How To Use Electric Razor On Pubic Hair Safely Gently

Use Electric Razor On Pubic Hair Safely Gently

How to shave pubic hair with electric razor? Are you thinking of trimming or shaving your pubic hair? Well, you are not alone in this line of thought. Studies suggest that approximately 50.5 percent of men enjoy regular grooming of their pubic hair.


However, whether you decide to trim, shave, or keep them, the choice is entirely yours. There is no need for you to feel self-conscious, and regardless of your reasons to learn how to shave private area with electric razor, this guide will prove helpful for you.


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How To Shave Pubic Area With Electric Razor?

Here is a quick run-down of steps in the ‘how to shave down there with an electric razor’ guide. Let us address them one by one.


Step 1 – Find the right tools.

We cannot start our guide up until you have the right tools in hand. So, pick the right tools to manscape correctly. You will need an electric trimmer or a top-quality razor (sometimes both) for a good shave down there. Before starting with the razor, you will have to use a trimmer to trim down the length.


Step 2 – Pick the right fixed-length comb for the trimmer

How to shave pubes with electric razor? Firstly, start with choosing the right comb length for the trimmer to tame the full-length growth on your pubes, which has never been tackled by the trimmer for a while or ever (if it is your first time).


A good electric styler will comb with multiple comb attachments, and you can pick one that best satiates your needs.


So why is this an essential step. See, the length selection you make here will help you tackle the hair on your pubes bit by bit, lowering the chances of any tugging or pulling.


Step 3 – Trim the length.

Now, after combing the hair, it is time to move to step 2 in the ‘how to shave private area with electric razor’ process. So, now, you have to trim down the length before you get to the shaving bit. When you trim the length before shaving, you lower the chances of the longer hair clogging the razor blade.


In addition, it also reduces the chances of any irritation or burns when shaving. While trimming, there is no particular length where you got to stop. You have to draw mental boundaries and be self-figured where you ought to stop. The idea is to take off the chunk and leave it as big as the stubble.


Though not directly related to our ‘how to shave pubic hair with electric razor’ guide, we would still like to give you a little tip here. Never use the same clippers for your hair and pubes.


For a neat trim:

  • Wet the hair with warm water. This can soften the hair and streamline the process.
  • Use the chosen comb above, and start combing over the hair.
  • Start trimming.


Step 4 – Soak it in a warm tub for at least five minutes.

If you wish to know how to shave down there with an electric razor, this is one of the most quintessential steps in the how to shave pubic area with electric razor guide. Warm water helps soften the roots, making it easier for you to glide the razor onto the skin without leaving any cuts or burns and carefully chipping the hair from the base.


Alternatively, you can also take a good warm shower, but soaking in the tub still guarantees better results. However, do not go overboard here, as soaking for more than ten minutes can cause your skin to swell up. This can harden the process.


Step 5 – Apply a shaving gel or foam on the intimate area

The next step involved in the how to use electric razor on pubic hair process is lathering the area generously with the dedicated shaving gel or cream, meant for internal use. This is necessary as your skin down there is very sensitive.


Consequently, it gets easier for the razor blade to glide smoothly on the area and protect your intimates from any razor burn. This is also necessary to ensure that your skin recovers faster afterward. A good shaving gel will revitalize and hydrate impact and do more than lubricate the area.


Find out if you can use Nair on your balls or not here.


Step 6 – Ensure that you are shaving in the right direction.

Before you pick the razor and move ahead with the ‘how to shave pubic hair with electric razor’ process, it is vital to look at the hair and understand the direction of the growth. You should shave in the hair growth direction, not against it. So, if your hair grows upward, you have to shave in the downward direction and vice versa.


Step 7 – Hold tight, and be gentle.

This is one of the most noteworthy steps in the ‘how to shave down there with an electric razor’ guide. Moving the razor around the sagging or limping skin puts you at the risk of cuts and pulls. Hence, while you glide the blade, keep the skin taut.


It may be uncomfortable to keep pulling against your testes, but this minute’s discomfort can save you from the many cuts, bumps, or accidental scrotal snip.


Also, when you are holding tight onto the skin, take slow, short, gentle, and focused strokes. Do not go too fast and hard, as you will have to make frequent passes if you go too fast.


Step 8 – Rinse the blades frequently.

After every few strokes, you need to rinse the blades to eliminate all the gunk and hair strands that get accumulated on the blade. You can directly rinse the razor under running water to speed up the process.


Before starting with the next stroke, you need to shake the blade to eliminate the excess water. This is often one of the most ignored steps in the ‘how to shave pubic hair with electric razor’ process.


Warning – Never wipe the razor with the towel or tap the razor against the sink. This can hamper the longevity of the tool.


Step 9 – Analyze for any leftover spots

Then, check the shaven area and analyze the leftover hair once you are through. You may have to make passes on the same spots in a different direction.


Step 10 – Rinse and pat dry

Once you have followed all the above-listed nine steps in the how to shave pubes with electric razor guide, you can now rinse the pubic region with a generous amount of warm and clean water. Following this, take a dry, soft, cotton towel and pat dry the area.


Step 11 – Use an aftershave or a moisturizer.

Once done, you can take a generous amount of moisturizer or aftershave to lower the risk of infections, burns, itchiness, or irritation from the shave. This also helps shut the pores and avoid ingrowth.


Why Do Men Like To Shave Their Pubes?

You are here to learn how to shave pubes with electric shaver, but why are you planning a shave down there?


1. Better Hygiene

Most men who like to educate themselves on how to shave pubes with electric razor are doing it to elevate their hygiene. Excessive pubic hair increases your risk of multiple genital infections, as the hair traps moisture, resulting in skin itching and irritation. Moreover, shaven pubes will smell better, and no one cherishes a man that stinks down there, right?


2. Comfort

Another reason men like to learn how to use electric razor on pubic hair is manscaping is comfortable. Think of all the times when your pubes have itched? Or the multiple times when the hair snagged on the zipper? You do not have to endure them. So, to avoid such situations, it is best to get rid of all the excess hair growth on the pubes.


Tips For Shaving Your Pubes

We have discussed how to use electric razors on pubes and reasons to shave your pubes; we would like to add some tips to make the process more effortless. So let us address them one by one:

  • Make shaving the last part of your showering routine.
  • Start by trimming the length to the size of stubble.
  • Exfoliate the area using an exfoliating sponge, washcloth, or a loofah before you commence shaving. Exfoliating is necessary to eliminate any dead skin and avoid the chances of gunk accumulation on the blade.
  • Use a handheld mirror to ensure that you can see what you are doing.
  • Always shave in the direction of the hair growth and not against it.
  • Frequently change your razors to avoid razor burns and nicks, usually when the blades are dull.
  • Be liberal in the shaving cream or gel application. Invest in fragrance-free shaving cream as those with fragrance can often cause skin irritation.
  • Rinse all the extra cream off with warm water.
  • Do your research, and invest in the right razor. Use an electric shaver, if possible.
  • Never use the same razor for your face and pubes, as this can result in cross-contamination.
  • Once you are done, moisturize with an after-shave or a fragrance-free oil or moisturizer.
  • Also, please refrain from wearing tight clothes for a few days following the shave as it can aggravate the irritation. So, opt for loose underwear after the shave.


Risks While Shaving Pubes

Now that you know how to shave private area with electric razor, there are a few apparent risks involved. These include:

  • When you use a sharp razor, there is a probability of cutting yourself. So, please pull skin taut, and go slow.
  • Shaving indeed puts you at the risk of in-growth. It implies that the hair tends to get tapped into the skin, resulting in redness, tiny bumps, and pain.
  • Next comes the re-growing stage, which is often very painful. As the hair grows back, the area feels itchy and prickly. This may leave you feeling uncomfortable.
  • At times, there is also a risk of skin infections in shaving. The grooming-related injuries, such as cuts, can also become infected at times.
  • Shaving can also result in the development of boils in the genital area. Typically, these boils stem from skin infections and irritations, such as folliculitis and cellulitis. Usually, the boils commence as red bumps underneath the skin. They may have pus within, which is painful.
  • At times, abscesses tend to develop, too, from shaving. These are under-the-skin infections, which cause redness, swelling, and pain.


How To Shave Pubes With Electric Razor – FAQs


Ques 1. Can you use a foil shaver on your pubes?

Ans. Yes, you can use the foil shaver on the pubes, but before doing so, you must learn to use the foil shaver properly. If it is your first time with shavers, do not start right away with the intimate area.


Ques 2. Are you supposed to use shaving cream with an electric razor?

Ans. You don’t need to use shaving cream with the electric razor, but, of course, shaving with shaving cream is a lot more superior.


Ques 3. Is it better to shave wet or dry with an electric razor?

Ans. There is a minimum chance of irritation and razor burns with electric shavers, and you can perform both wet and dry shaving, depending on your preferences. Of course, a wet shave is preferable, but if you are running short of time, you can opt for dry shaving.


Ques 4. Is it bad to shave your balls with an electric razor?

Ans. No, it’s not. Electric razors are your safest bet when tackling with the hair down there.


Ques 5. Which direction do you shave your pubes with an electric razor?

Ans. When you are shaving your pubic hair, you need to pull your skin tight to avoid any sagging and then go in the direction of the hair growth. However, the hair might be haywire in most people, growing in different directions. So, it is advised to give a good look at the hair before starting with the shaving routine.


Ques 6. Can you use a rotary shaver on your balls?

Ans. It is not that you cannot use the rotary shaver, but it is something that we do not recommend. It is advised against using the standard rotary or a foil electric shaver to shave your pubic hair.


Since it is an intimate area, the skin is thinner, and the natural contours down there are more. Hence, an electric shaver could do a better job at navigation. Check out some of the best trimmer for balls listed here.


Final Word

On the whole, know that maintaining pubic hair is your call, but it is vital to know the right drill on how to shave pubes with electric shaver, the safety, maintenance, and the after-care to stay guarded. This guide addressed the step-by-step guide on how to use electric razor on pubes. Hope you enjoyed it!