Philips OneBlade Vs. OneBlade Pro: Which Is A Better Pick?

Philips OneBlade Vs. OneBlade Pro

For both men and women, grooming is a vital requirement. If you intend to do it all by yourself, you will have to invest in a product. However, before you invest in any product and shop it online or offline, you need to read about the features and the pros and cons.


The problem is that the market is full of options. Consequently, it may get a bit overwhelming to help you pick the right tool for your needs. To enable you to make an informed choice, here in this review, we will touch upon two of the most phenomenal shavers available in the market, that is, the Philips OneBlade and OneBlade Pro.


Further, through this article, we will do a Philips Norelco Oneblade Pro vs. Oneblade comparison, and help you understand the difference between Oneblade and Oneblade Pro.


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In our view, the knowledge of the difference between Oneblade and Oneblade Pro will help you make an informed choice. Now, why are we doing a Philips Norelco Oneblade Pro vs. Oneblade comparison?


See, we picked Philips Oneblade vs. Oneblade Pro for comparison because the two blades are incredibly lightweight. They have a great design, use the same blade technology, and are engineered with top-notch features. Moreover, with both of them, you get easily replaceable blades, which are affordable and reliable. The two also enable dual-directional cutting traits.


So, these are obviously the similarities, but what about the difference between Oneblade and Oneblade Pro? Fret no more because we will give you a step by step Philips Oneblade vs. Oneblade Pro comparison. By the end of this article, we are hopeful you will be in a position to decide and make your pick from Philips Oneblade vs. Oneblade Pro.


Philips OneBlade


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The Philips Norelco OneBlade is a hybrid electric shaver and trimmer. This QP2520/70 trimmer has an incredibly unique design and is ideal for men who have stubble, beards, sideburns, and mustaches. On the whole, this trimmer is just right for creating all types of facial hair styles.


This trimmer looks different from any of the other products from the brand. This trimmer has a long and narrow appearance along with a black body and bright lime green edges. Its head comes with a single blade. The blade has small holds, much like the foil style of a men’s electric shaver. In the middle part of the shaver, there is a circular on and off button.


What Features Does Philips OneBlade Have?

Your package for the Philips Norelco OneBlade measures 2.8” x 5.1” x 8.9 inches. Inside the box, you will get your electric trimmer and shaver, the Philips OneBlade, the handle, three trimming combs to choose the length, and one power charger. This trimmer comes with three different comb inserts. These combs can click on and off as you require them to. You can pick the best one to meet your desired beard length.


It has a rechargeable trimmer. More so, it supports both wet and dry usage. So, you can use this trimmer even while you shower. This trimmer is engineered with a NimH battery. The battery backup of this comes with a reasonable runtime. It is long-lasting. However, the problem you may experience with this shaver is that it takes around eight hours to charge fully. But, once it is fully charged up, you can get a reasonable runtime of forty-five minutes.


The click-on combs included will allow you to trim the beard to any length as desired. You can use it to trim around the beard’s edges or shave it off if you wish effortlessly.


The cutters present within the shaver are fast-moving. So, they will shave off the long beard hair quickly. However, it will not shave so close to the face that it gets uncomfortable. If you decide to do edging, you will realize that the dual-sided blade will allow for better precision trimming. Further, you will be able to line up the style much effortlessly than if you used a full-sized men’s shaver for the same purpose.


It is indeed a unique blade, which has been designed by Philips in their latest shaving technology. This shaver comes with a built-in dual protection system. So, it not only guards the skin but simultaneously shields you from pulls and tugs if you are trimming off the longer hairs.


What Are The Shortcomings In Philips OneBlade?

There are a few concerns that we have had with the Philips OneBlade. So, we would want you to be aware of making a proper analysis between the Philips Oneblade vs. Oneblade Pro. Firstly, our most significant problem with this electric shaver is that it takes a long time to charge. You will have to spend around eight hours to charge the shaver fully, and even after charging it through and through, you will only get a runtime of 45 minutes from it. This implies that you can achieve two full shaves from your trimmer once it is fully charged.


Moreover, since you cannot use the trimmer once it is put on charge, you need to ensure that it is at least fifty-percent charged before taking up the shaving task. While you travel with this shaver, you need to ensure that it is fully charged. If not, it won’t be very useful to you.
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Philips OneBladePro


Philips OneBladePro Check price on Amazon


It is the next level to the earlier mentioned Philips OneBlade. But why do we say it is the next level? Because this electric shaver completely takes the shaving experience to a whole new level. This electric shaver offers you a myriad of features, which attract customers to own their implicit tool. The adjustable precision comb of this electric shaver is removable. So, it lets you employ the blade for both shaving and edging purposes.


With this shaver, you get 14 different combing choices. So, you can pick anywhere from 0.4mm to 10 mm as is required. The head portion of this razor cannot be taken away as the setting requires turning the dial.


You can use this shaver for trimming, shaving, or edging. It makes it the perfect pick for you regardless of the style you are aiming for. The sharp blades are engineered in a manner that you can use it in all directions, and it does not cause any nick or irritation to your skin. Hence, with this shaver, you will always get a flawless shave because of its super flexible head. On the whole, it is a perfect shaver for all your needs. The dual-sided blade relieves you of all the stress of knowing the direction that you have to shave in. It enables you to ensure that you do not leave any delicate portion from not shaving.


What Features Does OneBlade Pro Have?

With the OneBlade Pro, you get a myriad of unique features. Here, we will present some of the coolest things that we have noticed about this shaver.


With this shaver, you can edge, trim, and shave any hair length. It comes with a fast-moving cutter at a speed of 200X per second. So, it will power through even the longest hair effortlessly. The dual protection system of glide coating and rounded tips are engineered to ensure that the entire shaving experience is gentle and smooth on your skin.


You get the adjustable trimmer comb in 12 different lengths, ranging from 0.5 – 9mm, which can be set by simply turning the dial. The rechargeable battery will last you around an hour in-between the charges, and the battery life can be seen from the LED display. You get a water-resistant handle with this shaver. So, this means that you can rinse it off effortlessly and shave either dry or wet. With this shaver, replacing the blade is simple, owing to the simple design of this shaver. More so, you can get the replacement blades in one pack or two packs easily at Harvey Norman.


Some Drawbacks Of The OneBlade Pro

The charger is not a concern, as was in the case of the OneBlade. However, it is good to carry along a charger case as the OneBlade Pro does not come with substantial protection for storage. Furthermore, it is a necessity for safe travel with this razor.


Another problem that you may experience with this shaver is the blades. See, it depends on the frequency of the blade’s usage because the blades may not give you a standard four months of use. Thus, it is a great idea to carry replacement blades.
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Philips OneBlade vs. OneBlade Pro – Features Compared


Features OneBlade OneBlade Pro
Image OneBlade OneBlade Pro
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Power 110 V 110-240 V
Contour Following Yes Yes
LED Display No Yes
Length Settings 3 14
Motor Type Hybrid Hybrid
Battery Type NimH Li-Ion
Wet and Dry Yes Yes
Battery Backup 45 minutes 90 minutes
Price Check price on Amazon Check price on Amazon


Now that we have seen the individual features and drawbacks of both the products, we will move forward and now take a look at the Philips Norelco Oneblade Pro vs. Oneblade comparison to help you make an informed choice. Before we get to that, please bear in mind that both the products from Philips, OneBlade & OneBlade Pro, are indeed their elite picks.


The primary difference between them is that amidst Oneblade vs. Oneblade Pro, the latter is a second-generation razor. So, naturally, it has more enhanced features than what you get with the former. However, there is a bundle of standard features too in both of them. Here, we will do a Philips Oneblade vs. Oneblade Pro comparison based on their characteristics.


Dry Shave or Wet Shave?

The first aspect in the Oneblade or Oneblade Pro comparison is their ability to offer dry and wet shave. See, in both of these premium models by Philips, you get the ability to conduct both wet and dry shaving. It implies that both of these shavers can be used during the shaver. This can save you a lot of time, especially if you have a hectic morning schedule.


So, regardless of whether you enjoy using the shaving gel, foam or cream, or do bare trimming of your hair, both of the purposes can be very well fulfilled. So, in this aspect there is a tie between the two.


Waterproof & Easy to Clean

Now, coming to the second factor of comparison between Oneblade vs. Oneblade Pro, we would like to point out that both these OneBlades by Philips are genuinely water-resistant. So, you can easily enjoy a good shave in the shower with wet shaving products. It also means that cleaning your razors after a long shaving session will be effortless. All you have to do is rinse off the hair, shaving cream, foam, or gel, underneath the tap water, and voila, you get a clean razor in minutes.


Thus, regardless of how dirty the shaver is or whether you engage in dry or wet shaving, it will not be hard for you to clean the razor. Since both Philips OneBlade and OneBlade Pro are water-resistant, and you can use them with shaving gels or products, we see a tie again in this aspect of the Philips Norelco Oneblade Pro vs. Oneblade comparison. So, yes, both of these razors are water-resistant and easy to clean.


Ease of Usage

Taking the Philips Oneblade vs. Oneblade Pro comparison forward, which one is more effortless to use? See, generally speaking, if we look at both of these trimmers by Philips individually, we would like to point out that they are both designed to be incredibly easy and effortless to use. With these trimmers, you are assured of a comfortable hold owing to their ergonomic handle. More so, they will smoothly glide over your facial contours and give you a smooth shave. All you have to do is hold the blade against the skin, and you are sorted.


After that, you will have to move it against the grain using long strokes and gentle pressure. The blade or the guard will lift the hair and cut it as and how you prefer. Since both of these shavers have a contour following head, which pivots as it glides, they are both easy to use. In this department, too, we see a tie in the Oneblade vs. Oneblade Pro comparison.


Battery Type

Now, moving on to a significant factor of consideration in the Oneblade vs. Oneblade Pro comparison is the battery type. See, to be honest with you, this is where you will note a significant difference between the two shavers. In the OneBlade, there is a built-in battery, which runs on NiMH technology.


On the other hand, in the OneBlade Pro, there is a built-in battery, which runs on lithium-ion technology. Consequently, the charging time for the two is very different. We will discuss this pointer of the Oneblade vs. Oneblade Pro comparison further in the next head.


Charging Capability

In the OneBlade, the charging time is ridiculously long. It takes around eight hours to charge fully. Further, even when you have fully charged your electric shaver, it will only give you a short runtime of 45 minutes, which is less than the standard average. But, you can get over shave from this runtime. So, this is a problem primarily for people who like to use their trimmers while traveling. What’s worse? You cannot use your trimmer while you have put it on the charge.


On the other hand, in the case of the OneBlade Pro, the shaver will take only one hour to charge itself fully. In turn, it gives you a 90-minute runtime, which is longer than its charge time. So, this means that it not only takes less time to charge, but it also delivers double runtime. Thus, in this aspect of the Philips Norelco Oneblade Pro vs. Oneblade, the clear winner is the OneBlade Pro.



Now, we will understand the difference between these two shavers based on their design. See, in general, both of these shavers are very lightweight and have a compact design. It ensures that they are both effortless to control and maneuver. Hence, at all times, it will be easy for you to manage and handle these shavers. The design of these shavers is simple, and they are designed to give you a phenomenal shaving experience. Thus, regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert, you will not be hassled with more than what is needed.


Accessories Included

Taking the Philips Oneblade vs. Oneblade Pro comparison forward, the former comes with a handle, one replaceable blade, three combs, a protective cap to cover the blade, and a charging cord. On the other hand, the latter comes with a handle and a replaceable blade, a protective cap, and a charging cable. However, that is not all. The Pro model also comes with a few more accessories. The additional accessories that you get with Oneblade Pro are a 14-length precision comb, a charging stand, a pouch, and a travel lock.


Blade Quality

Philips has a persistent habit of using stronger blades, which are incredibly sharp and have a good life of around four months. So, in both the first-generation and the second-generation models, the blade quality is more or less the same, making them exceptional picks for frequent usage. The replacement blades are very easily accessible, and replacing the blades is also very affordable.



Now, let us help you decide between Oneblade or Oneblade Pro based on their display. In the latter, you get a full LED powered display handle. On this handle, you can see the battery remaining at all times. In this manner, you will know exactly how long you have until you put your shaver on charging again. However, in the OneBlade original, there is no power indicator. Hence, it is undoubtedly less user friendly compared to the more innovative Pro model. So, in terms of display, the Pro version is a better pick.


Razor Head

Both of these Philips OneBlade razors support dual-directional cutting. Consequently, the blade swivels effortlessly in every (or any) direction. They will follow your neck and face contours and give you a clean and comfortable shave every time. So, it implies that you can shave with the grain of your hair or against it without harming the skin. Thus, using these razors means that you will always enjoy a pain-free shaving experience without any tugs and pulls on-to your facial hair. It gives you a smooth shave and guards your skin against the nicks, irritation, burns, cuts, and razor bumps.


Trimming Sizes

In the first generation Philips model, you get only three length settings. So, you can choose between 1, 3, and 5 mm of the cutting lengths to cater to your styling needs. However, with the Pro model, you get a choice between 14 different length settings that go from 0.4 mm to 10 mm. Please note that it does not have 14 different accessories for 14 different sizes. Instead you get a quick, innovative dial, which you can rotate and control the lengths. Thus, indeed in this aspect, the Pro model is a clear winner.


Other Features

In the Oneblade version, you get a cutter that cuts 200-times per second. More so, you get a 45-day risk-free trial and a full 2-year warranty. So, that means that your interests are well-guarded. It is a lightweight shaver, and weighs around 0.16 ounces, and measures 2.8 x 5.1 x 8.9-inches.


On the other hand, the Pro model measures around 3.8 x 5.1 x 8.6-inches and will weigh around 8-ounces. This electric shaver comes with a 5.4-watt motor. This motor offers a higher power to the shaver for you to trim well. Instead of having special guards to help you get the length required, it has a single comb, which adjusts in 0.5mm increments. You can effortlessly turn the dial, and pick the number or the size required, and get trimming.


Bottom Line

Now that we have individually touched upon both of these electric shavers and even made a feature comparison of the two, we are finally in a position to help you decide Oneblade or Oneblade Pro, which is better. Following a comparative analysis, we can now conclude that if you need a shaver equipped with all the latest features and use it without stress yourself, you should, without an ounce of doubt, pick the Philips OneBlade Pro. It helps you enjoy a long 90-minute shaving experience without having to spend a lot of time charging your razor, unlike the OneBlade model. More so, its gigantic display blade and the sleek design ensures that you can use it both wet and dry, and yes, even while you shower.


On the other hand, if you need a razor that can offer you a close shave without resulting in any skin irritation, then from the Oneblade or Oneblade Pro, we would recommend the former to you. We understand that it comes sans the indicator lights and takes a longer time to charge fully, but it comes with almost all the standard features that you get with the Pro model. Moreover, since it is a first-gen model, it is undoubtedly more pocket-friendly than the Philips OneBlade Pro. Thus, it is a perfect tool for any man who is into grooming and self-care. The user-friendly design and the robust build sure makes it a better pick. It does satiate the customer needs well. So, now based on your needs, requirements, preferences, and budget, you can make an informed pick.