Oster Hair Clippers For Men: 5 Best Oster Clippers Compared

It is no secret that Oster has been one of the most renowned brands in the hair clipper market much before World War 2. That sure is a long time, much longer than anyone of us reading the article can recall. Given the vastness in time, Oster has today emerged as one of the best industry-standard clippers.


So, when you are out there looking for a new clipper or an everyday workhorse, the big question is not which clipper brand you should shop for, instead which amongst the Oster clippers would be the best buy for you. Well, frankly, it is not an easy question to answer. However, to simplify this overwhelming task, we are listing down some of the best Oster clippers. In addition to that, we will compare Oster clippers to help you pick the best.


Quickly Navigate Through The Oster Hair Clippers For Men


Let us take a quick look at some of the best Oster hair clippers for men, be it for consumer needs or individual needs. Further, towards the end of this, you will find a slew of data that will help you compare Oster clippers and find your pick.


Top Rated Oster Hair Clippers For Men

ProductRatingPriceBuy Now

OSTER Classic 76


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OSTER Fast Feed Clipper 76023-510


$69.22Buy Now

Oster Professional 76550-100 Octane Cordless Clipper




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Oster 76076-310 Titan Clipper





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Oster Model 10


$142.71Buy Now


1. OSTER Classic 76

It goes without saying that Oster Classic 76 is at the top of our list for more reasons than one. It is indeed a very stylish and classy clipper and is the most popular model of all the Oster clippers as recommended by professional barbers & stylists. The clipper comes equipped with an ultra-powerful heavy-duty universal motor, unique to the competitors and very durable.


Though the power on Oster 76 is maximum, it does not produce a lot of noise. These Oster hair clippers for men are indeed one of the quietest heavy-duty performance motors found in the market. The clipper is equipped with supremely durable and break-resistant housing for its 9-feet long cord giving users maximum movement.


If you are new to this entire world of clipping your hair, then you do not have to be nervous at all. Though this one is a heavy-duty clipper, it presents an excellent solution for both professional and first-time users. So, regardless of your experience or skill, you will always cherish a wholesome experience with this. This best Oster hair clipper can cut different lengths, thicknesses, and conditions (wet or dry) of hairs. Its fast motor is commendable and is capable of super-sharp Cryogen-x blades, which give you your money’s worth.


In short, the Classic 76 is hugely convenient, reliable, and very easy to use. Its detachable blades only make it better. The motor technology is patented and is undoubtedly more precise than others.


Though it is the best Oster hair clipper, several users let it go for its weight. It is indeed a bit heavy, and you may experience a slightly inadequate performance when styling bald fades.




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Key features

  • Powerful motor
  • Break-resistant housing
  • Easily usable for all hair types
  • 9-feet extensive power cord
  • Ergonomic design
  • Strong grip
  • Detachable blades



  • Iconic looks, stylish appearance
  • Strong and powerful motor
  • Durable, precise, and long-lasting blades
  • 13 individual blades available
  • Professional clipper used by several industry professionals



  • Slightly more expensive than similar models
  • Heavier, bigger, and slightly louder
  • Only the corded model available


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2. OSTER Fast Feed Clipper 76023-510

Number two on our best Oster clippers list is the Oster Fast Feed. Known for its super-fast and powerful Pivot Motor, this clipper is one of the top performers by the brand. One of the best things about these clippers is that it works on the Whisper Quiet pivot motor, and is partnered by stainless steel, cryogenically tested blades which are razor-sharp & adjustable for a fast & easy, quick, clean cut every time.


Furthermore, the Fast Feed clippers are designed with a noiseless motor, which keeps all the noise at bay. The power is not compromised one bit, and it is indeed one of the most durably built clippers. So, if you put some work into maintenance, this one will last you many years.


This best Oster hair clipper has a beautiful design. You will get it in a burgundy-colored body that is appealing and sleek to all customers. It has an ergonomically designed body for superior control. In short, it is the best Oster clippers, which has been designed, keeping in view the ultimate comfort of every user in mind.


One of the most significant advantages that you will experience with these Oster hair clippers for men is right in its design. Though it is a large unit, it has a very comfortable grip, which is very easy to control. Its 8-feet long cord does its part well to offer you adequate room to work with this clipper. In totality, it is one of the best Oster clippers designed for effective styling of hair with fades and even the other blending hairstyles.


Compare Oster clippers and you’ll find that this is one of the lightweight clippers amongst the brand’s models, but rather all the available clippers in the market. All this aside, there is one vital concern with this clipper; that is, the lever used for the blade adjustment is not of superior quality. Though it is only a tiny flaw, it works as a hit or miss for many buyers.




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Key features

  • Powerful pivot motor
  • Performs well on all hair types
  • 12-year Oster warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes Blade Guard, Lubricating Oil & Cleaning Brush
  • 4 Guide Combs: Blending, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 8 Ft Power Cord



  • Powerful and quiet pivot motor
  • Shielded by a textured, easy grip housing
  • Excellent to use
  • Easy to control
  • Fast feed very robust
  • Ergonomic design
  • Only one adjustable blade
  • Great value for money



  • Comes with only four guard combs
  • No storage case for accessories


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3. Oster Professional 76550-100 Octane Cordless Clipper

Next in our best Oster clippers list is the Oster Octane. It is a cordless clipper, which comes with similar features as that of Classic 76, but it does not have the chord’s limitation. Its rotary motor is quite powerful. The detachable Oster clipper blade system can house blades of different sizes.


The same Universal motor is used, which is thought to be one of the most powerful offered by the brand. It provides similar performance, with the benefit of cordless. These best Oster clippers have a long battery life. It can deliver a good two hours of performance in only forty-five minutes of full charge. Its charging stand serves two purposes. The clippers can be rested on it while it is getting charged or in-between the usage. The charging stand of this Oster hair clippers for men has extra space for an additional battery.


In addition to all of this, the Octane cordless clipper is super lightweight and has an ergonomic body design with a smooth grip for comfortable and long holding. A few of the accessories that you get with this best Oster hair clipper include two detachable blades in sizes 000 and 1, a blade guard, lubricating oil for the blades, and a cleaning brush. It also has a 1 7.4v lithium-ion battery with a charging stand.


One of the notable things about these best Oster clippers is that they are supremely powerful, which in a way bursts the myth that the cordless clippers are not very powerful.


You will also like these best Oster clippers because they do not have any heating issues. However, there may be some power fluctuations, but that is only very minute, which you may experience when the charge is low. But, it in no way hampers the haircut performance. Honestly, it is quite natural for the cordless battery operated clipper to lose power as it burns up its charge. However, the power drop is not very noticeable and will not make it hard for the clippers to function.




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Key features

  • Supports both cordless and corded usage
  • Comes with a dual battery charger base
  • Designed and manufactured in Switzerland
  • Rotary motor powerful
  • Incredible lithium ion battery technology
  • Battery indicator LED Lights (Green for full charge and red for charging)
  • Break-resistant housing
  • Smudge proof to guard against finger marks
  • Scratch-resistant protective coating
  • Rust-resistant
  • Removable for easy cleaning, repair, and replacement
  • Can be used with Classic 76 blades and Titan blades
  • Three years manufacturers guarantee
  • Tons of accessories included



  • Motor is very powerful
  • Top quality cutting-edge blades
  • Detachable blades
  • Dual battery charging station
  • 2 hours run time – 1 hour to charge



  • Expensive
  • Cannot change the blades while it is running


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4. Oster 76076-310 Titan Clipper

The Oster Titan 2 is a heavy-duty, high-speed clipper powerful clipper that can get each hair clipping task done without any hassle. It is one of the best Oster clippers and is widely used by stylists and barbers globally. This Oster clipper has time and again proven its worth owing to its durability and phenomenal quality.


These Oster hair clippers for men are much like all the other Oster clippers. They are hugely popular for their powerful motor, durability, heavy-duty performance. The two speed motor of these Oster hair clippers for men is suitable for all hair types. The 1st speed or the slower variant is more than sufficient for all haircuts. However, if you feel the need to boost the speed, you can do so without compromising on the precision.


You get this best Oster hair clipper with a myriad of accessories, such as Detachable blades in two sizes: 000 and 1, lubricating oil, cleaning oil and cleaning brush. Similar to the other best Oster clippers, the Titan also employs the same universal, patented motor. However, it is available in two speeds for a more precise cut with a single pass instead of repeated strokes. This is indeed a great workhorse, which keeps on going for both pros and amateur beginners. You will not help but appreciate the clipper’s fine ability to give you smooth trims effortlessly.


The design of this best Oster hair clipper is break-resistant and ultra-durable. It can lead you through all-day cutting without any wear and tear. Believe us when we say this, you will not regret the extra money that you spend on this clipper over others. It will last you for years and prove its value for money. Moreover, the quality cuts that you get with this Oster clipper is unparalleled.


Though it is the best Oster hair clipper, there is a flip-side to it. A lot of reviewers believe that it is nothing but a two-speed version of the Oster Classic 76. This one seems to have many bells and whistles, but in reality, it is offering the same thing at a higher price with two-speed options.




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Key features

  • Includes detachable blades – sizes 000 and 1
  • 12 feet power cord
  • Ultra-durable, break-resistant housing
  • Includes blade guard, lubricating oil, clipper grease and cleaning brush
  • Powerful, double speed universal motor for heavy-duty use


  • It has a two-speed motor, which assures better precision for individual hair types.
  • The cord is 12-foot long for a wider range of usage.
  • Durable to withstand everyday wear and tear.




  • Lies on the higher end of the spectrum.
  • Provides you with the same features as the Classic 76, but two-speed motor options.


In short, if you speed a long-corded clipper, which lets you cut coarse or fine hair in an open pass, this can be a reasonably good pick. Please know that this product does not work in the US or Canada. It is meant for use only overseas with 220 V electronic outlets.


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5. Oster Model 10 Review

If you compare Oster clippers’ this model with that of 76, you may not quite like the weight of the latter and feel that it is too wide to give you the desired grip. If that is what matters to you, then go with the Oster Model 10. It employs the same Oster clipper blades as the 76 and works and works in the same way.


The body of Model 10 is a little squatter. It is also slimmer and weighs less. The Oster Classic 76 weighs around 2 pounds, and Oster Model 10 weighs 1.6 pounds. That’s like half a pound of difference.


Moreover, this is the best Oster hair clipper because it has a bit of a retro feel. It mostly looks like how the clippers looked back in the day when they were just invented.


Beyond this, you will possibly get the same clipper as the Oster Classic 76 at the same price. Performance-wise both of these best Oster clippers are quite the same. If you feel you need a more lightweight clapper or if you like its look more, then you can go with this one.




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Key features

  • On and off toggle switch that allows easy single hand operation
  • Comes with a powerful universal motor, which cuts all types of hair
  • Comes with size 000
  • Break-resistant engineering



  • Powerful rotary motor
  • Has detachable blades
  • 10-foot long cord
  • Lighter and smaller as compared to the 76
  • Not very loud
  • Does not heat up easily



  • Not the best for skin fades


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Why Are Oster Clippers A Better Choice Than The Other Clippers?

Every hair clipper is designed, keeping in view a particular purpose in mind. The top five best Oster clippers that we have reviewed above were shortlisted after comparing so many other models from the brand. Of course, there are many other premium grade hair clippers available in the market, but we have compiled a bunch of reasons why the Oster clippers are a better choice. Let us take a look at a few of these reasons.


Reliable service

The top Oster hair clippers have been designed to withstand the tough and long usage, which is a trademark of professionals. Moreover, the Oster clippers are fairly low maintenance. Some barbers have been using the Classic 76 for more than a decade, and it still works just as well. I It may only need some maintenance or repair if it experiences a fatal drop. The rest of the time, it will work just as fine.


Sharper and faster cutting blades

If you compare Oster clippers with other brands, you will know that the Oster clippers are known to deliver the fastest cuts with a single strike. So, that means that you will not have to go over and over again to cut your hair evenly. The clipper blades can provide you with the sharpest and fastest cuts with just a single glide. Every brand model is particularly equipped to cut thick hair effortlessly without any repeated glides in the same area. Moreover, the blades can be swapped effortlessly to ensure uninterrupted cutting.


Powerful Motor

Oster clippers are equipped with rotary or pivot motors instead of the traditional electromagnetic motors. Thus, instead of the back and forth action of the magnetic motors, the pivot motors function by whirling to turn a piston for raw power.


Though pivot motors are not as fast as magnetic motors, they are surely a lot quieter. This means that the fastness of the motor is not the sole measure of its power. With more torque in rotary or pivot motors, the blades can effortlessly cut through the hair.

The primary problem that people experience with the electromagnetic clippers is the tug and pull on the hair. With the Pivot Motor Clippers of Oster, this will be non-existent. Hence, the Oster one is ideal for wet and dry haircutting. Consequently, it will produce a more precise and finer cut.


Easy Maintenance

Best Oster clippers are easy to maintain effortlessly. They are easy to lubricate and oil and require very little maintenance. Moreover, the best thing about the Oster hair clippers for men is that these clippers do not need professional care. Thus, for a beginner or a home user, the Oster hair clippers for men are the best as they require very little maintenance.


Quiet and cool performance

We know we have covered this part in the motor section too, but this repetition is needed. The incredibly noiseless performance by the Oster hair clippers for men is indeed worth a mention. They will impress you and relieve your customers as they will not have to hear the loud buzzing noise. If you compare Oster clippers to other brands, you will know that these clippers’ motors only hum.


Thus, if these Oster clippers for men are maintained well, they will continue to be quiet throughout their life. However, if you do not undertake proper maintenance, the performance will be affected, which majorly depends on the usage wear and tear.


Another incredible thing about the Oster clippers is the overheating or the lack of it thereof. Yes, you read it right. You can compare Oster clippers to almost all the industry brands, and you will know that the Oster clippers just do not heat up as the others. It is possible because there is not much friction, thanks to its pivot motors. Consequently, the unit stays cool. Moreover, the body of the Oster hair clippers for men do not conduct heat. Thus, they will provide you with a much rewarding haircutting experience on the whole. These clippers are ideal not just for a single cut, but rather for a day-long usage by their salon professionals. There will never be any overheating, and yes, no loud noises too.


What Should You Do To Maintain The Oster Blade Clippers?

Here, we have come up with an easy step by step guide that will help you take good care of your Oster clippers. If you care for your Oster hair clippers for men well, they will last you for years.



If you have thoroughly read through this article, you may have understood that we acknowledge and believe that the Oster clippers are noiseless. However, some reviewers think that the Oster clippers yield a lot of noise. Now, the prime reason why they feel that is because they do not lubricate their Oster clippers enough.


Behind the cover is where the pivot motor is, which will move the blade back and forth. Once every few months, you will have to remove it and add some clipper grease.


Anyway, after you open it, all you need to do is add a small amount of grease on the inside, and then you can close it again. Trust us when we say this, you will experience a significant difference henceforth. Further, if you wish to prevent your blades from losing their sharpness, you can use a lubricating oil, which can be easily found on Amazon.


All you have to do is add a drop of oil on the Oster clipper blades’ tines. Also, add a drop of oil at the base of the blades right where its screws are. Do not add more than a drop, as too much oil is also not good for your blades.


Clean the Blades

Before and after the haircut, you should spare some time to get the hairs from off the blade. Please understand that the hair is indeed very corrosive for the blades. So, when there is a hair buildup, the blades will begin to rust. Thus, before and after the cut, you should spray disinfectant on the blade. It is also good lubrication.


We also recommend a deep cleaning of the blades once every week using a blade wash. This wash will help you get rid of all the gunk, which gets accumulated on the hair. Pomade, sweat, and salt can slow down the blade, and in turn, it gets dull and loses its sharpness.


Replace the Carbon Brushes

Whenever you notice that your Oster clippers have slowed down and your blades are not lubed and clean, it is a giveaway sign that the carbon brushes are worn out and need changing. If you do not change them, your professional Oster clippers will not turn on after a while. It means that if you do not have a backup machine, you may be in a disappointing situation anytime. Another solution is frequently changing carbon brushes. You will be happy to know that changing the carbon brushes is quite simple. There are two big screws on the Clippers’ side. All you have to do is unscrew them, take out the old ones, and snap the new ones into it. It should not take you more than a few seconds.



Once a year, you can send your best Oster hair clipper to get professionally tuned up. The professional will open your chosen Oster hair clippers for men, clean it up thoroughly, and replace the parts, which may be worn out. So, this means, every time you send your clipper for the tune-up, it comes back as new. However, one problem you may experience here is that the guy who does the tune-up is often tough to locate, especially a certified and an official Oster technician.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: Are these clippers heavy?

When we did compare Oster clippers, we noticed that some of the clippers were heavier than others. However, this heavy-weight, in turn, makes them more durable and resistant in case of an impact. The good thing about the Oster clippers is that even the clipper’s heaviest models are comfortable to hold, and you can easily use them for longer periods.


Ques 2: Are the clippers noisy?

If you compare Oster clippers, you will know that almost all the clippers from the brand are of top-notch quality, and they do not generate a loud noise. If the motor is strong and works at a higher speed, it is obvious for it to yield more noise. However, the good thing is with Oster; the noise levels will always be low.


Ques 3: Does Oster offer a warranty?

Well, yes. Some of them do offer a warranty, while some do not. So, do compare Oster clippers and verify which ones are offering you a warranty. If you shop for an Oster device from Amazon, you have an option of getting additional protection by shelling out only a few extra dollars. It will include three years of protection for accidental damage and two years of breakdown insurance.



Ques 4: Will the Oster clippers get hot?

If you are using even the best Oster clippers for heavy-duty professional usage for hours at length, it is indispensable for the device to get a bit warm. However, it would never be too extreme for you to worry.


Ques 5: What all is included in the package?

If you compare Oster clippers, you will notice that every model comes with different accessories, tools, and attachments. Some will come with a variety of comb attachments, scissors, cleaning brush, lubricating oils, and comb. Others do not have too many attachments. So, just check before you buy.


Ques 6: Will my clipper be water-resistant?

Unfortunately, most Oster clippers are not water-resistant. So, when you clean your device, you should detach the blades and clean them. It would be best if you tried not to get the clipper wet, especially while it is plugged in.


Ques 7: Do you get a charger with it?

If you compare Oster clippers, you will know that some are cordless, while some are corded. So, the cordless ones will come with a rechargeable battery and a charger. Some even come with a charging stand.


Ques 8: What is the clipper’s voltage?

It primarily depends on the website or the country from where you are shopping for the device. Do compare Oster clippers voltage on the different platforms, and pick one that fits your home or salon needs before shopping for it.



Hopefully, it is quite clear to you that Osters is one of the top-most hair clipper manufacturers in the world. There is a myriad of Oster hair clippers for men available in the market. These clippers are suitable for all hair types. Through this article, we tried to compare Oster clippers by highlighting each one of their pros and cons to help you find the perfect one for your needs. We are confident that this review will have heard you make a wise selection. Oster always guarantees durable, long performance from all its products regardless of whether you are only a beginner or a professional. So, go ahead compare Oster clippers, and shop for the one that best fits your needs. Happy shopping!