No, it doesn’t affect the new hair growth and density at all. So, if you are confused should I shave my hair, will it change my hair color on re-growth – don’t worry and go ahead.