10 Best Straighteners and Flat Irons For Short Hair: Buying Guide, Straightening Tips and FAQs


There is a common misconception that short hair is easy to maintain or curl than long hair. Of course, when your hair is long, straightening it takes time, but there is no truth that short hair is easy to manage compared to long hair. Short hair has its share of issues, especially when it comes to curling or straightening. At times, they are not long enough for you to grab onto them, and you cannot take them too close to the scalp as it might cause burns.


Hence, to curl or straighten your short hair, you need to invest in the best hair straightener for short hair. The thing with the best hair straightener for short hair is that these are mainly designed to style your hair comfortably and safely. So, let us begin with the best flat irons for short hair.


Best Straighteners For Short Hair: Key Takeaway


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Best Straighteners For Short Hair

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Best Straightener For Short Hair Top Pick

HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener 


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Runners Up For Hair Straightener For Short Hair

RUSK Engineering Heat Freak Professional Ceramic and Tourmaline Str8 Iron


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INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron


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KIPOZI Hair Straightener 1 Inch Titanium Plates Professional Flat Iron


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Best Compact One

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron


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Terviiix Small Flat Iron for Short Hair, Temperature Adjustable Pencil Flat Iron Fast Heat Up, 3/10 Inch Beard Straightening Iron


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HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener with Glove, Pouch, and Argan Oil Treatment


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ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener, Ceramic Flat Iron, Professional Hair Styler


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Remington S5500 1″ Anti-Static Flat Iron with Floating Ceramic Plates and Digital Controls, Hair Straightener

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Best Flat Iron For Short Fine Hair (Budget Buy)

AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener Negative Ionic Technology for Travel


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1. HSI Professional Glider – Best Hair Straightener For Short Hair

Best Straightener For Short Hair Top Pick


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At number one in our list of best straighteners for short hair is the HSI Professional Glider. HSI Professional works well on fine and thick hair and even hair prone to dullness and frizz. To lend the rough, dry, and dull hair a new lease of life and to tame the frizz, being one of the best flat irons for short hair, the glider employs tourmaline and ceramic crystal plates.


Beyond the excellent heat distribution and generation, the straightener also produces a reasonable degree of negative ions, which significantly betters your hair’s moisture retention ability and texture.


Its heat plates are approximately 1″, which is accepted universally for different haircuts. The straightener’s eight in-built Heat Balance micro-sensors offer maximum control over temperature and enable an even heat distribution by lowering the hotspots’ risk. This is why this is the best flat iron for short fine hair and women dealing with split ends and hair thinning.


The operating temperature range of this straightener lies between 140-450 degrees F. This, indeed, makes it quite a safe pick for just about every kind of hair. With the precision and control that this best hair straightener for short hair offers, you can channelize the hairstylist in you and give yourself a new look that you deserve. What’s more? This hair straightener can double as a hair curler, allowing you to achieve pretty flips and soft curls in just one pass. Hence, it is not only the best flat iron for short fine hair but also a comprehensive styling tool, which is a must-have in your closet.


Another thing to look for while shopping for best flat irons for short hair is the cord. The swivel cord of this straightener is decently long to help work at ease. More so, the smash-resistant build quality and dead-on performance make this a hit amongst the customers. You get a bunch of freebies with this best flat iron for short fine hair. Some of the extra goodies you get with it are a bottle of argan oil treatment, a travel-size bag, and protective gloves. It supports dual voltage 110-220 Volts. This means that you can carry along with you during travel and use it in any corner of the world. Owing to its mini 6″ size, it will fit in your bag easily without taking a lot of space. The only problem with this otherwise exceptional straightener is that this one does not have the auto shut-off feature.


Key features

  1. 6 foot 360 degrees, tangle-free swivel cord
  2. 1 Year Limited Warranty period
  3. Heat-resistant glove for an added protection and safety
  4. Dual voltage feature
  5. Incorporates a dial control to maneuver the heat range



  • Leaves you with dramatic results even on the coarsest and frizziest hair
  • Helps straighten, curl, or flip with minimum effort
  • Simple and fast
  • Has microsensors, which prevent hair damage
  • Ceramic and tourmaline crystal ion plates for a silkier and shinier finish
  • Helps you overcome frizz with adjustable high heat
  • Combat and easy to travel with
  • Can be used around the world because of its double voltage compatibility.



  • Lacks auto shut-off feature

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2. RUSK Engineering Heat Freak Professional (Runners Up For Best Hair Straightener For Short Hair )

Runners Up For Hair Straightener For Short Hair


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If you wish to invest in one of the best straighteners for short hair, then this RUSK Engineering hair straightening iron can be quite a good pick. The straightener comes equipped with tourmaline and ceramic-infused heating plates. You can find this flat iron in two different plate sizes, that is, 1-inch and 1-1/2 inches. See, since you are shopping for the hair straightener for short hair, we recommend opting for a hair straightener with the smaller plates.


Such a hair straightener for short hair does not wear off soon as opposed to those with ceramic-only coating. Speaking about this straightener, you can be assured of an uncompromised performance for years, which is incredible since the straightener comes at a pocket-friendly rate.


It can fetch you a maximum heat of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which is indeed what you will get in a salon. If you are someone with coarse hair, this can be the best hair straightener for short hair.


  • Many users have even commented that this is an incredible tool as it takes fewer passes and less heat than the other brands. This translates into less damage. With a fine-setting dial marked with an actual number instead of the vague high or low setting (or alike), this indeed is the best flat iron for short fine hair for people who like to keep it in control. It has an ergonomic and a very comfortable handle, easy to hold when you bring the iron closer to your hair roots.


Lastly, this hair straightening iron comes with a longer than average cord, which is a must have while shopping for best flat irons for short hair. It heats up fast, but it is still slower in comparison to the other competitors.


Key features

  1. Perfect to meet the highest beauty standards for professionals.
  2. Titanium-infused ceramic iron utilizes CTC technology.
  3. Lightweight
  4. Smooth glide because of the Sol-gel technology



  • Leaves the hair silky and smooth without any frizz.
  • Easy gliding and very comfortable to operate.
  • Works well even at low temperature and heat settings.
  • High maximum for even the most coarse locks.

Good temperature control.



  • Not the fastest when it comes to heating up.

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Next in line for the best straighteners for short hair is the INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR. It is one of the top-rated flat iron by Conair, which works amazingly for the budget-friendly price you will bear for it. One of the most incredible features of this hair straightener is its ultra-smooth heat plate surface. Regardless of how short your hair is, it won’t catch onto the plates as you pull through the flat iron. The plates have tourmaline crystal infusion and ceramic coatings, which guards your hair against all kind of high heat, and helps your tresses retain their moisture.


Another great feature of this best flat iron for short fine hair is its rapid heat up speed. More so, you get 30 different heat settings with this straightener, maximum at 455°F. It also comes with a 5-year warranty, which is incredible too.


Key features

  1. Best flat iron for short fine hair with 30 heat settings
  2. Extra-long floating plates
  3. Advanced ceramic technology, which heats up evenly up to 455°F without hot spots
  4. Ideal for all hair types
  5. Leaves you with more shine and less frizz
  6. Can be used to straighten hair or create beachy waves
  7. Has a 15-second heat-up, along with a true ceramic heater, which high heat for lasting impact.



  • Can give you both sleep or wavy looks
  • Lightweight
  • Travel-friendly
  • Heats up super-fast
  • Reduces frizz
  • Leaves a shine on the hair
  • Extra-long floating plates



  • There is absolutely no way to figure out the heat settings

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4. KIPOZI Hair Straightener Titanium Plates Professional Flat Iron


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Next in our best straighteners for short hair list, we have a KIPOZI straightener. Over the past few years, the brand has won customers’ hearts by always providing top-notch styling tools. However, this is not the only reason we included this on our best straighteners for short hair list.


So, why have we included this in our list of best flat irons for short hair? Well, for starters we love and appreciate the angled plate design idea incorporated by the makers. Since the plate is slightly far from the handle at an angle, it makes it effortless for you to pivot and hold it.


For buyers, who are shopping for the best flat iron for short fine hair for the first time, and really wish to splurge before testing waters, this can be quite a pick. In this straightener, the temperature range that you get lies between 122-450 degrees F. So, if you have thick and fine hair with split ends, frizzy strands, and weak roots, then you need to set the temperature to the lowest. This will ensure that the overall damage is minimum without compromising on your styling needs.


With the Titanium plates, you can style your hair with minimum effort. With this straightening iron, styling your hair takes no longer than 15 seconds to reach 360-degrees, which is a remarkable feature for its price.


The flat iron also uses the 3D floating plates, enabling you to firmly clamp the short hair shafts between its plate without losing its grip for even a minute. Further, the 360-degree swivel cord only adds to its maneuverability, allowing you to flip, twist, straighten, and twist the bangs while simultaneously adding neat details onto the crown and the sides with unprecedented precision, sans any painful snagging. Its 1-inch plate is relatively narrow. So, it can easily handle pesky flyaways and short bangs effortlessly.


This best flat iron for short fine hair is compatible with worldwide voltage. You also get a nice travel pouch with it. So, you can easily fit the straightener into your luggage and carry it along with ease. To prevent burning accidents and overheating, the unit uses a 90-minute safety lock and auto shut-up. This is one prime reason this product made it to our best flat irons for a short hair list. It is indeed one of the most reliable flat iron that you can put your money on.


The only problem that you may experience with this straightener is that its exterior surface tends to heat up after only a few minutes of usage. So, you should use a heat-resistant glove if you do not want to get hurt.



Key features

  1. Supports dual voltage so can be used globally
  2. 90-minutes auto shut-off feature
  3. 8-feet long and 360-degree tangle-free swivel cord
  4. Drawstring bag for comfortable storage



  • Perfect for all kinds of short hair.
  • Allows super-fast heating up to 450 Fahrenheit
  • Automatic off after 90 minutes
  • Super ergonomic design



  • Digital display tends to lose their brightness over time.
  • Outside surface may get hot after a few minutes of usage

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5. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra – Thin Straightening Iron

Best Compact One


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Our list of best flat irons for short hair would be incomplete with BaBylissPRO. BabyBlissPRO is one brand that does not need any introduction, especially to people for whom straightening is a part of the routine affair. It is an incredibly lightweight blue tool, which has a simple, pretty, and ergonomic design. You can find this hair straightener for short hair in three different plate sizes, that is, two inches, one and a half-inch, and one inch. See, if you seek the best flat irons for short hair, we would recommend you to opt for the 1″ variant.


The device’s heating plates are made of titanium, a material primarily preferred by people with coarse and thick hair. Titanium can deliver high heat as it can cater to frequent heavy-duty operations. These are about 5-inches long and allow you to work on wider strands. When paired with 450 degrees Fahrenheit heat setting, you can style your hair effortlessly. This is one of the best hair straightener for short hair because it comes with about 50 settings options for coarse adjustment to meet every hair type. The problem here is these are marked by number 1 on and not degrees, and that can be a problem when you are trying to decide on the temperature setting.


In only a single pass, you will be left with healthy and super smooth hair, sans any frizz. What’s more? It is a super skinny device as opposed to most competitors and does not weigh over 16-ounces. In combination with the ergonomic handle, this straightener typically lowers your hand fatigue and makes it effortless for even novice users. The device quickly heats up and won’t keep you waiting for it to cool down.


One of the disadvantages of this phenomenal product is that even the outside body gets hot when the setting is high.


Key features

  1. It weighs only eight ounces
  2. Very lightweight and easy to carry around.
  3. Comes with a dual voltage feature, which makes the tool indeed international.
  4. Its 6-inch length makes it very easy for you to carry around.
  5. Has an indicator light for on and off.
  6. 4-year International Warranty



  • Silky smooth look with minimum damage
  • Can be used to style even coarse hair
  • Durable plate material
  • 50-in between heat settings
  • Lightweight and very slim



  • Outer body tends to get hot
  • Expensive
  • No auto shut-off feature

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6. Terviiix Small Flat Iron for Short Hair


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Need a hair straightener for short hair? Why choose just any hair straightener, when you can have the best flat irons for short hair.This ergonomically-sound and skinny flat iron, which does exactly what it promises. This iron is useful and versatile and gives you absolute control over your hair styling. The straightener comes with a variable temperature setting, which ranges from 122 to 450 degrees.


Further, an incredible thing about this iron is that it has an LCD panel on the handle, which will meticulously enable you to carry all your styling needs. The rod has ultra-narrow 3-10 inch floating plates, ideal for women who like short and edgy hairstyles. The straightener smoothly glides even through the coarsest hair in just a few minutes.


This hair straightener’s incredible thing is that snagging chances are close to zero, primarily because of the heating plates’ smooth coating. Being one of the best flat irons for short hair, it comes packed with an 8.5-feet long swiveling cord, which will not tangle, even when you try to style the most inaccessible spots, especially the back of your head.


Its plates come integrated with tourmaline crystals. These add to it an additional shine and moisture to the hair, thereby leaving you with fresh, silky smooth straightened hair or curls bouncy hair as you like. For someone tight on a budget and needs a full-proof solution to tame that frizz without any damage, then Terviix can be your number one choice.


It is a mini flat hair straightener for short hair, which can be your perfect travel partner, all thanks to its compact size and dual-compatible voltage. You get a safety travel pouch with it, which helps you stash the styler easily. An incredible and noteworthy thing about this straightener is its 60-minute auto-shut-off feature. It is a good and essential feature that assures adequate peace of mind when you forget to unplug the device without leaving your home.


The only problem that we experienced with this one of the best straighteners for short hair is that its temperature read-out is not up to the mark. So, when you have to style your hair at a setting of 375, you will have to take the temperature up to 400 degrees to enable the straightener to reach its desired setting.


Key features

  1. Can select between 122 to 450 degrees
  2. Worldwide dual voltage 100-240 V.
  3. Automatic shut off after 60-minutes of no use.
  4. 8.5-feet long swivel cord for quick tangle-free styling.



  • Digital LCD panel to read the temperature accurately.
  • Comes with an MCH heating module, which allows quick heating in 15-seconds up to 450-degrees, enabling you to save more electricity and time.
  • Its floating 3/10-inch plate can help you get as close to the hair’s root as possible.
  • Does not rip off your hair of its natural oils and moisture
  • Ceramic coating thin plates evenly distribute the heat.



  • Temperature read-out not adequate

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7. HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener


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It is one of the best hair straighteners for short hair, which works exceptionally well on fine and thick hair, susceptible to dullness and frizz. You can use this straightener to effectively tame the frizz and give your rough and dull hair a new life. The glider employs tourmaline and ceramic crystal plates.


With this straightener, you have absolute control over the temperature. It allows even heat distribution while simultaneously eliminating the risk hotspots. In addition to the infrared heat technology, its adaptable temperature ensures that the iron uses less heat to style your hair effectively. This is another reason we recommend this flat iron and have included it in our best flat irons for short hair list. It is a perfect pick for women dealing with split ends and hair thinning.


The straightener’s operating temperature range lies between 140-450 degrees F. Hence, it is a safe pick for all kinds of hair. With the immense control it offers, you can channelize the stylist in you and get the look you desire.


The straightener doubles as a curling tool too. So, from smoothening and straightening to allowing you to produce soft curls, being one of the best straighteners for short hair, it does pretty much everything. There is a long cord, which lets you move your hand freely in all directions without pulling your hair or without any snagging. Further, the straightener produces negative ions, which help seal the hair’s natural moisture to keep all the flyaways, static, and frizz at bay while simultaneously forming a protective layer to guard you against all the damage.


Additionally, the straightener supports dual voltage and with its compact size, you can carry it along with you to any corner of the world.


Key features

  1. Comes with 1-year limited warranty period
  2. You get a heat-resistant glove with it for added protection and safety
  3. Dual voltage feature makes worldwide usage easy
  4. Has a dial control to maneuver the heat range easily
  5. 6 foot 360 degrees, tangle-free swivel cord




  • Has floating plates, which easily and quickly adapt to the hair.
  • You can use it for flips and curls
  • One of the best flat irons for short hair for a professional look



  • Not the most comfortable to hold
  • Does not heat up enough even at the highest temperature setting

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8. ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener, Ceramic Flat Iron, Professional Hair Styler


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Next in line for the best flat irons for short hair is an award-winning iron by ghd. It is an excellent straightening iron, which takes complete responsibility off you when it comes to leaving your hair healthy and bright with frequent heat treatment.


Unlike others that offer as many heat settings as possible, this one comes with only one. Its innovative, ultra-zone technology allows it to sense temperature every once in a while, while simultaneously maintaining a constant temperature of 365ºF across the plate. It is believed to be an optimum setting for non-damaging but efficient styling. The heat-up will take no more than 20-seconds.


Even in people with relatively coarse and thick hair, only one pass is enough to curl or straighten the hair. Speaking about curls, the patented wishbone hinge streamlines the operation across various kinds of hair, such as natural-looking to traditional straightening and textured waves. Its ceramic plates are around 1.25-inches wide and boast a high-gloss finish, thereby leaving you with shiny hair full of color.


The iron comes with accentuated comfort features, such as an extra-long 9-feet swivel cord, which allows easy movement. Its universal voltage makes it easy for you to use in any corner of the world. Hence, this is one of the best flat irons for short hair, especially for travelers.


Key features

  1. Long swivel cord
  2. Universal voltage
  3. Optimum heat setting maintained by a sensor
  4. AllowsEven heat distribution
  5. 20-second heat-up time
  6. 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee



  • Easy worldwide usage
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Quick styling
  • Perfect plate alignment
  • Gives a smooth and shiny finish
  • Works well for wavy styles
  • Adaptable heat technology
  • Automatic sleep mode
  • Won’t overheat your hair
  • Comes in a range of colors



  • Extremely pricey
  • No heat control
  • Plates do not open very widely
  • Curls tend to fall out quickly
  • Very different as compared to the other ghd models

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9.  Remington S5500 1″ Anti-Static Flat Iron with Floating Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener For Short Hair


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At number nine in our best flat irons for short hair list is the Remington S5500. It is not only one of the best Remington straighteners, but it is indeed one of the best straighteners for short hair across all the brands.


As one of the best flat irons for short hair comes with a myriad of features, making it just the right pick for all kinds of hair. The iron comes with advanced anti-static technology, which helps you get rid of the flyaways and frizz. The tool is also known for its digital anti-static 1-inch floating ceramic plates, which can do magic for all kinds of hair.


So, if you are looking for one of the best professional styling tools, which comes with super-advanced features and functions on new and improved technology, then this can be your go-to pick. Its floating plates are smooth and will effortlessly glide through your hair without any tugging or snagging.


The ceramic plates come coated with titanium that offers it a faster heat-up time and styling. Its 30% longer ceramic plates make it one of the best straighteners for short hair as it is a superb option for someone with thick and full hair.


Being one of the best straighteners for short hair, it does not take long to heat up and has a heat-up time of only 30 seconds. The tool comes with six heat settings, wherein the maximum temperature can reach up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes with an LCD digital display, which helps you keep a tab on the temperature.


To ensure absolute safety, the tool comes programmed with turn-off after an hour setting. The straightener’s 360-degree swivel cord lets you style comfortably from all angles. More so, it is lightweight and weighs just 10.4 ounces. Hence you will never experience any arm fatigue while using this rod. What’s more? The product is incredibly durable, and it is indeed one of the cheapest flat irons in the market. All of this also makes it one of the best straighteners for short hair.


Key features

  1. Has a 1″ floating plate that allows a smooth glide.
  2. Anti-static technology for 50% less static and flyaways.
  3. Titanium protection coating, which allows quick heat up and styling.
  4. Thirty percent longer ceramic plates, which enable less damage and fast styling.
  5. 410 degrees F for quick styling
  6. Lightweight at 10.4 ounces



  • High and fast heat
  • Digital controls
  • Automatically turns off after 60 minutes
  • Durable, cheap, and very easy to use.



  • Single voltage at 120 V

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10. AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener

Best Flat Iron For Short Fine Hair (Budget Buy)


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Last on our best straighteners for short hair list is the AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener. It is a phenomenal straightener, which is a perfect travel pick because of its small size. Besides being one of the best flat irons for short hair, it is also the most budget-friendly option that we have on our list.


This mini straightener comes with ½-inch ceramic plates, along with tourmaline coating, which makes it an excellent pick for medium to coarse hair. It is a well-designed iron, and will smoothly glide through your hair, sans any pulling or sticking, leaving you with smooth and shiny hair.


The straightener has a portable and compact design with a safety lock that allows hassle-free storage. It is easy to hold and move along the hair. You get a heat-resistant glove with it that helps you prevent burns. The reason that it supports dual voltage makes it an excellent pick for travelers.


Lastly, the only reason why we have ranked this one last on our list is that it has a single heat setting, that is, 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Though it makes styling quick, it can be quite damaging if used often.


Key features

  1. Mini flat iron, which delivers smooth, professional results on the go.
  2. Helps you achieve super-smooth and sleek straight hair, cascading waves, and polished curls.
  3. Has ceramic technology, which heats all around evenly.
  4. Zero pulling or sticking of the hair
  5. Emits negative ions for eliminating the frizz and smoothening the hair.
  6. Comes with a heat-resistant glove
  7. Portable
  8. Fixed temperature with 410F high heat



  • Easy on the budget
  • Allows quick styling
  • Causes no frizz
  • Great for the nape section with bobs, face-framing, bangs, short hair, or pixie cut
  • Has dual voltage
  • Compact and lightweight



  • Not the best for fine hair
  • Comes with a single heat setting
  • No auto turn-off

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How To Shop For The Best Straighteners For Short Hair?

Now that we have listed the ten best straighteners for short hair, there may be another confusion for you – How to make a pick from these 10? Well, we understand it may be a bit overwhelming for you. Thus, in this section, we will give you a quick buying guide for best straighteners for short hair that can help you make a quick choice and find the straightener that best fits your needs, requirements, and budget.


Plate Size

Always remember, as a general rule of thumb the best flat irons for short hair will have smaller heating plates. If you have a super-short hairstyle, we would even recommend you go for 1/2 -inch plates, as they will work well near the roots, unless the tool’s body is susceptible to overheating, a prevalent problem that is seen in many cheap straighteners.


See, bear in mind; it is all about easy accessibility to the roots of styling the short hair. So, pick the smallest plates, which simultaneously does not make this process tedious for you, given your hair’s thickness.


Handle Design

Another thing that you need to consider when shopping for one of the best flat irons for short hair is the handle design. It is essential because you have to take the iron as close to the scalp as possible sans burning the scalp, and the shape of the handle determines it. The handle design also determines how comfortable and ergonomic it is. You do not want to experience hand fatigue trying to style your hair.


Heating plate material

Today, the best flat irons for short hair can be divided into three key categories – titanium, tourmaline, and ceramic plates.


Women who have brittle, fine hair, which is susceptible to easy damage, should always, always opt for ceramic plates. It is an excellent material as it allows even heat distribution across the plate and does not cause any burn if you use the right heat setting.


Tourmaline is very quick to heat up, and it can hold temperatures higher than ceramic, and that too consistently. It is indeed a great medium to style coarse hair. These tend to release more negative ions, which leave you with shiny and sleek hair afterward.


Lastly, we have titanium, which is the perfect choice for women with extra-coarse hair. It will heat up in no time and tends to get hot. This will straighten even the most unruly locks in a single go.


Heat settings

Of course, we are all intrigued by the idea of salon-grade hair at home. However, the truth is, you do not need four hundred something Fahrenheit to style your hair every day. Of course, if your hair is curly and coarse, then that’s a different issue altogether.


If your budget allows, we would recommend you pick a straightener that comes with heat sensors. In these straighteners, the heat level is adjusted on-the-go for safe and tailored styling. Alternatively, after you get comfortable with the straightener, you can try a one-up setting to get the perfect heat setting, which works best for your hair.



Extras though not the most pivotal factor of consideration, still have a vital role to play. Some things that you can pick here are a flat iron, which heats up fast and comes with a long, nice swivel cord. People who travel frequently should go with a straightener that supports dual voltage.



Tips For Straightening Short Hair

Here are a few things you should consider to accentuate your hair straightening experience:


Never straighten your hair daily.

See, to straighten the hair, you need to expose it to high-heat, and regardless of how good quality your straightener is, it will still do some damage to your hair. So, rest days are vital to ensure that your hair looks healthier for long.


Never straighten the hair when it is still wet.

You can most definitely find some straighteners that vouch for smooth straightening even on wet hair in the market, do not fall for it. Even if the rod does that for you, the damage it does to your hair is multi-fold. On the other hand, if you use a regular flat iron on wet hair, the damage is irreversible. It is because the irons rap super-heated steam when you straighten your hair, and there is no way for it to escape it.


Employ a serum or a protective oil before you straighten your hair

Prevention is better than cure. So, always try to protect your hair as much as you can from the super-high heat of the straightener. You can do this by adding a beneficial hair coating, such as argon oil or any heat protection spray or serum, before you straighten the hair.


Never blow-dry the hair before you straighten it.

It is undoubtedly a bad idea to blow-dry the hair when you are going to straighten it. Why you may ask, it is because when you blow-dry and then straighten your hair, you expose your hair to a twin dosage of heat in a row. Of course, the only exception is if you blow-dry the hair on a non-heated setting.


Other tips

  1. Shampoo and condition the hair a night before you straighten it, and let it air dry before you sleep.
  2. Do not make too many passes on the same spot.


Hair Straightener For Short Hair: FAQs

Ques 1. Can I use a hair straightener on my short hair?

Ans. Yes, you can. Short hair is still hair, but make sure you pick one of the best hair straighteners meant exquisitely for your short hair.


Ques 2. Which size flat iron is best for my short hair?

Ans. For the best straighteners for short hair, typically speaking, the smaller – the better. We would recommend opting for a mini ½-inch straightener, which is compact. It will be easy for you to take it as close to the roots as possible. However, if you seek versatility and wish to use the iron for curling, too, or want to straighten faster, you can pick one with 1″ plates as they make the process faster.


Ques 3. Which is better – ceramic or titanium?

Ans. Both ceramic and titanium based hair straighteners for short hair have their share of pros and cons. If you have fragile or delicate hair, we recommend ceramic plates to you as they are least susceptible to scorching. On the other hand, the titanium plates heat up faster, are adept at holding higher temperatures, and assure even heat distribution, making them perfect for coarse hair. We have enlisted some of the best flat iron for short fine hair with different requirements in our list. Make your pick.


Ques 4. Will the best hair straightener for short hair add volume to my hair?

Ans. To add volume, you should pull the hair upwards instead of pulling it straight and back. Going upwards will help you add volume to the hair.


Ques 5. Will titanium do more damage?

Ans. Yes, compared to ceramic, titanium will cause more heat damage. Ceramic, on the other hand, will lock the moisture in your hair. Choose the best straighteners for short hair wisely!



Final Thought

We hope that you were able to find the best straighteners for short hair as per your need. If you’re looking for other grooming products such as women’s eyebrow trimmers or men’s back shavers we have something in store which you might like.


So, that is all from us on the best hair straightener for short hair. We hope and believe that with our list, buying guide, and tips, it will be easy for you to find the best straightening iron and style your hair effortlessly. All of the above-listed hair straighteners for short hair are a good value for money, and we certainly recommend you to try anyone from the above that meets your demands the most.